How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor, Part I | Girls Chase

How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor, Part I

Chase Amante

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Ricardus Domino's picture

how to pick up girlsNote from Chase: when Ricardus first showed me this piece - an 11,000-word masterpiece he called "The X-Factor in Game" - I was blown away. He's got so much solid, sound, incredible stuff packed in here - I told him he completely outdid himself, and he did. I've broken this piece up into five separate parts - more manageable to read than trying to digest the whole thing in one sitting - and renamed it to "How to Pick Up Girls: The Success Factor." Hope he won't begrudge me the re-titling.

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Some guys just have it… an apparently magical vibe, a charisma and vibrancy; a form of personal magnetism that draws people magically to them… and that makes them irresistibly attractive to women, able to pick up girls seemingly effortlessly and make girlfriends out of the most desirable women around.

The question is… what exactly is this vibe? It seems very hard to define, to nail down or even to emulate… which is why I call it the “X-Factor”.

In fact, it is so hard to quantify in precise terms that women often say about the guys who have it: “I just don’t know what it is about him.” And the French even go so far as calling this vibe the “je-ne-sais-quoi” – in English: the “I don’t know what.”

Let’s see if we can do a little bit better than that!

Read on.


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