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How to Get a Girlfriend in the Next 2 Weeks

how to get a girlfriend
To get a girlfriend in 2 weeks, you pick your target, go where she is, be flirty and social, and go for the close. But that’s just Step 1.

You can just picture it: that cute girl with a trim waist, a lovely laugh, and long, silky hair. How good it feels when she presses up against you and snuggles into you. How perfect her eyes are. How soft her body is. And she's yours, and she wants to be yours, and nobody else's.

In 2004, I (Chase Amante) sat down to figure out how to get a girlfriend. Because at the time I didn't know. This venture took me on an amazing journey... And I've dated some truly incredible women along the way. But more than that, I've been able to help tons of men do the same. Since I launched in 2008, I've helped thousands of men find awesome girlfriends. Many of those girls have even turned into wives.

So here, today, in distilled form, is my guide to getting that girlfriend. And not just any girlfriend - this is the guide to getting an amazing one. And we're going to do it all in just two weeks. Because, after all, life is short. Why should you and her need to remain apart any longer than necessary?

We've broken this article down into three sections. You can skip ahead to any of them (or their subsections) using the Table of Contents to the left.

Explanations aside, let's get going and get you an awesome girlfriend.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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stef's picture

great 2017 start!!

Al's picture

HI. I'm just curious. Why do you have to have sex with her to consider her your girl friend? What do you call two adults in a relationship where 1 or both are celibate?

sal_acious1's picture

Two adults in a sexless relationship is called - Just Friends!

Max's picture

Hey guys,
I just broke up with my girlfriend I've been with for an year because she got way too demanding and controlling. Probably my fault, so now that I have an oppurtunity to start fresh, can you please guide me from being the nice guy to a powerful dominant man. Thanks!

Ripaah's picture

I'm always surprised how academic your articles are. Don't you ever think about write scientific papers on psychology/anthropology area? You surely can build a name.

Anyway, I'm a new reader here and recently I'm trying to register on the foruns, but a message saying "One of your responses below was not correct" pop up and block me to go on with the registering. I've checked the password, the username and the email and all of them seems ok. What do I do?

Happy new year
- Ripaah

Chase Amante's picture


Double checked on your forum handle. Looks like you're activated and should be good to go.

As for publishing actual academic papers, I'd like GC to start doing that at some point, yes. Once we have more disposable income, I'd like to actually have us run controlled studies on the things we teach here that are understudied or not researched at all yet.

We've actually run a few basic studies on some things already, such as how soon into meeting a man women know they want to date him (we asked 1517 American women between 18 and 34; choices ranged from "I knew before he even walked up to me" to "I knew within 5 minutes of meeting him" to "I had to meet him on multiple occasions." Results were fascinating, to say the least). At some point when I'm less busy, I'd like to take some of the studies we've run already and either submit to a few academic journals or just publish the research on Girls Chase. Hands are slightly full for now, though...


Bond's picture


This is one that should definitely be recommended to new comers on the site. You are taking Girls Chase to another level with your super clear and enjoyable writing. Keep it up. Excited for your new course.


Ervin's picture


What if a girl rejects you in some way while trying to talk to her? It gets your ego down and decreases a probability to make new attemps. A few sequential failures can decrease ego and self confidence a lot.


Chase Amante's picture


Yes, rejections can be a pain. You might find you start out slow and can only do a handful of approaches before you're drained. Sort of like how when you're new to lifting weights, you can only do a few reps of some relatively light weights before you're exhausted, and then your muscles ache for days. Over time, you build these muscles up, whether a skeletal muscle or the "approach muscle."

I have an article totally devoted to developing the ability to hang in there and not take rejections so hard here:

How to be Resilient (and Bounce Back from Rejection)

Worth a read if this is one you're struggling with at all.


Dario's picture

Humour is something that I spend a bit of time thinking about - not because I feel as if I NEED it per se, that is to say I do very well with women - but rather because I hear so many people banging on about how important it is that I wonder if I could supercharge my results with women by infusing extra humour.

Then again, I do wonder if by humour you mean a 'playful aura' as opposed to always having something witty to say and always being able to crack some kind of joke. Because I certainly have a relaxed demeanour, both in presentation and body language - specifically facial expressions.

It's just I've never been the quickest to a joke. So I would like you to define what exactly you mean when you say that humour is important - and explain how its necessity differs among men of different levels of seduction.

There was an old Ricado? Ricardus? article where he stated that humour is only used occasionally in his seductions in order to break the ice and relieve the tension every now and day. He mentioned specifically that humour/flirty jokes were not near as important as the mainstream makes them out to be. He also said that if you are a truly sexy man then pretty much anything you say can be viewed sexually - as in talking about the weather will make her wet purely on the basis of your fundamentals, voice, charisma and dominance etc. She just wants you.

I do wonder how much humour/flirty banter etc is necessary to men of higher levels - and whether it can actually harm your chances with a girl by making you seem a bit in-congruent. When I seduce myself or watch my friends - you can tell the girl likes them, there is that 'air' about. Lots of deep eye contact. Lots of 'deep diving' - an occasional piece of humour when they get the impression that things are getting a bit deep, but mostly this fairly deep atmosphere (which is what I think when I think seduction) that doesn't seem particularly amazing to most guys - but suddenly a moment later the two are heading out of the door together. In these occasions it seems as though pure sexual energy and connection is what succeeds. There is definitely no back and forth flirty banter of the sort that I associate with college kids. I wouldn't call the interactions 'light', but fairly deep. Not too serious, but serious enough. But sexual. and perhaps just deep enough to get away with...

Perhaps this does have something to do with whether you can get away with seducing a girl with pure sexual energy or not. Maybe the newer guys cannot do this and so have to rely on humour a bit more to give them that 'spark' that they lack at the moment in time, I don't know.

Sorry. I've gone on and on. It's just something that interests me. Would love to have a deeper insight from you Chase, on the role that humour plays in a seduction and different ways that it should and can be used.


Chase Amante's picture


Yes, "humor" is a rather ill-defined subject. When I use it, I use it in the broadest sense: it could mean you crack verbal jokes. It could mean you use facial expressions and nonverbal in humorous ways. It could mean you point out witty things.

I've noticed most of the men I know who are naturally very good with girls have the ability to crack a lot of great, wonderful jokes, invariably infused with a lot of flirtiness. This is not all they do (they do a lot of other things too), but it's one thing they all have in common. Whether they use this ability or not with a given girl depends on what the girl responds to better. On the other hand most of the men I know who have learned later in life to do well with women seem to use less humor (and still do just fine).

There are some girls who really respond well to lots of humor, and if you can make them laugh enough, with the right kind of flirty/sexy humor, you're off to the races. That's maybe 8% to 15% of women. Then there's a chunk that respond especially well to just a general playful, flirty vibe but you need to use less verbal humor with them. That's the majority. Then there's a segment that responds best to the super intense guy who uses minimal humor and is just overbearingly dominant. That's maybe 20%(?) of girls.

If you want the widest range of success, I recommend you do a bit of a feeling-out period where you try to gauge what her style is (like what I talked about in this article). But if you're just sticking to 'playful aura' with sexy intensity and occasional humor to lighten up the mood when things get too intense, that's all you need for the large majority of women, really. You don't need any more humor than that for most girls.


Lawliet's picture

Happy new year Chase!

It's nice to see confirming studies on your techniques Chase :)

And super happy to see this article.
This will do wonders for the main thing driving me, to build my skill and be able to get a good gf in a short time.

A big


sydney_sider91's picture


This is along the lines of your introduction article, "How to find the woman you most want: a 10 step process" except a bit simpler and to the point. It really highlights how simple the process can be (with sufficient practice of course) and inspires hope in the reader. Just skimming through this, it really sounds like something I can do, and I'm only a beginner!

I think the "10 step process" is a comprehensive guide, whereas this is a very handy set of study notes. Will definitely be referring back to this after I finish my 30 day challenge.

P.S. The 30 day challenge is an idea I got from Simple Pickup. The idea is that going out on multiple consecutive days boosts your confidence and desensitises you much more rapidly than doing the same assignments with days off in-between.


Chase Amante's picture


Glad to hear it!

The 30-day challenge should be great. Anything that gets you out there chatting up new girls is putting you in the right direction.

Should you finish with that (and this article), we have a 14-day 'newbie assignment' on our forum you can take as well:

Girls Chase Newbie Assignment


fgjdfng's picture

I have no idea where in the hell a girl I may like will be....maybe my issue is that I can't make up my mind on just what type of girl is best....honestly I don't have a type so I have no idea where the hell they would be in the first damn place

Chase Amante's picture

Start with this article:

Where to Find an Amazing Woman: 20 Surprising Places

If you aren't sure where you want to go or what kind of girls you like, start visiting each of these places and checking them off the list.

As you go to them, pay attention to the kind of women you meet or see there, and which ones you'd most like to get to know. Look for patterns as you go out. You'll find as you start to get more places under your belt, you discover certain kinds of venues you feel more comfortable in, and certain kinds of girls you feel more excited to meet. Those are your places / your girls.


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