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Top 7 Easiest Ways to Get Laid & Raise Your Notch Count

Chase Amante

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easiest ways to get laid
The 7 easiest ways to get laid in the world... for when you’re in a big hurry to get more notches.

One of our readers, who goes by the handle ‘Sub-Zero’, has been on me to talk about the easiest ways to get laid I know. He’s asked me this question a few times over the years, and I’ve given him a bunch of notch count shortcuts. But he wants more. So I figured I’d put together a definitive piece on this... compiling all the best ways I know to get laid fast and put notches on your bedpost.

This post is entirely focused on practical, fast-working means to up your notch count. It’s not focused on how to reach a certain quality of woman or how to get a girlfriend. It’s not even focused on teaching you how to get girls in general. You may use it in conjunction with the other material on this website on how to do better with women, be more attractive, and increase your percentages with girls... Nevertheless, that’s not the point of this post.

This post is fully and entirely dedicated to means you can use to bed lots of girls with a minimum of seduction skill. As with anything, the stronger your skill set with women and the more attractive you’ve made yourself, the more mileage you’ll get out of each of these 7 ways.

Yet, these paths to put more girls in your bed will work regardless where you’re starting out at.

So without any more ado, let’s give you those 7 different paths to lots of sex with lots of women.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



SZ's picture

Thanks Chase!

SZ's picture

I feel this will be the key to my success; to find out why I haven't gotten the success.

I know it's hard for you to answer because you don't know me, but I'll tell you what I've been going through, and I just want a guess or some tips.

I've always been called handsome, attractive, fly, and have been in shape for my whole life. I never had to approach to get girls, from preK til now girls would approach me and like me. What sucks is that I was very picky growing up, and the girls I went for I didn't get, I also was very quiet growing up. So, I have always had good fundamentals growing up, but missed out on a few things, like I said, women are attracted to me, but I just have a major problem, I can't get them out or to my place, unless they like me a lot. And unfortunately I'm not on high school where girls can just chase you and you have many to pick from, also the area I'm in now women don't approach much at all, the man has to make the move always. So me being me, I'm not use to going out of my way.

So since I never learned game, I found this site that has helped me out immensely, but I have reached a point of thinking where something doesn't add up to me; how can I be called handsome and sexy by women, have them on me, kiss me, etc. Without me doing anything, and also have muscles and stylish clothes, and I have read almost every article on this website, and have applied the techniques from here, but I still yet to get anywhere near my goal? I am also baffled how I have all of these things, but guys who are not natural for sure, are not social, or better than me, get lucky?

I know some guys personally and they don't do anything spectacular that I can see. We can be at the same club, and this has happened many times, they get a number, they hang or go on a date later not too long. But with me, I get flake after flake, I'm just so lost. I have tried everything, from moving them, deep diving, not deep diving, calling on the phone, not calling on the phone, texting a lot, texting with a date straight to the point, not paying for dates, paying for dates, trying to sleep on the first night, not trying to sleep on the first night, trying to plan a date very quickly, try to talk to a girl for a while b4 a date, not complied with them, complied with them. Nothing works, I either get flaked on, or I get lmr when I do actually get them to the crib.

When i read stuff, some if this stuff I already know naturally, but yet this bullshit keeps happening, I'm not some awkward social reject or anything, I even slept with some attractive women before finding this site, so this is why I'm confused, it's like people get lucky and i don't for some reason.

I don't understand whats going on and also some of the girls that flaked were day game girls as well.

I've looked over article after article, I read articles, from victim mentality, girls taking you seriously, naturals, over all these years.

It got to the point where I just gave up and time flew by, I don't understand how can I attract all these women, but I can't get any type of date or pussy? I'm not even thirsty like that, but there's times where you sit back and think, wtf. I should be killing the game right now with all the knowledge from this site and my fundamentals, but I ain't doing shit. And it's been like this for years, I keep writing these comments because I legit have no idea what to do, approaching girl after girl is not the answer or reading more articles, but getting the same results, all of this has been happening for too many years and makes one doubt themseleves and feel like they have bad luck.

Even you said it one time, that it makes no sense that I could be approaching girls for years, getting attraction, numbers, and not even get one meet up or a date. I'm not kidding, I have even tried slow game on girls, like try to drag it out for weeks, trying to get to know them better and make them more comfortably. Still nothing, flake. I had girls flake literally the day of, both day game and night game. These girls didn't even look good. It's hard to believe that this isn't bad luck, how the fuck can these lame dudes be getting pussy and dates, and they're no where near touching me. I got all these fundamentals, and I got this site that I've been reading for years. It's hard to even luck up into some. I feel lame for even writing this, but I can't take it anymore, even with out this site or teachings, I should be getting some play. I feel it's really bad luck or something I can't control.

That's why I write so many things because nothing works, I do the opposite and it still doesn't work, why? Why? What could i be doing wrong or missing?

It's like why does this have to be so hard for me?, but easier for others, who don't work as hard as me when it comes to this. I'm going crazy trying to find out.

This isn't a rant, but an observation. I still approach, but enough is enough.

The problem is no matter how many girls find me attractive, different, or whatever, I still get flaked on, and sometimes lmr. But I get flaked on the most, I don't even get a chance, which makes no sense to me at all.

What could be the key thing I'm missing? I get the attraction, I get the numbers, but after that, I get nothing else, what could be the main problem that I'm not seeing? What do i have to do?

I've tried being warm, I've tried being cold, moving fast, moving slow, building warmth, not building warmth, trying for first date sex, trying not for first date sex, I tried everything that i can think of. I really need some help.

This has been going on for YEARS, MANY YEARS AND I WANT IT TO BE OVER!

It shouldn't be this hard for me, or hard period.

I literally have no idea what to do, but I would appreciate any advice.

Chase Amante's picture


My chief recommendation would be "get a coach." Both Hector and Cody have worked with hard cases.

Barring that, I refer you again to this article:

Your solution is in there. You have to figure out which of those problems are your problems, and tackle them, one by one.


SZ's picture

You know how to make getting girls fun instead of daunting?

Chase Amante's picture


To make it fun, set realistic, achievable goals, and go hit them:

Goal Setting

If it isn't exciting and stimulating, you aren't setting realistic-enough goals, or you aren't setting challenging-enough goals... or you aren't setting goals at all.

Success makes it fun. If you set realistic goals, and succeed in achieving them, you will have success, and progress. If your goals are too far ahead of where you are, you won't achieve them, and it will not be fun.

The daunting element does not go away until you have sufficient experience, exposure, and success. Once you've talked to loads of women, faced rejection down, and had your fair share of successes, the daunting element goes away. Approach anxiety never fully goes away, save during runs, but the scary life-or-death aspect of it fades and evaporates as you pile up exposure and pile up success.


John Greco 's picture

Hey Chase,

Awesome once again. So a thing happened to me, I've searched the site and haven't found something about that.

My girlfriend snooped my phone while I was asleep. She is a cluster b (idealization/devaluation is her thing) and very jealous.

I talk to her about it like a father scolds his child and tried to talk about her trust issues. Frankly I don't think she can change.

What do you think I should do ?

Chase Amante's picture


Supposedly, cluster B girls start to mellow out around age 40. And they gradually improve over the next few decades after that. So I guess it depends how long you're willing to wait.

Aside from that, cognitive behavioral therapy apparently shows promise. Though few cluster Bs will sign up for it, and many of the ones who do ditch the therapy sessions before they make much progress.

You can try operant conditioning. But with a cluster B, that's a bit like trying to divert a flood with a drinking straw. Likely will take a lot of time, a lot of effort, and not net a whole lot of results.

My personal experience with cluster Bs is they always want more. You can keep them in check if you are a mission-focused asshole who doesn't mind repeatedly reminding them who the boss is. But the stress of dealing with someone who lies, cheats, and does other assorted tawdry things, while insisting you are the crazy one for suspecting anything of the sort, is not worth it even if you rule your relationships with an iron hand.

So, my suggestion would be, unless you want to be dragged down into codependent hell, cut the cord and find a girl who's just as hot, but without all the crazy:


John Greco's picture

Hey Chase,

First of all, thanks for replying even after a month; being able to ask you specific questions (combining different articles of yours to something else) and you answering, thus helping us troubleshoot, man, it is just amazing. It kinda feels like every guy here, along with you and all the writers , walks towards a path, that everybody is on, but the masters like you, Hector, Alek, etc are way ahead of us. But still, if some of us trips and asks for help, a master comes, helps us stand up and then continues on his way. Kudos to all of you.

About the girl, the drama has teared apart us, so it's a matter of days, before we stop talking altogether. I should had followed Drexel's advice, but if you put together : love, she being a breakthrough for me and fuzzy mission on my behalf, you get...a delay of the inevitable.

If you ever find it useful for us to know, I'd like to know why you've abandoned being a rap artist as a mission. Art wasn't fulfilling enough ? Curious to know, since I'm an electrical engineer student who aspires one day to write his rock album.

Thanks again,


P.S : If you ever visit Athens, Greece you have free drinks on me and my wing..!Oh and we'll take you to local hotspots to game ;)

Chase Amante's picture


For sure, man. This stuff is hard. It makes a difference to be able to get some answers to these questions.

I forgot to link up here when I posted it, but your comment inspired this article:

Rap, well, a confluence of factor. Part of it was I finally broke through and lots of people were very excited about my beats, lyrics, and flow. People at parties; girls; guys who managed Hip-Hop clubs. And once that happened, the major driving force for me was gone. I had a website in 2002 with my early music on it... music was pretty bad. Somehow people found my website, and I got flooded with mail, about half very positive, and the other half insults, attacks, and mockery. Who knows if I'd have stuck with it without that, but with it, it became this years-long quest to get good enough to prove my haters wrong. Once I got there though, and people were telling me I was great and would be on the radio and things like that, it was like... oh. Well, I guess I proved the haters wrong. Not sure what else there is to do from here.

I also just got into pickup at the same time. And was graduating from college and entering the 9-to-5 world, where I'd have less time, and be in a rich white suburban area. Also, realistically, although I had a bunch of people getting hype out my music, I was still years of practice and refinement away from being anything close to legendary tier. If I put out an album then, I'd just have been another fairly okay rapper on the scene, and not a great. The mix of a quicker and easier path to sexual and social success + moving to an environment with zero support for that lifestyle + the opportunity cost of spending another 3 years obsessing over music to reach the level I wanted to reach, + the lack of haters/enemies to motivate me over that diminishing returns hump, meant I just kind of lost interest and drifted away.

(I've since concluded that having people you are trying to prove wrong is an essential element of anything you want to succeed at, at least for me)

No regrets though. With the lifestyle I have now, if I ever get an itch to do an album, I could spend a few hours a day for a few months shaking the rust off, dust off some of my old beats, put together some new ones, write some lyrics (I write pretty fast), and book studio time for a few days and just follow the Dr. Dre model of obsessive perfection, and finishing the entire song every time you screw up, then going back and doing it again.

As with anything though, it's all marketing. There are plenty of guys out there with wicked flows who never blow up because they don't market themselves well. So if you wanted to make a major splash with your music, you'd need to devote as much time to marketing it as you do to making it. At this point, I do not want the "famous guy" lifestyle (I much, much prefer to be the "anonymous guy" who can pick up girls when he wants them, and otherwise melt back into the crowd, then the famous guy who is hounded and recognized wherever he goes and has zero privacy and his every move scrutinized to sell more gossip rag ad clicks). I don't think I want the rap artist lifestyle either; too much pressure to try to look hard and be gangster. I got into a lot more trouble at that time in my life (and almost made a very big, very stupid mistake at one point to prove how "hard" I was), largely because I wanted to show how legit I was.


Hey man, cheers for the invite to Athens. It's been on my list for a bit. I have a Greek uncle; love the Greek people. Greek women are terrific. Food is great, history is great. Real shame what's happening with the economy. The Greeks have had a bum rap basically since the fall of Constantinople.

So I may take you up on that at some point. Would be nice to visit.


John Greco's picture

Hey Chase,

I hear you man, everything you've said makes sense. In fact, I maybe am in a similar position now, given my ex (who criticized me all the time) loves music, has dated guys in bands and now I'm left with low self-esteem because many times she was putting me down (for example, she recently told me when I was telling her about my songs : "You're really getting serious with music, huh?" in a not very pleasant tone) and proving her wrong by doing something I already want, is a great motivator. Also I'm flirting with depression sometimes so I need to dive in a mission at the moment decisively.

Also I've joined the boards as "Greco" and wrote my first lay will be very fun to contribute to the girlschase/boards community..!

As for the invite, yeah man a lot of life here in Athens, despite the crisis.

If the time comes and you wanna visit , pm me on the boards..!


Alexander Abraham's picture

Or does it matter?

For science.... lol

Dud's picture

Alexander, It doesn't matter. Get the biggest/best you can handle but if that's just a 50cc scooter it will still help, just not as much as a 900cc superbike. In most cases an older, 1950s/60s style single cylinder model pulls better than the modern streamlined one (exception, not with bike-savvy girls.)

Better than a bike: If you're in a beach holiday venue get a boat.
Again something older that looks like a workboat is best (and cheaper) as long as it is fairly clean, has some cover and rudimentary sanitary facilities. You don't even need a cabin or bed, just a small wheelhouse with somewhere to boil a kettle is enough.

You take a run along the coast as dusk falls, drop anchor and throw a blanket on the deck so you've somewhere to lie back and watch the stars come out...

Alexander Abraham's picture

Never thought about a boat. But to be honest, if I got a boat, it'd have to be one of those little windsailors (I think that's what they're called anyway). Shit looks way too fun lol!

But thanks for the reply! I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to stuff like this, but did have to admit my little cousin looked pretty cool on his.

Anonymous 's picture

This is a great article, it's great to know you can do these tips in case you get desperate for lays.

"What if you don’t want to change your lifestyle? Then you aren’t cut out for shortcuts. You’ll have to do things the old fashioned way: study, practice, hard work, and elbow grease."

I'm not ready to change my whole lifestyle, but I'm more interested in knowing how to get fast lays the old fashion way.

What would that entail exactly? Going to spots where it's easy to pick up? Approaching girls everyday of the week? What would be the fastest way to get lays from doing it the old fashion way?

I work a full-time job too, so I don't know if that makes things worse, but I'm sure a majority do some time consuming work, so it might be ok.

I ask because I feel that the old fashion way would take very long to get fast lays in, unless you're a pro, but the dating game is very difficult; there's many steps that you have to do in order to succeed, from approaching, getting the number, date, having a good date, back to the house, getting sex.

Very complicated, but hey, if you could provide tips on what can boost the odds to get fast lays by putting in old school hard work, I'm here for it.

Chase Amante's picture


What would that entail exactly? Going to spots where it's easy to pick up? Approaching girls everyday of the week? What would be the fastest way to get lays from doing it the old fashion way?

Yes and yes.

You'll need excellent fundamentals and a high degree of skill before you consistently get fast lays without a lifestyle change. Which means, practice, practice, practice, and loads of refinement.

Once you get there, you will get fast lays. But the path to the fast lays is not fast. It takes time and effort.

The one exception is if you stumble on a very choice spot where it's easy to get laid from. Usually there are one or two nightlife venues in a given city like this. Usually they're hard to find; no one will recommend them to you, and a lot of people will have bad things to say about them. So often you won't have stumbled onto them just going where people recommend you to go.

I ask because I feel that the old fashion way would take very long to get fast lays in, unless you're a pro, but the dating game is very difficult; there's many steps that you have to do in order to succeed, from approaching, getting the number, date, having a good date, back to the house, getting sex.

Very complicated, but hey, if you could provide tips on what can boost the odds to get fast lays by putting in old school hard work, I'm here for it.

Much of this website is devoted to it. Study the material, then go out and practice it in real life. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I know you might be looking for a "how do I change nothing but get fast results immediately?" kind of answer. But recognize this: wherever you are, there are legions upon legions of men looking for the same thing as you. And if some of them find a way to get lots of fast, easy lays, without changing their lifestyles, leveling up their skills, and leveling up their fundamentals, he's going to tell his buddies about it. And his buddies will tell their buddies. And they'll all get laid for a while, until enough guys find out and the competition descends on that spot. And then the easy place won't be easy anymore.

The best thing you can do in the short term (other than study and practice) is to seek out low competition environments:

Locating Good Low Competition Sexual Markets

Often these are environments where most men will not feel comfortable. Like the gay bars Alek talks about.

The best spots tend to change over time. Market forces kick in, and more men find out and flood them looking to score easy lays, or the women flock elsewhere, looking for a better supply of men. So you need to keep your exploration hat on and always be visiting lots of different places to find the few diamonds in the rough. Often when you find a great spot, it may not last more than a year or two before it stops being good (though there are exceptions. And sometimes places enjoy a gentle decline, rather than a sudden death - e.g., you used to be able to pick up there twice a week, but now it's every other weekend).


laefa2's picture

I know the third world is famous for being good for white guys but is it really an option for say an American of a non-white background?

Do women there judge by race first and everything else second or can a first world citizenship (example: Indian guy born in America) go a long way in regards to racking up lays in third world nations?

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, definitely.

Women are significantly more racist everywhere in the world outside the West. I've been around Western men on their first trips outside the West and they are often shocked at how racist most of the women are. (using "racist" in the classical sense here - viewing one's own race as superior to other races)

That said, just because a woman is racist against you does not mean she won't sleep with you. You still get the novelty boost. And if you're from a wealthier country you get the "presumed greater wealth / life prospects" boost. I've seen black, Indian, Arabic, etc. men, both from the West and from Africa/India/Middle East, dating women in Eastern Europe and Asia. I know they do well in South America too (many of the women in South America - especially Brazil - are African or mixed African descent, too. And if you go to Trinidad, that's about 40% Indian from India... which a lot of people don't realize).

It's a numbers game, basically. Black men, Arabs, and Indians are highly disliked by East Asians overall, for instance, but each of these guys I've known who traveled to East Asia with decent game and fundamentals still cleaned up. Even if 95% of women don't want to date you, if 5% find you fascinating, that's all you need.

And again, just because she doesn't like your race doesn't mean she won't sleep with you. I've bedded my fair share of girls who have told me (often after sex) they do not like white guys (or didn't before me, anyway). Get your fundamentals tight enough and race matters much less; and as a foreigner from an attractive country, it matters less still.


laefa2's picture

I know what you're saying Chase but as you wrote this post, the point was for it to be easy to fuck decent looking women and not having to work harder for it in foreign countries. While I have no doubt of what you are saying, what I was getting at is if it can be done with relative ease by having a 1st world citizenship or if that privilege is only for white guys.

Like say some brown or Arab guy with a first world citizenship wanted to fuck tons of different women in South America or just rack up that lay count, whether it can be done with relative ease by having a first world citizenship or if only white guys have that privilege.

I get what you say when you mean it can be done but if a guy has to have tight fundamentals, out of the world game, and other spectacular things to do it; I don't really see the point of gaming women in a place like Colombia or Brazil for instance.

Marlon's picture

What's your take on Marlon Brando?
Just saw videos of him on YouTube, with tons of comments on how ultra mega sexy the man was. Plus he had apparently tons of success with women.
The man is good looking but there are still better looking men than him (Ian Somerhalder, Adam Levine to name a few) yet every where I peek, women are wooed by him. This does not make sense to me.
Does he have some kind of appeal or it's the whole celebrity thing that gives him a good name?

Chase Amante's picture


Fundamentals! Brando had them in spades. A very sexy vibe. Very sexy man.

He's a prime candidate for studying/mirroring, if you'd like to develop the same kind of appeal.

I haven't talked about him specifically, but I've discussed a few other older male sex symbols on Girls Chase before:

Old Fashioned Sex Symbols vs. Modern Male Stars: What’s the Difference?

Ricardus also has a great three-part article series discussing movie seduction in detail, here:

Epic Movie Seductions: Part I


Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Thanks for this article. I will definitely bookmark this one :)

Re: Social awkward people
I remember reading about Dealing with Disruptive Men, and you talked about dealing with men who interrupt your conversation with a girl, and using "sorry" as a nail in their coffin.

I think you answered in a comment somewhere but I can't find it.
I personally reformed myself to not be one of these people but now I don't know how to handle them.
Ironically, girls handle them pretty well from what I experienced haha..

How do you frame someone as socially awkward in situations where they do something "weird"?
Maybe it's tooling you or interrupting, or saying something that seems to imply an insult or can be taken the other way (like a bad harsh tease). But reputation and you're in a group. Bored look or so might seem too weak.

I bet it's throwing them under the bus, but generally, a rule of thumb how would you do it to frame them as awkward? Just so I can apply to multiple situations than just specific ones such as in your "Disruptive men" article.

Now if it's a one on one, and it's a friend, yeah we can throw a bored look or skeptical look or groan
But as in your "To be respected, you must demand it and earn it" how would you apply it here?

Some examples would be great.
And some examples of "ok it's just harmless teasing, no need to throw them under the bus" would also be great too to help me get a better idea of this, because on average, many people don't do our "cooperative teasing", and it can potentially be a precedent for future disrespect and can eventually get worse if we don't have a handle on it.

And lastly, if it's some guy you just met, I'm guessing we would just walk away.

Re: Hilarious observation
So I know a friend who's good with women and has parties where he has many pretty girls and have sex with them and they later ask him for a relationship which he turns down. He's got game. But lately I saw him walk by.
Right before I was gonna say hi, he threw a look to a girl as he walked by her, I can't describe it exactly but it's flirty.
Then surprisngly, the girl turned around and walked after him...
Maybe she realized she was walking the wrong way... I didn't stick around to see.

If only my game is at the level of "ability to get girls to stalk after you with one glance"
That'll be great. :D


Chase Amante's picture


Can you give me some examples of social situations you cannot deal with using the formula in "Dealing with Disruptive Men"? Need to know what you're looking to deal with specifically. What's the awkward behavior, what's the context, etc.

The glance - yeah, you can do that. I have had girls turn around and follow me to whatever shop I was walking to in a shopping mall, for instance. It's not like you can do that with any girl - it's more proactive girls, who are already checking you out hard, and you pick up on it and throw them that quick little strong eye contact glance. And there's not a good way to know a girl will spin and follow you... many don't. So it's not really a very practical technique. But it is a neat little thing you can do from time to time, with excellent nonverbals. More commonly when you do this girls will kind of stutter step in their tracks, stop, linger a bit, unsure what to do - that's really what the glance is used for. If you want to approach, it gets the girls you want to approach to get nervous and excited and signal their receptiveness to you that way.


Anonymous 's picture

Hey Chase,

I want to try online dating, but I'm worried and embarrassed by it. I don't have anything "flashy" nor do I have a killer body to show off.

And for my age, I'm not where most are; I don't have my own place, or a good status job.

I don't know where we would hookup at, is her place safe? I want to be safe out here with these online chicks.

My body isn't where it's supposed to be yet, and I don't have the money to go get good looking pics done. I also don't want to waste my time or mone just yet.

I want to do tinder, ok cupid ,and pof. I don't have anything fascinating to write about, or much at all, id rather not write anything at all to be honest.

I'm embarrassed about what I don't have, and I'm embarrassed of people seeing me on there and seeing me do online dating, I also don't use social media at all, and would just be making one for Facebook because it requires it, I tried tinder a few years ago, I waited for 2 days and got no matches and I swiped a lot, so that phased me.

I don't want any friends on my fb, for this, I just want to make it solely for tinder, but I worry if not having friends messes me up, I still am not gonna request for any friends.

I don't want to wait until I have these things, because I don't want to waste time.

If you have advice for my situation, please let me know.

Chase Amante's picture


Well, here's the thing. Online is 95% pictures. If you don't have the time to get great pictures, you DEFINITELY don't have the time to do online dating. Because the difference is going to be one reply for every 30 to 70 messages you send out (or one match for every 50 you swipe right on) with good pictures versus one message for every 300 messages you send out with bad pictures (or one match for every 500 swipes right on Tinder).

I suggest you read my article on online dating:

How to Meet Tons of Girls on Plenty of Fish

It talks about how to get professional quality pictures for free, what kinds of pictures to use, and also how to write your profile and what to put in it. I'd also suggest you watch Colt's videos on Tinder:

Tinder Pictures & Openers

Also, nobody's going to see you on an online dating app unless they also use that online dating app. So I would not worry too much about that aspect of it.


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