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Hector Castillo: College Game and Sexual Direct

In the podcast below, you can hear about how Hector went from video game nerd to king of his college, nightlife insider, and talented day gamer. Hector also introduces you to some of the specific techniques he gives to students who coach with him, and discusses some of the results he’s witnessed his students achieve. At the bottom of this post, you can sign up for a free 10-minute phone call with Hector to discuss coaching with him, and whether it’d be a fit for you and you’d be a fit for it.

Here’s the podcast:

Included in this podcast:

  • “Girls are girls”, whether you meet them in Europe or America (0:57)
  • How Hector went from video game nerd to international playboy (2:18)
  • Befriending naturals and finding mentors: what’s the best way to do this? (6:01)
  • The 3 College Game Styles: BMOC, Slowburn, and Wildcard (7:01)
  • How to really ‘own’ one of the 3 College Game Styles (8:24)
  • Is there a certain College Game Style that works better than the others? (9:42)
  • Which of the College Game Styles is the easiest to use? (11:02)
  • How easy (or hard) is it to transition from college to “real world” game? (12:30)
  • The biggest hangup students have moving from college to “real world” game (14:25)
  • Between college game, day game, and nightclubs, what does Hector like best? (15:18)
  • How to project romantic fantasies onto a girl you meet with “Romantic Projection” (16:55)
  • A powerful way to elicit a woman’s fantasies and show her you embody them (17:28)
  • How soon Hector moves students to more advanced techniques (19:12)
  • The “No-Buster”: a powerful way to breeze past the “No”s girls give you (19:38)
  • How to blow past resistance with the “Sexual Override” (this even gets you past insults/tests) (21:59)
  • What “Soft Barriers” are, and how they get difficult women to do what you want (23:19)
  • The 3 standard responses to a “Soft Barrier” (plus: what each response means) (24:40)
  • Using the Slowburn style to do great with girls: a case study (25:33)
  • Expose a girl’s natural kinkiness with the BDSM-inspired “Daddying” technique (only do this with girls you want to fall deeply in-love with you) (27:59)
  • The Meta Frame: what it is, how Hector teaches it, and why it’s so incredibly powerful (both in dating and in socializing) (29:52)
  • How Meta Frames plug into Hector’s Sexual Direct Style (33:00)
  • For students who aren’t ready to try the Sexual Direct Style, what does Hector do with them instead? (33:33)
  • Details on the two coaching packages Hector has to offer: the 12-Week Package, and the Crash Course (34:43)
  • How to get a free 10-minute phone call with Hector (35:39)
  • Exactly what to expect when you sign up for a Hector Castillo coaching package (35:54)
  • How soon to expect a call from Hector once you’ve signed up (38:10)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Hector and learning about some of what he teaches to his students. To sign up for the free 10-minute call with Hector to discuss phone coaching with him, please fill out the form below with your information. Hector will be back in touch with you within the next 24 hours!

Your Free 10-Minute Call with Hector

Sign up for a free 10-minute call with talented date coach Hector Castillo! Within 24 hours, Hector will give you a call to discuss his 12-week sexual direct course (or the 4-week crash course) and whether it’d be a fit for you. You’ll have 10 minutes to chat with him and are free to ask him whatever you’d like to ask.


Adopt The ‘Sexual Direct’ Style To Sleep With Girls You Know And Become Impossible To Friend Zone!

Hector Castillo  Hector Castillo finished his teenage years a video game nerd. One who sunk thousands of hours into World of Warcraft and Street Fighter (he even played in championships!).

  He was clueless about girls... And missed most of the chances they threw his way.

  Yet by the end of college, he’d become president of his fraternity... Renowned throughout campus... And had slept with 43 cute college coeds (plus reached oral sex with over 100).

  In fact, he grew so infamous that freshman girls SOUGHT him OUT... Just to experience the campus “legend” in the FLESH (or at least, experience him on THEIR flesh).

  And he did all this while he broke EVERY rule in the “reputation” playbook:

  • He had zero qualms about being the “playboy”... Something you’re NOT supposed to do

  • He routinely picked up girls in front of OTHER girls he wanted to bed... Then bedded those other girls too

  • And he developed a ‘Sexual Direct’ style that BLEW APART girls’ “need” for discretion

  Eventually Hector reached the point where all he had to do to take a girl home was say he wanted to have sex... No “let’s go watch a movie” or “let’s go drink some wine” required.

  He’s mastered the ‘Sexual Direct’ style THAT well.

  And those weren’t ‘grenades’ he was jumping on, either:

  Hector is a man OBSESSED with quality... He only wants the top of the top... As exampled by his conquests:

hector lays
hector lays

  And the neatest thing about Hector’s unique ‘Sexual Direct’ style?

  It makes whoever uses it IMPOSSIBLE to friend zone.

  She CAN’T friend zone you when you walk into the bathroom she’s in, strip, and shower next to her... Or climb out of the shower, walk behind her, and kiss her on the neck.

  No way. She knows you will NEVER be anything other than a guy straight out of a romance novel.

  You just fit no other “mold”.

  Since college, Hector’s continued to develop his style... He’s picked up girls off the streets and in the bars just about everywhere... From Southern California to Eastern Europe and everywhere else between.

  And now, to pay for his travels, he’s pulled the cloak off ‘Sexual Direct’...

  And will take on a handful of students to learn from the man himself, at a barrel-bottom price.

How BIG A Difference Could The Right Mentor Make?

  Research in 1989 at George Mason University* found business protégés with mentors do better.

  They have more satisfaction, opportunity, recognition, and security in their careers... And they are more often promoted.

  Those who do not take a mentor and instead try to “figure it all out for themselves” get NONE of these.

  They get left behind, forever trying to catch up to the mentored ones... Yet they never do.

  A 2013 study by researchers in Taipei and North Carolina† found mentor socialization matters... The more social experience a mentor has, the better he is and the bigger a benefit you get from training with him.

  Across the board, in EVERY field, a mentor MATTERS.

  Mozart had mentors. Tiger Woods had mentors. There are REASONS the best become the best.

  Pick a good mentor, who can teach you what you want to learn, and your results start to SOAR.

  This is one of the biggest hurdles in the way of most men’s success:

  Many guys who want to succeed also tend to go it alone.

  They figure they will figure it out on their own.

  Put in some elbow grease, and how hard can it be?

  The problem is it’s ALWAYS harder than you expect.

  Often it’s a LOT harder.

  The neat thing about a mentor?

  He can tell you EXACTLY where to slice and hack to shorten the learning curve.

  He can tell you where the bumps in the road will be, so you are READY to glide right over them.

  And he can help you turn major stumbling blocks into little tiny stepping stones.

  Every guy who’s GOOD knows the value of mentors:

  If you want to get good in a hurry, and get results and off the fence... You find someone who knows what YOU want to know… And convince him to TEACH it to you.

All The Dark, Dirty Secrets Of ‘Sexual Direct’

  The best thing about ‘Sexual Direct’?

  It’s simple.

  Nothing complicated to remember.

  You don’t need an “excuse” to get her on a date or back home at your place.

  No need to think up a way to give her “plausible deniability.”

  You don’t have to tempt her, tease her, or make her wait… TOO much.

  You just be straight with her: here’s what I want, and I think you want it too.

  Still, there is ART to this.

  You can’t just walk up to a girl and say, “Let’s go knock boots.”

  She’ll knock YOU for a loop instead... With a slap to the FACE...

  Hector spent his college career and the year after it putting together the pieces... So that you can take ‘Sexual Direct’ and have it just WORK.

  You just adopt the right vibe, the right timing, and the right calibration.

  The best part of it IS that because he’s already figured it out, anyone who studies with him gets the method SPELLED OUT in plain English.

  You don’t need to spend 5 years working out the nuances yourself, like Hector did.

  You just need to talk to Hector, and let him TELL YOU those nuances.

  Then, you go out there and practice a few times until it becomes second nature.

  At that point, it’s automatic - and so are the results.

Plus, Get FIENDISHLY Good At Social Circle & College Game

  You know that girl you’ve known forever, whom you’d just KILL to sleep with... If only you got the chance?

  Or that pretty new girl who just showed up to class... Or joined your project team at work?

  You CAN get her.

  Along with ‘Sexual Direct’, Hector’s other MAJOR specialty is ‘Social Circle’ game.

  He developed his expertise at a medium-sized university... Both in classes and at his fraternity.

  There, he slept with girls he met in class, at parties, even at the university cafeteria.

  And he’s CONTINUED to hone this expertise post-college in the working world.

  After university, Hector took a job at one of Southern California’s HOTTEST nightclubs.

  The competition for hot female club patrons posed a new challenge to him...

  … For all of a few months.

  Yet as soon as he “cracked the code”, he was sleeping with girls from WORK, too.

  And once he made it to Europe, within days he had a fresh circle FULL of cool guys and hot girls from scratch... Just by being sociable.

  He’s made plenty of mistakes along the way too... And watched social circles close off because he said or did the wrong thing... Or let someone else say or do the wrong thing TO him.

  So when you train with Hector, you don’t just learn all the right things to do in social circle.

  You also learn the mistakes he’s made himself... So you can avoid those same mistakes (and the painful consequences of them) too:

phone coaching silhouette
I was almost a complete beginner in socialization and dating. I’d had a few girlfriends in the past but was pretty socially awkward. I’d just moved to a new city, and didn’t really have any friends. After one call with Hector, I began to put myself out there more, and made friends, but still had issues with coming across as try-hard. I’d begun to implement his suggestions however, and trying to push past this. So I called him again. He spoke to me about an idea called lower-energy, or “being grounded” to become less try-hard, as well as other ways to come as a more sexual animal to women. He also dissected some of my interactions and gave me suggestions to tweak how I came across.

Some of his advice seemed sort of esoteric, some very applicable. I started with the esoteric, this idea of “being grounded.” Within a week (five days, actually) I had gotten laid twice, had been approached by another girl (who I later took to bed) and had been invited to go out with a whole new social circle. It was surreal. And yeah, I called him again recently, and plan to do so more in the future.

- Josh, New York City, NY

  Training with Hector is like you have that pair of angel and devil on your shoulders to whisper advice.

  The angel tells you how to keep people happy in social circle... Maintain a good reputation... And be well-liked.

  The devil tells you how to turn girls on... And make them do naughty things with you they’ll never tell their moms and dads about.

Book An Hour (Or More) Of Hector’s Time… While You Can

  Hector’s available to train a handful of men right now while he skirts around Europe.

  He needs the extra coin, and the idea of hopping on phone calls with eager minds who want to learn and do excites him.

  Yet sooner or later, every coach tires of coaching and doesn’t want to do it any more.

  He gets asked the same questions too many times... Or his life branches off in a different direction.

  So, sooner or later, he won’t be available to train or mentor any longer.

  In addition to these longer-term considerations, Hector can only take so many calls any given week.

  If he gets too busy, we’ll have to temporarily suspend new coaching clients.

  To learn from the MASTER of ‘Sexual Direct’... And one of the best minds out there on Social Circle and College/University Game... You need to book your spot with him NOW, while he still has the desire to train, and the availability to do it.

  Because you cannot get this level of coaching ANYWHERE... And because there’s a lot of demand for his time and only a limited number of slots available... We wanted to charge $397 per hour for a session with Hector... To make sure only the most SERIOUS students applied.

  He would not let us charge that rate though. To Hector, $397 an hour is too out-of-reach for college students and young professionals, who make up the bulk of those who come to him for help.

  And he’s dead-set on making himself as available as he can without putting himself in the poor house to do it.

  So, he’s agreed to make his time available, for now, at the rate of just $197 per hour.

  $197 gets you a FULL HOUR with the greatest practitioner in the WORLD of ‘Sexual Direct’ style... And one of the United States’ true masters at college and social circle game.

  You can use that hour however you like:

  • If you have specific questions you want answers to, you can bring those questions to your call

  • If you have a certain situation you need a resolution for, you can employ Hector to help you solve it

  • If you’re having trouble with a certain technique or stage of the courtship, Hector can help you bust through it

  ... Or if you don’t know exactly what you want... You just know you want to train with THE BEST... We’ll send you a short survey to fill out after you book your time with Hector.

  Answer this survey, and we’ll custom tailor your call to EXACTLY where you’re at and what you need.

  You can book an hour with Hector using the link below:

Yes, Book My Phone Consultation with Hector

Change your mind any time. 100% cancellation protection before call.

  If you’d like to book more than an hour with Hector, let us know in your response to the survey or once you’re on your call (or after the call).

  At that point, after your first call together, you can book future calls if and where needed.

  Just don’t put this off.

  The sooner you start to mentor with a guy who’s skilled, the sooner YOU become skilled YOURSELF.

  And the sooner you start with Hector, the more likely you are to catch him before life takes him another way... Or his time slots all fill to capacity.

  Book your first hour with Hector NOW, and let’s get you using ‘Sexual Direct’ to take girls to bed... Or maneuvering through your social circles to end up with the girlfriend you want:

Yes, Book My Phone Consultation with Hector

Change your mind any time. 100% cancellation protection before call.

Your Free 10-Minute Call with Hector

Sign up for a free 10-minute call with talented date coach Hector Castillo! Within 24 hours, Hector will give you a call to discuss his 12-week sexual direct course (or the 4-week crash course) and whether it’d be a fit for you. You’ll have 10 minutes to chat with him and are free to ask him whatever you’d like to ask.


* Fagenson, E. A. (1989). The mentor advantage: perceived career/job experiences of protégés versus non‐protégés. Journal of organizational behavior, 10(4), 309-320.

† Yang, C. C., Hu, C., Baranik, L. E., & Lin, C. Y. (2013). Can protégés be successfully socialized without socialized mentors? A close look at mentorship formality. Journal of Career Development, 40(5), 408-423.