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Articles by Alek Rolstad

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.5: Intro to Locking In

locking in
Locking in is an effective way to build rapport and come across as high value, all while continuing to hook and attract.

Hey, and welcome back. Today, we will again talk about a subject I know a lot of guys struggle with – namely, hooking. Many aspiring seducers struggle with this phase, and for good reason. Not only does it require an element of performance, the results also rely a lot on your state. Additionally, you have little room for mistakes – you must do things right.

I know the advice I write is primarily dedicated to night game. However, most of the concepts can be tweaked to be used in day game scenarios, too. The same goes for this post – I will try to give both day and night game examples.

Now, besides the opener and pre-opener, which obviously come first, all other advice shared here can be used in no particular order. Initially, I wanted to write about group theory today (and I will do so very soon), but I felt the urge to write about a rather simple to grasp yet key concept that is often overlooked. That concept is called “locking in”.

The reason I wanted to write about this subject first is that our readership is prone to the bias that, in a series like this, the order in which articles are posted reflects a linear process.

So, if I were to post about group theory today and “locking in” next week, the reader may assume that locking in comes after having dealt with a group. The truth is, group theory is applicable whenever it’s needed, while “locking in” should happen as fast as possible.

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.4: Practical Applications of Intrigue

Making fun assumptions, storytelling, and gambits go hand in hand with building intrigue. Here’s how to use these tools to showcase your attractive qualities.

Hi, and welcome back.

Last week, we discussed intrigue and how it can be used to mentally stimulate a girl and increase your chances of hooking her into your interaction so that you can get settled in and buy time to convey your attractive personality traits.

Today, we will put the concept of building intrigue into context. You may have understood the concept, but when and how will you use it? The obvious answer is “wherever and whenever you want” – it can be used anytime, anywhere in the interaction.

However, knowing the concept during the early phase of the interaction won’t help you if you don’t have great material to use it with – i.e., techniques that can be used to hook girls in. That’s what this post is all about: putting the concept discussed last week in context and examining how you can use it in conjunction with other great material.

Before I move on, it is imperative for me to state that the list of techniques that I am about to share are great techniques that I personally use to hook girls in, but it is not a full list. Lots of other techniques and gambits can be used – some aren’t listed here but are great anyway (see Part 3 for other suggestions.) Let’s get into it.

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.3: Building Intrigue

building intrigue
So far, we’ve tackled effective pre-opener tactics. Now it’s time to build intrigue to set the hook and reel her in.

Welcome back. So, last week we discussed opening, and in particular, pre-opening.

But what do you do once you open? You transition into material that hooks girls in. The things you have to focus on during the initial phase of the interaction are:

The first one is something you should always do throughout and after the interaction. The second aspect is the key here. There are many ways to hook a girl in a stimulating way. For example:

I use teasing sometimes, although I’m not an expert. I tend to fall into the trap of miscalibrating them and coming off as rude, ruining my sets.

Occasionally, some witty comments come out of my mouth, but it usually happens when I feel on fire – or in state, rather – which we label as high micro (social) momentum.

I will not discuss funny lines or teasing here because I will never write about anything that I am not a full-blown expert in. When it comes to “games”, they usually follow different structures. Using games is kind of out of trend these days.

Many guys prefer being more natural, and even for us technical guys, we like to make things “naturalized” rather than stick to canned games. Using canned games is so 2005 anyway! That said, they do work. They usually hook girls in and can stimulate them enough to buy some time.

Sadly, each game follows a different structure. I could write a post where I compile a bunch of games, but I think these will have been posted elsewhere on the web a century ago. Some examples that come to mind are The Cube, Strawberry Field, and question games. One I personally really like is called "Fuck, Marry, or Kill.”

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.2: Speaker-Centered Pre-Openers

speaker-centered pre-openers
Less pressure on her, more leeway for you. This simple technique lowers her defenses and sets you apart from all the ‘other’ guys.

Hey, guys, and welcome back. So, previously I shared a quick recap of the keys to hooking a girl – or a group – into a conversation.

The first minutes of an interaction with a stranger – e.g., in cold approach – can be the hardest, as she has no clue who you are and doesn’t really need a reason to tell you to get lost. In other words, you have little room for mistakes. You need to do things right. That is what this series is all about.

Hooking is all about getting a girl to willingly interact with you after you open. You can open a girl, but if she is not willing to keep up a conversation with you, an opening isn’t worth much.

The paradox when it comes to opening and hooking is that it is the phase where you have the least room for mistakes, yet also the part where you are the most nervous and prone to make mistakes.

Therefore, my goal here is two-fold:

  • To give you tips, tricks, and tools for opening and hooking smoothly – knowing “how” will make you more relaxed and less anxious during the initial phases

  • To make the process easier, requiring as little mental energy as possible

Many individuals fear approaching new people or environments. It is a bit scary, I won’t lie. Even the best seducers out there have those fears, to a degree. Therefore, there’s nothing wrong with finding an almost risk-free way of approaching so you can relax a bit more and make the process easier for yourself, mentally and emotionally. That’s what we will cover now.

In my opinion, the way to make an opening smooth and efficient is to use a pre-opener beforehand. It’s not cheating, nor is it always a strategy for pussies. In fact, it’s a smart, fun, and most importantly, efficient way of opening.

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.1: The Pre-Opener

Being able to open girls and hook them in quickly is essential. These pre-opening tools will help calm your nerves and make the process smoother.

So I listened to Gunwitch’s podcast, and in it he mentioned that passing through the hook-point – when you and the girl (or group) feel settled in an interaction, where you are part of it, not just a stranger from outside trying to get in – is usually the part of the interaction most guys struggle with.

It is also the part that makes guys most nervous, making it even more difficult. The reason this part is difficult is because you don’t have much time. Once you settle in, you have more time; but getting into an interaction with a group is something you only have a few seconds to do.

Their attention spans are short, as they are not yet focused on you. You will not get away with as much, because you have so little playing room. Remember, women don’t need a reason to reject you. Once you hook, you avoid this issue, because they are more dragged in, which gives you more room.

Women judge you based on their first impression. If you mess up, you are screwed. You don’t have much time to present your good qualities, and you have no room for mistakes.

In other words, it is during the initial phase that you must use a lot of brainpower. It is also then that you have to do things perfectly and care about every small detail.

Now, I'm not trying to freak you out.

Firstly, I will provide you with a lot of material that can help you to get it right. Secondly, once you have a girl or group hooked, the hardest part is over. You can then convey your attractive traits in an easier, more peaceful fashion.

Build Intrigue and Investment with Conversational Pauses

pause to build intrigue
Talking a lot isn’t what gets a girl interested in what you’re saying. To get her to hook, throw her some bait… then allow time for her intrigue to build.

Hey, guys! I would like to share a quick little tip that you can start applying today. Very simple, yet so key. Again, like I’ve mentioned so many times, just because a trick is basic or simple doesn’t mean it isn’t crucial or powerful – quite the contrary, in truth.

As a matter of fact, what I am about to discuss today comes under what I would label as “fundamentals” – key to becoming good with women.

It doesn’t matter what type of game you run, or where. This trick is useful, no matter what. Not only useful but even a necessity! Let’s get on with it.

This post is fit for beginners as well as more advanced players who need a recap. I’ll share two cool openers and a “hook” gambit you can use, all easy to pull off. A nice little bonus for you!

EXPLICIT CONTENT! How to Sexualize Conversations with Minimal Resistance

explicit conversations
Explicit content ahead! No, not really. But such a warning can work as a golden buffer for transitions into juicy sex talk with your girl.

This post doesn’t really contain explicit content, but I made you look. :)

Seeing the headline, you probably:

  • Got a bit curious about the content of this post

  • Considered whether you wanted to expose yourself to explicit content – you could have closed this article if you didn’t

  • Are more likely to accept the explicit content of this post, having been warned

You’ll see where I’m going with this as you read – if you haven’t figured it out already. The reactions discussed above constitute a little trick I’m about to show you.

The purpose of this post is to share a technique that can help you:

Decision Making in Seduction IV: Mistakes Are Good

mistakes are good
Good decisions can get you laid tonight, but mistakes are what provide lessons that make you more successful with women down the road.


I hope you enjoyed my posts on decision making and handling wildcards – two very interrelated subjects. Today, I will share some final thoughts. Reading through these posts a second time, I have noticed there is one aspect that may lead to confusion or misunderstanding, and could become detrimental in the long term. I am going to clarify my take on this.

Some situations in field will cause difficulties that require good decisions to be made. The same goes for when you will have to deal with wildcards. You must remain cool-headed and try to find solutions, or simply move on. Decide which of the solutions you would like to stick with.

The latter can become a choice of whether to move on, whether to focus on building more compliance (which, as we discussed, is one of many solutions to lowering the detrimental effects of wildcards), or whether you want to deal with the wildcard. Sometimes the answer is straightforward. Sometimes it isn’t, and different solutions present themselves.

Nevertheless, when discussing these subjects, we have always kept in mind that you must make a decision that either gives you the best chance of getting to bang the girl or avoids wasting time, money, or energy on bad leads.

Wildcards in Seduction: How to Play Against a Stacked Deck

seduction wildcards
The Cosmos of Seduction revels in chaos. Getting the girl you desire requires knowing how to smoothly handle the wildcards it throws your way.

Hey, guys!

Okay, now comes the juice. Today, I will share one of the posts I have been most excited about writing. I will cover something that will really set you apart from most guys, increase your chances of getting that special girl, and improve your consistency in your results.

Not hyped yet? Well, this post will cover something that I have personally never read anywhere else, and most likely won’t – unless someone is inspired by Girls Chase, which is not outside the realm of possibility!

I must admit that this post will be slightly advanced. I recommend this post to intermediate and advanced players, as beginners have other priorities, such as fixing fundamentals, going out and meeting girls, and getting things going with the girls they interact with. That said, I believe they should still go through this post, because even though it may be a bit advanced and long, it will cover a subject they will deal with sooner rather than later – wildcards.

And with wildcards, let me tell you, nobody is safe. The Cosmos of Seduction will sometimes allow the stars to align and grant you easy access to wet caves. But believe me, it also loves putting up hoops like a psychopathic devil that only wants to see you suffer.

Well, no more!

Decision Making in Seduction III: Building and Keeping Momentum

building pickup momentum
Negative sexual momentum can spoil your interactions with women. But a good decision-making strategy helps break the trend – and can even reverse it.

Hey, guys. Welcome back. I hope you are enjoying this series on decision making so far. Making good decisions is key if you plan on reaching consistency in your results and increasing your odds of getting that girl.

Sometimes you will be stuck in situations where you will have to make calls, and you had better make the right one — making good or bad calls in these situations means the difference between a lay and no lay.

Today I will add a few more words on decision making, an expansion to my previous post. I will be sharing with you a few examples of mini-reports from the field where I have found myself in tricky situations and been forced to make decisions. I will share both success stories and failures.