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“The #1 “Sleep With Girls” Guide That Allows
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Now You Can Instantly Download And Get Your Hands On The eBook That Will Change How You Approach Women And Dating Forever...

Dear Friend,

You know what the hardest thing about not getting the success with the women you want is...?

It isn't the time you spend at home alone, wondering whether you'll ever turn things around...

... and it isn't the feeling that life is passing you by, and everyone else is enjoying the kind of success you think you might never get...

... it's knowing that you SHOULD be getting that kind of success -- that women SHOULD want you -- but you just don't know the right things to do, the right buttons to push, and the right steps to take to lead them to discovering the man you really are -- the one you KNOW they'd be attracted to.

You realize that, for as much as you've developed yourself in other areas in life, this is an area -- success with women and dating -- where you HAVEN'T gotten the kind of success you want -- and you don't know where to begin.

And as important as school, work, friends, and everything else may be, you realize that NONE of it matters all that much if you can't have the kind of women by your side you want to have.

But you also know -- you've SEEN it -- that there are guys out there who've got this DOWN.

And you KNOW too that a lot of those guys are nothing special... many of them are NOT all that good-looking, or charming, or rich... they just happened to have picked up this SECRET KNOWLEDGE somewhere along the line -- the knowledge of HOW to SUCCEED with the fairer sex. How to make women WANT them, CHASE them... give them their phone numbers, or leave the bar or the party or the bookstore or the coffeeshop with them.

Maybe they're your friends. Maybe they're guys from your school or your work. Maybe they're just guys you've seen stop a woman on the street, or walk up to her at the bar, and in no time flat she's smiling and playing with her hair and flirting like crazy and you found yourself wondering what they said or did.

Would you be interested in learning from one of those guys?

In seeing how he does what he does, WHY he does it, and HOW you can do it too?

What if I told you you could get inside such a man's BRAIN and find out EXACTLY how he thinks about women, dating, and moving things forward -- how he takes a woman from TOTAL STRANGER to a woman he ends up GETTING PHYSICAL with?

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a guy explain it all in thorough, easy-to-follow, guided step-by-step detail?

So you wouldn't have to wonder how to get success with beautiful women anymore... you'd KNOW?

Wouldn't that be something you'd KILL to have?


Learning From A Guy Who Has
The Skill Is 100% Critical



I want to make you a bet.


I want to bet you that, if I told you to just go out there and just go talk to girls, it's easy, and you'll figure it out just fine on your own, that you'd be a little angry at me.

Heck, maybe you'd even be a little insulted.

Send you out there on your own, with NO extra insight, advice, or information, and expect you to somehow "figure it all out" anyway?

Well, guess what... this is exactly what SCORES and SCORES of men do everyday.

They go out and decide they're going to figure it out on their own. Lone Ranger kind of stuff.

These are the guys you see bumbling around drunk at the bar, girls shaking their heads and walking away from them in disgust. These are the guys you see getting angry and upset at their girlfriends because they don't understand women and don't know why their women are doing what they're doing.

You COULD figure it all out on your own... if you had TEN YEARS or so to spend on this.

Scratch that -- there are HORDES of men out there who've been trying to figure women out for DECADES, and still haven't. So maybe ten years isn't enough.

That's why I think you'd be mad at me if I told you to go out there and do it alone.

Because you know that path VERY RARELY works.

You know you don't learn a sport by teaching it to yourself WITHOUT ever having a coach, or reading some books on it, or AT LEAST closely watching tons of talented players play.

And you know you don't learn to be a writer or a poet or an artist WITHOUT studying other writers and poets and artists and LEARNING their methods and their techniques and INCORPORATING them into your own.

And you CERTAINLY know you don't learn how to succeed at business WITHOUT going to school or getting training or having a mentor or watching some good instructional videos on business.

So WHY do SO MANY MEN try and "figure out" women and dating on their own? A topic that pretty much EVERYONE admits is FAR MORE VEXING than the most challenging sport, or art, or profession?

Something funny I've noticed in my time coaching men on dating...

I'll very often have a guy come to me who's got a problem that's been MESSING him up for YEARS. He'll have NO idea what to do differently. And it'll take me all of a MINUTE of watching him to diagnose it and tell him what the problem is... and then that problem instantly GOES AWAY.

That's what learning from a guy who's already figured it all out does for you. It CUTS DOWN your learning curve DRAMATICALLY... so instead of you taking YEARS to get there -- you can get there in weeks.

Or days.


See what I'm getting at here?

If you're a MASOCHIST -- someone who LOVES pain -- and you REALLY want to torture yourself, then sure, go ahead and try to learn everything from scratch by YOURSELF. It's going to be a long, hard road, and you're going to spend AGES learning stuff other guys get down in MINUTES, but hey -- good luck.

I'm betting you're probably not a masochist though.

I'm betting you're a guy who doesn't WANT to spend AGES learning how to get success with women.

I'm betting you're a guy who wants to be able to start getting INSTANT SUCCESS with women... RIGHT away.

Which means you don't want to go out there and do it totally alone, Lone Ranger-style, fighting through fog and confusion and uncertainty and doubt.

No -- that's no good, and you know it.

You need a guide -- someone able to teach you how to get success with women and dating -- and you need to start seeing immediate returns TODAY.


It’s Hard Finding A Guy Who Has The Skill — AND Who Knows How To Teach It



If there's one thing that makes finding someone to teach you dating success HARD, it's how much EGO tends to be involved in this part of people's lives.


For one reason or another, it seems like half the men on Planet Earth want to tell you they're good with girls... even though most of them CAN'T get a woman to SAVE their LIVES.

What ends up happening is that you look for someone to teach you... and one of the two following situations almost always ends up taking place:

  • You find a guy who talks a good game, but he can't BACK IT UP -- the words coming out of his mouth sound nice, until you realize he doesn't actually HAVE the skills with women he CLAIMS to have. His "techniques" are just HOT AIR.

... OR ...

  • You find a guy who really IS "all that" with women, except... he has NO IDEA how to EXPLAIN what he's doing! All he can tell you is, "Just talk to girls... then make something happen"!

Fat lot of good THOSE guys'll do you.

I don't want you to end up in that boat. And, I want to reassure you that I'm NOT one of those ego-driven guys -- and that I'm not selling you snake oil or some feel-good stuff that doesn't actually tell you how to do anything.

So here's what just a few of the clients I've trained live and in-person have had to say about me:

(These have been edited/ names changed to initials for privacy):

I've taken a number of trainings and bootcamps with various well-known coaches from around the industry. But I've got to tell you... learning with Chase has been the BEST investment, for the LOWEST amount of money. I learned more in ONE NIGHT with him than I've learned in ENTIRE BOOTCAMPS with other guys. HIGHLY recommended!

- Y.U., Tampa, FL

Result of the workshop with Chase: we talked to a LOT of women; some got hooked a little further than the others. At the end of the evening, I pulled a Brazilian girl from Club Five the same night -- the first time I've EVER taken a girl out of a bar or a nightclub. Chase was there the whole time to help me out. When we left the club, we headed to a food joint; after that, Chase and I parted, and I brought the girl back to my house, where we talked for the ENTIRE night.

- B.G., Washington, DC

I subsequently took FOUR of the girls I met during the coaching session on dates where I applied the things Chase had taught me on relating and rewarding. And if it isn't too cheesy to say it… in the end, *I* got rewarded for my efforts, too!

- T.J., Beijing, China

After I started incorporating Chase's advice my results improved FAST! 90% of the girls I went out with ended up IN MY BED by the third time we got together. It's funny... I'm really not doing anything all that spectacular -- I just eliminated a few bad habits and started applying the same basic structure I learned from Chase for each date. About half the girls I've taken to bed have told me (smilingly) afterward, that they NEVER intended to have sex with me SO SOON but "it just happened".

The skills required to be good at picking up women often do not overlap with the attributes of a good coach. I know quite a few self proclaimed "instructors" that are excellent with women THEMSELVES, but just DON'T have the ability to transfer that skill set to their students. With Chase though, you get the FULL package: a charismatic ladies' man who can also motivate and easily communicate important concepts to his students. Chase's advice gives you a SUPER solid foundation to take your game to the next level!

- D.G., San Diego, CA

It's taken me YEARS of HARD WORK to get to where I am today, but I'm better for it. SO much better for it. I've taught myself, almost single-handedly, how to do just about EVERYTHING with women a man could EVER want to do.

And, coupled with my diversity and background in teaching -- I've taught high school students; I've taught auto shop mechanics; I've been a corporate trainer for one of the most prestigious companies in the WORLD -- trust me -- I KNOW how to get the message across in a way you're going to understand.

And learn from.

And start incorporating into your own interactions with women... and getting success from INSTANTLY.


How To Get Access To A Top Coach —
And Get Big Results In A HURRY



Let me ask you this...


What would you say if I told you I've answered ALL of the TOUGHEST questions you have about succeeding with women?

And what would you say if I told you I've taken those answers and boiled them down to their SIMPLEST, most UNDERSTANDABLE and EASIEST TO APPLY form so you could get going with them IMMEDIATELY?

And what THEN would you say if I told you I'd packed all of that into a COMPLETE, STRAIGHTFORWARD program that laid EVERYTHING out in order, from the easiest to start working on to the most challenging, and even gave you examples of my OWN successes -- from the moment I met a girl to the moment we became lovers -- broken down in detailed, NUANCED form, for you to learn from and emulate?

Well, as a matter of fact, that's exactly what I've put together for you.


Presenting My How To Make Girls Chase Downloadable eBook



A little over a year ago, I was contemplating leaving behind the world of teaching men dating success with women. I'd moved beyond it, I felt like... I'd helped tons of guys, I'd taught tons, I'd made my mark. There were more things in life waiting to be done. I wanted to travel the world... I thought maybe I'd get back on track with my career in the corporate world.


But I had one more thing to do before I hung up my mantle. One thing I'd failed to do the last time I found myself in this boat.

Another lifetime ago, I was in music. And toward the end of my music career, everyone thought I was ready to EXPLODE... they thought my music would be in nightclubs, on the radio... heck, they thought I'd be on MTV.

... and then, right when it seemed like success was within my grasp... I walked away.

I still regret it. I regret not just finishing my first album and getting it out. And I didn't want to regret it with this. So, I sat down. I MADE myself do it. And I wrote down everything I could think of into this book. A complete how-to instruction manual on getting success with women.

I packed it JAM FULL of EVERYTHING a man needs to know to get ANY kind of girl out there. And EVERY kind of girl. Every ounce of the understanding I'd accumulated over the course of 6 years of breaking my back to get better, of analyzing why other men succeeded and why other men failed, and of yanking my students up by their bootstraps and turning them into powerful, irresistable ladies' men.

It was to be my gift to the world -- my magnum opus. The most complete, clear, EFFECTIVE book on women and dating ever written -- designed to help you RAPIDLY transform yourself into a lady-killing MACHINE.

Well guess what?

I finished it.

And that's what I'm presenting to you right now.

And just to let you know that this book is no ordinary ebook -- not by a long shot -- let me tell you a little bit about just a few of the things you'll find inside:

  • How to take hold of your fear (and start bringing new women into your life) - pg. 3
  • How to get women attracted by saying LESS, not more (and why talking too much about yourself and being too funny actually sabotages you) - pg. 86
  • What the 3 kinds of compliance are, and which to use to get women committed to getting to know you and RAMP UP their attraction to you - pg. 146
  • Why moving quickly from repartee to rapport is so important (and why men who tease women just a little too much or spend too much time bantering with them usually end up going home alone) - pg. 63
  • How to shortcut or even SKIP the whole drawn-out dating process and get women FAST (without having to spend all your time or money) - pg. 280
  • What the 2 kinds of value are -- and why women are PUT OFF by the kind of value most men use (and how to start using the kind of value they RESPOND to!) - pg. 114
  • What the "tension gap" is (and why so many men who are beginners LOSE women by ignoring it) - pg. 251
  • How to use Social Momentum to meet lots of women in a HURRY (and get yourself off the sidelines) - pg. 34
  • How to "pre-open" women and warm them up to meeting you -- before you've even said a WORD - pg. 50
  • Why it's a BAD IDEA to let women start thinking of you as interested in becoming their boyfriend (even if that's what you want) - pg. 332
  • How to get women investing in you the MOMENT you meet them (and get them wanting to stick around and get to know you more from the outset) - pg. 143
  • What Social Power and the Law of Least Effort are, and how their COLOSSAL impact on your dating life can be turned to your tremendous advantage (instead ending up used against you) - pg. 25
  • How to escalate physically in the bedroom and turn a girl you LIKE into a girl you're LOVERS with (and stop ending up in the friend zone) - pg. 361
  • How to pull it all together, from the moment you meet a girl to the moment you take her to bed (illustrated by two of my very own, personal, highly detailed seductions from 2010 -- one that took all of an hour, and one that took even less... see how it all fits together, from meeting to becoming lovers) - pg. 382
  • and LOADS more...


Plus, You'll Get A Free Extra Bonus eBook



And what I think you'll love even more is that this book -- my magnum opus on women and dating -- isn't all you get.


On top of the book, I'm also including a copy of Slow Opening, my 42-page guide to meeting women more smoothly and naturally.

Inside Slow Opening, you'll learn:

  • Why you're probably making one or more of 6 critical "getting to know you" mistakes upon first saying "hello" -- and what you need to do to stop doing so and start getting women thrilled to meet you
  • The reason why meeting women can sometimes feel awkward and unnatural -- and exactly how to make sure that feeling never happens to you again
  • What the 5 "Suicidal Opening Lines" men use are, and how to avoid them yourself
  • The "Slow Opening" technique, and how to introduce yourself to women in an astonishingly powerful, yet under-the-radar way -- EVEN if you still struggle with fear meeting new women


And Plus Again, You'll Get A FREE Live "Seduction Sensei" Conversation Just For Trying Out My eBook



As an exclusive, one-time extra, I'd also like to give you a FREE conversation from my "Seduction Sensei Conversation Series" program.


Here's the deal: download my eBook now, and I'll throw in a FREE edition of my Conversation Series as a bonus just for trying out my How to Make Girls Chase eBook.

I'm so confidant you're going to love this conversation that I'm even going to make it INSTANTLY available to you to download upon signing up.

That's at least a 20 dollar value, and just for trying this program out you get it free of charge -- but this unique free conversation offer is only available with your purchase right now.

Let's sum this all up.

Here's what you'll receive...

How To Make Girls Chase: Every Tactic And Technique You Need To Get The Girl(s) Of Your Dreams

The Free Slow Opening Extra Bonus eBook

Special Bonus... A Free "Seduction Sensei Conversation Series" Download

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The price for this whole package is only $47. And here's the best part of it all: you can try it out RISK FREE for a full 30 days.

So you don't even need to make up your mind now...


Try How To Make Girls Chase Risk Free For 30 Days And Love It — Or Get Your Money Back



packageI'm so certain this book is going to help you get more and greater success with women FAST that I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and offer a 30-day, 100% unconditional money-back GUARANTEE.


When you click the button below, you'll head on over to a secure, encrypted order page where you'll input your information and receive your download links for all three items RIGHT away.

Read the book through thoroughly, and you'll find scads of strategies you can start applying INSTANTLY to get going meeting and succeeding with women. This I pledge to you.

You can take as long as 30 days to read through the book and put to practice the methods you learn.

If, once you've gone through the entire book, it isn't for you... or you feel like the information in it wasn't useful for you in your situation, just send me a message, and I'll refund you every penny.

I really want to help you take your dating life into your own hands and meet and date the kinds of women you most want in the world. I receive emails daily from men using this material telling me how ASTONISHINGLY its allowed them to rocket forward their success with women, and I want to help you get to the same level of success as them, too.

Click this button to download How To Make Girls Chase: Every Tactic And Technique You Need To Get The Girl(s) Of Your Dreams with its accompanying free bonus material and try my book out.

Wishing you great upcoming success with women,

Your Friend,


Chase Amante

P.S. How To Make Girls Chase boils everything about women down to their most basic, nuts and bolts components to make it as simple and straightforward as humanly possible for you to understand what women are thinking, why they're doing what they're doing, and how to create attraction and ramp up desire in them. When you're finished with this book, you'll have an UNPARALLELED understanding of what makes women tick - and what makes their hearts beat faster, and how to trigger that YOURSELF.

Download it now with all the risk ON ME and take 30 days to read it. You're going to get immediate returns. If you aren't totally satisfied, WHATEVER the reason, you can tell me to refund your money, HANG ONTO THE BOOK, and pay nothing.


... Read How To Make Girls Chase Risk Free And Get Instant Returns — Or Get Your Money Back



I want you to be as comfortable and confident as I am that you'll get better results in dating and meet more women using the materials in my eBook (and that much I'm promising... I'm GUARANTEEING). That's why I've pinned the unconditional 30 day money back guarantee on it -- I want to give you 30 days to read the whole book and really see the entire value of it before your payment's set in stone.


Simply click on the download button below and complete the secure order form. Download and read the book, and if you don't get returns RIGHT away, let me know in 30 days and I'll refund your money.

I want very much for you to start meeting a lot more women and dating the women you most want to date. I know my methods work, and I know they work better than anything else out there -- I've had TONS of guys tell me so themselves -- and I want to help you have the same kind of opportunities with women my other students have had.

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