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Tactics Tuesdays: 5 Mid-Pull Tips for Multiple Girls with a Wing

Chase Amante

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pull girls with a wingman
You and your wingman want to pull a couple of girls back home. Use these 5 tips to make sure the pull goes smooth and the girls come along.

Today’s Tactics Tuesdays is an assortment of five (5) little tactics to mind when you pull a couple girls with a wingman. These hold true whether it’s you and a buddy and you’ve pulled two girls together, or you and a buddy pull three girls, or you and three buddies pull two or three girls, or you and a buddy or buddies pull a group of guys and girls... all these tips hold regardless.

Before we begin, you may want to check Daniel’s article out, which is about inviting multiple girls home to after-parties. Though not required reading, this is generally the easiest way to invite multiple girls home at night (whom you meet in bars and clubs, or via nighttime street game) – just invite them to an after-party.

We won’t talk about the specifics of how to invite girls home in this article. You can learn more about those subjects in these articles:

This article focuses on the transition itself, mid-pull. You’ve gotten a few girls to agree to go somewhere private with you and a friend or two... now how do you keep things smooth and make sure your gals don’t decide to ditch?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



Anonymous's picture

Chase, I've got two doubts:

1 - I'm only 5'6''. Should I focus my body on tending more towards being fat and muscular (to make up for the perceived lack of physical dominance) or thin and lean (to keep my attractiveness on point)? Finding a fair balance may be an answer, but you and I both know - from experience - that without steroids we tend to go more for one side than the other. In this case, which one would you suggest?

2 - In your article concerning male identities, one of them is the rebel, which I already identify as. However, you defined it in a sort of a vague way, as in, for example, the intellectual or the businessman both have jobs that one can promptly associate with each identity, but then, what does the rebel do for a living? Yes, a rebel is someone who lives on the shores of society, but still, that doesn't do much so as to explain it through words alone.

Thanks in advance, your page has been very helpful to all of us!

(if the other comment got through, delete this one)

Chase Amante's picture


I will say among shorter guys I've known, the ones who do better with women typically are the guys who have some muscle and maybe a bit of a gut as opposed to the guys who are stick thin. I'd go for 'stout and sturdy' over 'nimble and lithe' at a smaller size.

Rebel isn't so much a job description, so much as it is someone who goes up against larger powers, conventional thought, established forces and wisdom, etc. It's also quite subjective. What's rebellious to a 50-year-old social liberal with a government job may seem extraordinarily conventional/non-rebellious to a 20-year-old right-leaning social dissident who makes money bartending and moving houses. A rebel can have any type of job... but typically speaking, the less stable one's work and the smaller one's bank account, the more credible of a 'rebel' one seems to be. It's hard to frame yourself as a rebel when you have a successful career or make much money -- both of which are products of working well within an existing system.

So if you want to boil it down to jobs, the ultimate rebel job is 'drifter', 'odd-job worker', 'vagabond'. If you don't actually want to be a drifter, you should probably not talk so much about work or let on that you are particularly professionally successful if you want that image. You can get away with a certain amount of rebel-dom if you run your own business. Particularly if it is something non-mainstream, like you own an art gallery or a hostel or write travel books. Working for 'The Man' or, alternately, living at home with parents who work for 'The Man' is the hardest job to pull off being a rebel at... although even then, if you're the 'guy who wants to change things from the inside', you can still work that angle.


Max's picture

Chase, thanks for your reply, but allow me to inquire further regarding the rebel.

How can the rebel be taken seriously by more "professional" women or girl types like the Blonde Bombshell (or the Basic Bitch, if you will)? I know assortative mating is a very important aspect of seduction, so does that mean these girls are mostly off-limits to rebels? Moreover, how can a rebel not get framed as an immature manchild who should get a real job and be an adult instead? This may apply to the artist identity, also.


Thanks for the time,


Alessandro's picture

Dear Chase, I am Alessandro, 34-year-old doctor from Italy.

Pick up theories basically say that the most powerful "weapon" in the dating dimension is being attractive and alpha (teasing, being confident and not desperate, flirting, etc.), but I have noticed that, in Italy, many many guys have such a "weapon" and still don't get laid:

for example, in nightclubs, you can see a very beautiful woman interacting with 5-10 cool guys; she seems attracted by everyone of them, but, at the end, she doesn't sleep with anyone; she seems so used to have these guys around that the magic attraction skills are ineffective (especially if she is a bartender or a girl who works in the club)!

I know many guy friends who are handsome, socially intelligent, interesting, confident, etc.. Everyone of them can easily conquest "medium" girls, but the beauties of the club still seem unavailable! There's a girl I like, for example... she works in a club we attend and is part of our big social circle; she is very beautiful and, every night, many cool guys of the circle hit on her with confidence; she seems attracted by everyone of them, but I doubt she sleeps with anyone. So, what's the way to make a difference? If being alpha and confident is not enough, what's the ral "weapon"?

Deep connection seems the only other "weapon". What's your opinion?

P.S.: one of these beauties was conquered by a guy I know because of his perseverance (it seems you need to be, at the same time, cool and an old fashioned "needy" suitor to "win").

Chase Amante's picture


The single greatest weapon in any guy's seduction armament in my opinion is the ability to ask, invite, propose, and lead. Persistence is a part of that too.

If a guy looks good or seems alpha but he doesn't try to lead a girl anywhere, or he gives up when she rebuffs his first attempt, he won't get anything with her.

Likewise if a guy can make great connections with girls, but doesn't lead them anywhere. He's great to talk to and maybe a nice friend, but that's it.

Moving fast, leading women, making invites, persisting -- those are the tools that make the difference between 'attractive guy just doesn't do it for her for some reason' and 'guy who wasn't super attractive but got the girl'. Women backward rationalize; the sexiest guy is not the best-looking guy or the most alpha guy or the guy who builds the best connection. The sexiest guy is the guy she has sex with; she will find reasons to decide why he is the sexiest and why he was the best choice after they've hooked up.


Alessandro's picture

Thank you very much, Chase.

When I wrote that question, I didn't know the power of being direct. After posting my message to you, I tried a new way to interact with women; I discovered that the so called "attraction techniques" are very weak when compared with bold action.

Bold action is the difference, and your answer is another proof.

One day, a beautiful girl had a guitar lesson with me. I was professional, but, since I liked her, my kino was intense. At the end of the lesson, she invited me to have a walk. I kissed her and communicated my strong desire and she wanted to have sex with me. We had wild sex on the examination table. Next lesson: she introduced me her boyfriend. Now she seems very cold. I am cold and professional too. P.S.: What should I do to seduce her again?

However, I'll always be direct with women: it's also a way to respect my time and my feelings.

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Great article here and in your "When men question your masculinity" one.

I have a question for the latter, what if she questions or challenges your masculinity?
Maybe in a mocking way "Oh that's manly" or in an indirect way under frame control. How do you usually handle these?

A bored look in response would be good, but what about verbally? Wit is good to beat tests.
Any verbal examples would be nice.

Re: Rewarding her when she's chasing
I am still trying to correct myself to make myself more attainable.
With this in mind, the girls who are chasing us (frame), giving us compliments (I like that hat) or even direct statement of interest (You're such a tease...I like it), how do we reward them properly so to maintain their good behaviour? Otherwise, if we remain stoic toward their efforts, they eventually grow tired, think we are playing them and then give up and go auto rejection.

Is there a way to reward them without losing the good frame?
Touching? But touching might not be more of a tension release unless made rare and calibrated (No touch article).
What about verbally?

If we were to compliment them back tho, it would reverse the frame.

Hmm... I'm out of ideas and out of candy from the rewarding jar. Could you give me some scenarios to demonstrate how you would do it?
Rule of thumb to use in situations would be nice too :)

Sincerely thank you, Chase


Chase Amante's picture


Her: Oh that's manly.

You: You're goddamn right it is.

Bored look is a little feminine... so this is one instance where it's not the best response. Instead, something assertive, dominant, and confident wins the game.

Use touch, awareness radius, and forward progress in the courtship to reward women for good behavior. Let her see her efforts are paying off, and that the courtship is going somewhere. See my article on kisses for good behavior on the basic philosophy of rewarding with touch in a non-reactive, non-tension-dispelling way.


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,


1. I might go back to my hometown soon and just feel awful that I haven't really improved with anything at all.


Reminds me of you comment about drifting through life, that's what I feel like I was doing and so much time has passed and I have nothing to show.


While I'm now working on things that are important instead of applying to shitty jobs, I'm trying to figure out what I could do to look impressive to people from my old town.


Even if I don't see them in my mind I want to know I did something and have some success.


On my mind right now I think body would be number one so I'm working on that.

Finances is 2, but I would never tell people what I do anyway, I just want to know myself that I have a way to make money that way I can feel I did something with myself the last few years. 


So I'm thinking coding or copy would be something I could feel proud about and feel like I have a career with it.

I just want people to see me and think I've accomplished a lot, I want the air of accomplishment and success.


How does it sound? If you have more please add more on what I can do in 6 months to a year that would be accomplishments.


2. With coding chase, after we learn it would you think it would be better to freelance with or to try to find a job? I know you said to work on learning code quick to get out of my financial situation, but what would be the next step on getting paid for it? The easiest way at least from what you know or think? 



Chase Amante's picture


Everything I know/teach about being impressive revolves around improving yourself to be impressive. Better fundamentals, a sense of humor, ability to tell stories, improved life prospects and lifestyle. I don't have any way I can give you to present yourself as improved if you haven't actually improved. If you can improve your body that's great -- only consideration there is showing off the gains in addition to making them (you may need to go around in a sleeveless shirt so folks will notice your arms).

Freelance vs. stable job... well, it depends how good you are and what you want. If you want a lifestyle where you can live wherever you want and make your own schedule, you'll definitely want freelance. If you want stability/security right up front, a job is probably better. And particularly when you're someone who isn't that good yet, you have an advantage being black and a coder - a lot of these companies are looking for 'diversity hires' so they can show they aren't just all white guys and Asian guys working there, but there are not very many black coders. That's less of an advantage in the freelance world, but in corporate it's a big advantage. Probably doesn't matter either way if you're skilled, but when you're still at the lower levels of skill it's a big potential advantage you can leverage at the companies (especially those in very liberal cities like San Francisco, where they're under a lot of pressure to have an ethnically diverse workforce).


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,


So I was going through the forums and was reading about what u think men should do in their 20s. I had a couple of questions to your responses.


1. "  Hook up with a fair number of girls, but also take some great girlfriends. If you don’t hook up with enough girls, you’ll feel like you missed out. Or you’ll always wonder if you could’ve done better on girlfriends. On the other hand, if you don’t take a few great girlfriends, you’ll burn out of hooking up after a while and choose the wrong girl out of desperation once you’ve had enough. Look after both needs.


Do the stuff you have to do to prove to yourself you’ve made it, but use it to liberate yourself from those constraints, not be bound to them. e.g., if you feel like you’ve got to hit X number of lays or sleep with Y kind of girl before you’ll feel like you’ve really made it, go do it, but have the goal of, “And then I can forget about it,” after, which leads to a feeling of accomplishment and freedom, and not, “And then I’ll just do more and more and more of it,” which leads to dissatisfaction and feelings of being trapped and stuck in repetition."


For those two responses I was wondering what would be the numbers? What would be the number of women you would think is good to sleep with? How many relationships?  How long?


I honestly don't like relationships because the girls don't like how I live, I always liked being relationship free.


I've had long relationships adding up to like 5 years with a few girls. So I think I'm good with relationships.


Now the only relationships I would get in are where I can sleep with women but she has to be loyal, if not then no.

I've only had a handfull of long term relationships. So idk if you would recommend me to get more or not.




The second part has to do with how many girls do you think would be enough to be satisfied?  I personally want to have over 100 lays, but I don't know if it's healthy, idk why but triple digit notch counts are what I'm aiming for. 

I'm worried about not achieving this goal, but I do want to know if I'm being way too unrealistic with it.  

I won't feel I made it until I hit 100, but I don't want to feel like a failure if I don't. 


So what would be your recommend number of lays you think would be OK if you don't want to wonder what if? Or worry about missing out?

My plan is to get to a base number of women to feel OK and well experienced enough that I don't have to compete with men and women over notch count or experience. What do you think that number would be?


With 100 women, do you think it's still possible to achieve that goal without wasting too much time when you're older ? I know I have to put in a lot of work, but I still want to get finances in order. 

I want 100 because to me it seems you're up there with enough experience with anyone. 


2. With learning a martial art, I really love boxing and want to do it with a marital art. Do you think it would be too much to do both at the same time? Or should I just focus on one for a while then the other?


3. With your standards with women you take as girlfriends. I see you pick women very educated with good careers, but I don't want ambitious women I would have to compete  with, at least not until I'm rich.  

It does seem like those types of women would be the best for relationships.

Thing is I don't want that right now at all, I don't want a too ambitious woman. But I'm wondering if I can find faithful women with low body counts that aren't career driven.

I know you said food workers and other places to find these chicks, but from what I see they are either very young or look like they wouldn't be faithful. 

I'm thinking where else could I meet women who aren't as ambitious to get into a relationship with that will still be faithful, low body count and cooperative enough to date and maybe settle down with. 

I don't want to be desperate trying to settle down with a chick I don't want. 


After reading the lists the other things seem doable enough I can do all throughout life that I don't worry about age too much.


But for these I wanna get this settled as soon as I can so I can relax and worry about other things later because now I'm very young :)


Thanks Chase





Chase Amante's picture


Different for every guy. You'll know when you hit it.

Sounds like you're fine with relationships. The main point of the advice was to take care of your own needs -- you seem to have done that already when it comes to LTRs.

For your 100-notch goal... yes, as discussed, can hit that at just about any age, so long as you can still move around. If you're hobbling about in a walker you might need to settle for hookers, but otherwise it's a matter of remaining attractive as you age and doing what you must to succeed with women.

If you're worried about not hitting the goal, use that as motivation to hit it. You may find you hit 40 lays, or 50, or 70, and say "You know what? That's good. I'm satisfied with where I'm at. I don't need to treat this like a project anymore" and can set some different goals. Or maybe you hit 91 lays and you're pushing as hard as ever to hit 100.

Although, again, with your thing, it seems like you set these big, distant goals, then do little to realize them. If I was you I would start with something much more achievable. Like "sleep with one new girl a month for the next 12 months."


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