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Day Game Tour with Tony Depp, Pt.1: Your Mindset

Chase Amante

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Editor’s Note: this is our first post from Tony Depp, a seasoned dating coach who has schooled students in North America, Asia, and Europe for over a decade. He also runs his own blog and has authored two highly-rated books (links below). Here’s Tony! –BT

day game with Tony Depp
Approaching women during the day is the go-to for many eminent pickup artists. Tony Depp begins this series by sharing some key mindsets for success.

The first time I approached a girl was in high school. It was terrifying and awful.

Her name was Summer. Every day, like a creepy stalker, I watched her from afar in the school hallway. All that beautiful blonde hair, that perky nose, those ski-jump breasts. I was sixteen years old then, and there were no resources for men. No forums, PUA blogs, YouTube, or online courses. If you sucked with girls, the only thing you had to learn from was your own experience.

So one fine day, I found my balls and rallied the courage to approach her. I can’t remember exactly what I said, but it was something like, “Hi, err… uh, hi. I wanted… umm….” I stood there with my adrenalized heart pounding, lips quivering, sweat forming on my forehead.

And her reply was, “Are you okay?”

I awkwardly turned and fled in shame and embarrassment. For the rest of the school year, I’d see her crossing the hallway from her locker to class, and that familiar adrenaline rush would rise up, internal chatter telling me to stay in my place, to be seen and not heard.

This was my very first attempt at day game. I carried that shame with me for many years before I discovered the pickup community in 2006.

Back then, almost all the information was about how to pick up girls at nighttime, at bars, clubs, and parties. Mystery and Style were the big dogs and they said to hit up the bars, so I did.

For almost two years, I went out seven nights a week, pushing myself to approach women in groups, to be more assertive, witty, entertaining, and confident. I eventually became very good at cold approach pickup, but only in bars.

I’d joined a local PUA (pickup artist) group called The Montreal Lair. On this forum were many men trying to learn how to be successful with women. All of them were focused exclusively on night game, except for one guy – I’ll call him Ricky.

He was a self-proclaimed day-gamer. Back then, day game wasn’t even a thing, but he claimed he was sleeping with a new girl or two each week, simply by complimenting them with a direct opener. Something like, “Hi. I just thought you were sexy and had to meet you. I’m Ricky.”

It was hard to believe. So we met up and I asked him to demonstrate. He said, “Sure thing, bro!” and took me to the nearest intersection. Before long, a pretty girl passed by and Ricky went jogging up to her. She stopped, laughed at his banter, and a few minutes later, he returned with her phone number. I was impressed. But not enough to try it myself – not yet.

Tony DeppAbout the Author: Tony Depp

Tony is one of the most veteran day game experts around. He began to pick up women in the mid-2000s, when he posted on the famed seduction forum mASF... alongside other old hands like Chase Amante and Alek Rolstad. Over the last 10 years Tony has coached hundreds of students to meet women during the day. He has two published books out on seduction: one on his journey, and one on doing awesome at day game.



Frank's picture

Do you actually have any proof of results? Or is it all written in a book? Like much of this site? All written and not proven?

Chase Amante's picture

Tough crowd on your post #1, Tony. Crowd's usually more chill.


I'll let Tony address on his own the part of your comment directed at him, if he'd care to address it.

As for the rest of the contributors to this site, who seem to be whom this comment is chiefly aimed at...

I mean yeah. This is an article-based site. I assume if you prefer video (or something else unwritten?) you'll hang out more on YouTube.

If you want testimonials of the material working, well, we have thousands, but mostly buried in comments, on the forum, in email... I should go and put a proper testimonials page together, you've technically got us there. That should all be in one place.

If you want lay reports, Hector Castillo and J.J. Jones (two Girls Chase contributors) each have dozens on the forum:

Varoon has a good number posted as well. And just in general, we have a pretty healthy number of lay reports on the Girls Chase boards, mostly from men using the methods on this site.

I detail two of my seductions, a 30-minute pull and a 15-minute pull, in the appendix of my ebook. Alek Rolstad very regularly spins his articles into reports. Ricardus has done the same in his "Boots on the Ground" series.

If you want photos, Joe Ducard has an enormous collage in one of his articles.

If you want to see techniques/flirtation in action, buy a copy of my course and watch how Hector and I interact with the girls (Hector with Oana, me with Andreea).

If you want scientific support, again, buy my course. 221 citations in the One Date System alone; 1092 citations in the program overall (no greater collection of scientific references on dating and attraction in a single program in existence - commercial or academic) .

If you'd only be satisfied watching sex actually go down... well, that's not going to happen. No one's that crude, or that casual about his own privacy or that of the women he beds.

The best proof of the methods on this site is their intuitive simplicity... which most guys seem to grasp. That, coupled with their ease of use - which you can test out at any time, on your own (and it's 100% free to do so). It's not a knock on you if it doesn't 'click' right away... but it is if you want to hang around and insist on needing more proof, without bothering to take a couple simple things, go out in the world, talk to some women, and test.

(imagine telling someone "If you swing your tennis racket this way, you'll hit the ball way easier" and that person replying with "Can you back that argument up? How do I know that swing is effective for hitting the ball?" and you get the silliness of something like this. Just go test it out and see. Most of this stuff is free, spelled out in dead simple terms, and you can go out and use it immediately. There is literally no reasonable excuse for not field testing it if you're even remotely curious as to its efficacy)

I'd encourage you to do that - test, that is. Anything else is just a rabbit hole with no end.


Frank's picture

I'm talking to Tony. Not you Chase. I am more interested if he has proof of skill that's not written. I'm sure Chase you have skill, for girls on equal levels as you.

Tony Depp's picture

If you check my blog, I have over a million words and have existed as a coach for a decade. I have infield videos, and video testimonials on my website. I've published two well reviewed books on seduction. Chase and I both started on the same seduction forums over a decade ago. I'm not new to all this. It's been my full time job for a very long time. That's about all I can say. Hope you like my articles.

Tony Depp's picture

There's a video right there of me approaching and getting a girls number. Like Chase said, aside from setting up a hidden camera in my bedroom I don't know what more you would like. Thanks for commenting.

Damien1's picture

Great article Tony and welcome to GC! I've done some shots at daygame, but it was more situational than walking around the streets and just stopping girls. More like in a semi-social environment like a lecture with random people where I chat up a girl that happens to be standing or sitting close to me. Any tips how to integrate that more into my life? I go to work with bike and mainly have time in the evening to chat up girls which equals bars and outside drinking places for me. Not so many activities where I feel it would be natural for me to chat up girls. My social circle game is pretty well advanced and nightgame also not bad, but I think I would see quite a bump in quality if I would try daygame more.

Tony Depp's picture

Well, social circle is just that, social circle. Daygame just means meeting women who've you've never met before, in the daytime. Usually on the street, the cafe, the mall, the beach, etc.

If you just want to be good with girls in general, I'd say learn more about how to cold approach, as it will give you more skill with women overall.

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