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Cody Lyans: Quiet Guy and Introvert Game

How do you meet girls when you are the quiet, introverted guy?

Well, the good news is, quiet guys have a lot of power to do very well with women, once they can get over that initial ‘shyness’ hump.

In this podcast, you’ll discover how veteran Girls Chase coach Cody Lyans went from quiet guy rejected by girls... to stud seducer who pulls women off dance floors and makes girls hang on his every word and beg to know him better. Along the way, Cody shares some of his powerful girl-getting technology, and gives you a peek at what you can expect to learn if you sign up for his paradigm-shifting 12-week coaching course.

Here’s the podcast:

In this podcast you’ll learn:

  • On living places where it’s tough to meet girls (01:18)
  • How quiet of a guy is Cody Lyans? (02:23)
  • The sexual element of Cody’s quiet guy game (03:33)
  • How Cody got his start in dating (03:47)
  • Why Cody first started coaching guys on dating (18:40)
  • What a ‘base vibe’ is and how this gets you past women’s barriers (22:47)
  • The thing most guys get wrong with their base vibes (23:40)
  • What the base vibe of guys who are good with women look like (25:48)
  • How easy (or hard) is it to get guys to drop bad, creepy, or platonic vibes? (27:20)
  • Female psychology: why it’s so important to understand how women think (31:27)
  • The ‘Female Mental Map’, a simple way to spot what’s going on with her (32:44)
  • How to avoid landmines and find subtle details with the ‘Smooth Guy Spyglass’ (36:27)
  • What makes resistance so hard for most guys to deal with... plus what resistance is (40:38)
  • The ‘head shake’, one of the four (4) ‘Resistance Milestones’ (44:38)
  • The secret to Resistance Milestones: what they mean and how to use them (50:25)
  • The ‘Interest Dial’, a way to turn interest both up AND drop it back... as needed (52:27)
  • What most guys get wrong about attraction (and why girls suddenly leave) (54:25)
  • Some of the ways you turn the Interest Dial up and down (56:29)
  • How much to dial it up with her depending on what you want in a situation (58:13)
  • The 3 ‘Seduction States’: Sporty, Sexy, and Happy (62:28)
  • How to use the 3 Seduction States to get hookups, FWBs, and more (64:48)
  • How to learn faster by not ‘stuffing away’ your experiences (69:22)
  • 5 ‘Sell Lines’ (Soft Endearing Loose Lines) that flip women’s opinions on you (74:02)
  • When during the courtship to use a Sell Line (80:01)
  • Whether Cody gives students canned lines or trains students to make their own (84:24)
  • The 5 Foundations of Dating Success (plus, Foundation#1: ‘Spirit’) (85:19)
  • Why guys get discouraged about dating (and how to get past that) (87:20)
  • Do you learn the Foundations all at once, or sequentially? (88:15)
  • Cody shares the stories of a few of the students he’s taught (89:44)
  • What ‘Invisible Escalation’ is, and how to escalate without others noticing (94:04)
  • How to sign up for a call with Cody Lyans and what to expect (97:40)
  • Are there any guys who should not coach with Cody? (100:09)
  • Exactly what a 12-week coaching course with Cody looks like and what you get (102:06)
  • At-request tech: dance floor pulls/tactics and 2 no-fail kiss routines (104:38)
  • For advanced students (10+ lays) only: the 20-minute lay course (105:29)

Hope you’ve enjoyed this interview with Cody Lyans! To sign up for the 12-week ‘Quiet Guy Game’ one-on-one coaching course with Cody (or his more advanced 20-minute lay course), please fill out the form below. Cody will give you a call within the next seven (7) days to discuss the program with you and any questions you have for him.

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How To Meet Girls As The “Quiet Guy” And Compel A Girl To Touch You, Snuggle Up To You, And Pick You Up... All Through The Power Of The “Cool, Calibrated Guy” Approach...

Cody Lyans  It’s easy for those talkative guys to learn how to get somewhere with girls.

  Yet what do you do if you’re a quiet guy?

  “Quiet” in our fast-paced world so often means “invisible.”

  And if she doesn’t notice you, she certainly will not sleep with you, or date you.

  So, one way or another, you have to get her to pay attention to you… Yet how?

  When Cody Lyans began his journey to do better with girls, he was too scared to talk to the girls in his high school.

  So, he pushed himself to say “hello” to girls he met on the beach and in shopping malls.

  As he improved with the opposite sex, he discovered his mindsets began to shift.

  Most guys, Cody says, become either “tail chasers” (who just see girls as sex objects)…

  Or they view girls as the ones who hold all the answers and can be their saviors (and that’s a lot of pressure for some poor girl)…

  What if instead of a piece of meat or your personal superhero you could view a girl as, well, just a person?

  And what if you could realize that this female person looked for coolness, calibration, adventure, and surprise?

  And what if you realized that you, as the observant quiet guy, were the most equipped man she knew to give her it?

  Would that change how you interacted with her?

The “Holistic” Approach To Girl-Getting

  To Cody, it’s never been about imposing your will on a girl.

  It’s always been about presenting her with an irresistible option, and allowing her to chase it down herself.

  Cody’s style of game… The style he teaches his students to use… Is “under the radar” game.

  Men who don’t know him are often surprised by his results.

  He’ll flirt lightly with a girl… And suddenly she’ll start to punch him in the arm, kick him playfully, or flirt hard right to his face.

  He tosses the bait out there, she takes it… And steps it up more…

  It’s all part of the “Cool, Calibrated Guy” Approach:

  The Cool, Calibrated Guy does not chase a girl.

  He dances with her.

  He does not try to “talk her into submission”…

  He makes a comment about her here, shows a little of himself there…

  And then lets her conclude he is unlike any other man she’s met…

  And that she has to have him…

  It sounds ephemeral, and yet it works.

  This “gravitational pull” yanks a girl right into him.

  In his more free-wheeling days, Cody used this method to have sex with girls he’d met minutes earlier on the dance floor.

  The back-and-forth dance of the flirtation spiraled so high, so quick, that sex was the only release… And he’d end up in the bathroom with a girl 5 or 10 or 15 minutes after he met her, railing her to high heaven…

  Yet these days, Cody is more subdued…

  He’s gone back to his roots, and prefers to meet girls on the beach or in the mall or somewhere more relaxed and less wound up…

  And he likes to let his seductions unfold more slowly… He likes to tempt and tease a girl… To get her chomping at the bit before he decides to give it to her…

  Even still, he does still hit the club every now and again to relive old memories… Or, sometimes, create some new ones.

  It’s a holistic approach: Cody doesn’t treat women as puzzles to figure out.

  Instead, to him, they are people to tempt, tease, play with, and excite.

  And, when they are tempted enough… teased enough… played with enough… and excited enough…

  Why, then you make love to them.

  If you and a girl click, you keep her coming back for more after, too.

She Has Sticking Points, Too

  Cody's greatest asset, as both teacher and seducer, is his mind-reading ability.

  It's his ability to get inside a girl's head and see exactly what she sees.

  And when you hire Cody, this is what he gives to you, too.

  You see, it isn't just the guy who has sticking points - girls have these too.

  And if you want to move forward with her, you have to be able to figure out her sticking points... So you can help her to get around them.

  Cody follows a four (4) point process on every coaching call he does:

  1. First, he explores a guy's situation and gets all the details

  2. Then he asks his student what the girl has been doing or saying

  3. The next thing he does is the masterstroke: he figures out the student's sticking points... And then he figures out the girl's sticking points... And then he identifies the most obtainable goal to bring student and girl together

  4. At last, he helps his student "get" what's really going on, why it's going on, and what to change to achieve his desired result (i.e., get the girl he wants to get)

  Cody's ability to see what a girl is actually thinking or why she does what she does with a guy is almost flawless.

  It means he can take the most tangled ball-of-string scenario, untangle it, and tell a guy exactly what's happening.

  That also means he can nearly always tell a student just what he needs to do to clear an impasse and get progress with her.

  Which makes him just the witchdoctor to see when a girl's giving you trouble you just can't figure out.

  Here's how the process works:

  When you sign up with Cody, you'll receive an email from Girls Chase that asks for a few things:

  • What time zone you're in

  • What time you're available for your call

  • Your background with girls or this particular girl

  • The 4 or 5 items you most want to cover on your call

  You can hit "reply" to this email, and your response will go straight to Cody.

  He'll then follow up with you to pick a time and hold your call.

  Then, once you're on the call, Cody gets a few more details from you... Then gives you everything you need to solve your dating issues and get the girl.

What Some of Cody’s Students Have to Say

  Here's what a few of Cody's students have had to say about coaching with him over the years:

phone coaching silhouette

Something suddenly switched inside me and women became as simple as drinking water. Where I go in and it becomes a matter of lets enjoy the pleasure together and f*ck later. There is no “skill” involved, no “hard dick” (as you say), but simply a pleasurable and adventurous time. All this happened by following my CORE, my INSTINCTS, from telling myself to LET GO!! You focused on figuring out those things and teaching them to me, and it has been my pleasure to have you as my guide.

- Jad87

phone coaching silhouette

Until last summer I didn’t do pretty much. It was a tough start, I didn’t even dare to spin girls. But once I got a few successes with that, I could do it effortlessly. And I tried more, a lot of times. I got the first make-outs of my life. And I’m exploring further.

“Most people do not know what is possible in life (with women). What you can do, what you can feel. You’ve been a guide for me, in giving me a little peak of what’s possible and what it looks like. Take care.

- Jo, Netherlands

phone coaching silhouette

I can’t really pinpoint all the things that I’ve learned from you but the most important thing that I’ve learned is not something specific, but your attitude: that is the foundation for everything else. Just two words: SEXUAL TENSION and a third PASSION. After you, I was able to explore my ability to build up and enjoy Sexual Tension and work more with feelings and emotions (vining) while getting to know other people.

“Life changing - can’t thank you enough! All in all, thanks, Cody - you really made a difference for me.

- Julian

phone coaching silhouette

Through your material I have regained contact with a natural part of myself which I had long been repressing. A part of myself that always enjoyed interacting with women on a plane that nothing else can really touch... It is also through you that I realized the deliciously powerful sensations a woman can inspire are capable of going much deeper than I have certainly ever been and quite possibly deeper than I had ever imagined... I wanted you to know that you have made me realize the quickened pulse, the hazy atmosphere and loss of focus, and everything else that is unfamiliar isn't some obstacle that needs to be negotiated so that I can run gambits effectively, but rather is something to be embraced so that I can take myself and the woman to new experience and levels of pleasure that unfortunately are often unnoticed. It is so precious because it isn't just a means to an end, but rather a means to its own end, to itself.

“‘And for these moments we lose control, we gain it so much more…’ ....Wow.... I am in love with that line.

- Svelte

  Cody's the coach who takes the girl-getting instincts you have buried inside and digs them up to put on full display.

  He's the guy who shows you how to tap into what's already there.

  And he does it in a way that provides one "Aha!" moment and big epiphany after another.

  He doesn't so much give you success... As lead you to it.

How to Book Cody Lyans

So if you’re that Quiet Guy who’d like to become the Cool, Calibrated Guy...

  Or you've just got a tough situation with a girl you can't seem to untangle...

  You'll want to book your call with Cody Lyans pronto.

  Cody's a traveler, and a free spirit, and he isn't always available.

  If you're seeing this page up right now, that means he is... For now...

  Yet he will not be forever.

  And there's no one else out there with his same mix of insight into the female mind... Ability to get guys to unlock their own romantic instincts... And knack for untying even the tightest dating knots...

  You can book a call with Cody for just $197...

  $197 gets you a full hour of his time... Time enough to solve one major problem, or a whole host of smaller ones...

  It's even time enough to pick his brain and download a bunch of his mentalities into your own head.

  Cody's been coaching students over the phone for a long time (since 2010, in fact), and he has a long track record of happy students.

  He knows what it takes to make a guy successful.

  No matter where that guy's starting out at.

  So don't put it off further.

  Book your call now with a coach who has a proven line of success with students.

  And get HIM to help YOU be that Cool, Calibrated Guy who just cleans up with girls:

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  Let Cody show you how to understand exactly what she's thinking.

  And then let him teach you how to transform quietness into STRENGTH.

  He's already done it. And he's coached hundreds of other guys to do the same.

  Book a call with Cody, and let him cut your learning curve so you can start getting results with girls now:

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