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Tactics Tuesdays: Watch for the Doggy Dinner Bowl Look in Women

Chase Amante

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doggy dinner bowl look
Women wear a specific facial expression when they want sex now. Keep your eyes peeled for it to get some easy wins.

There's a way a woman will look at you when she's totally into you and ready to go.

She tilts her head down. Her eyes widen. Her pupils dilate. Her eyebrows rise. She'll probably smile, and when she does, it looks like a childlike grin she can't control. You transfix her: she stares at you, looking like that, smiling like that, when you're not looking, and also when you are. If you stop speaking and just stare at her yourself, she'll stare back, with those transfixed eyes, longer than she normally would. You have the entirety of her attention. Her awareness radius has shrunk to you, and you alone.

She may face her body completely toward you. She doesn't have to, but she often will.

If she breaks eye contact, when she does it'll be to look down, even if she's usually the in-control sort who doesn't break eye contact down.

The nonverbal message you get from her as she does this is "I'm ready for it. Waiting for you."

The look is not sexy in the traditional flirtatious sense. It is not a thing a woman learns how to do. It is innocent, in a way. There is no practiced sensuality in it.

It's different from normal flirtation.

Instead, the look is wholly, strictly an involuntary expression that more says "I'm eager and willing" than it does "I'm flirty or horny." Eagerness and willingness are the key emotions behind the look. She is ready for whatever you want with her. She's handing herself over to you.

This look is impossible to mistake once you've learned to look for it.

If you haven't yet, it's one of the most absolutely essential looks to watch for.

As soon as you see it, it's 'game over' (in a good way)... if you notice and take action on it.


Neal's picture

Hey Chase, I'm in a Facebook groupchat where they constantly talk about cars. Attracting women with cars, fixing cars, and even a 17 year-old girl posted she has a requirement that her bfs know how to fix cars (or at least change tires). Can you guys do an article on women and cars?

Chase Amante's picture


Some women will adopt the niche interests of men they like. Sometimes it's a favorite sports team of a father or boyfriend. Sometimes it's video games a father or boyfriend introduced them to. Sometimes it's cars.

The important thing is not actually rooting for her team or playing her favorite game or driving her favorite kind of car. Rather, it is establishing attitude similarity with her on the subject. She's just looking for clues you are similar to the sort of men she likes, and the sort of men like that [team/game/sport]. There are also many, many men who like that [team/game/sport] whom she does not like.

Don't get too distracted by superficial things. People can say they love a car or a type of animal or a politician, but just because you have that car or that type of pet or root for that politician doesn't mean you get an easy 'in' with that person.

You still must go the standard route: improve your fundamentals and deploy some game.


Ben's picture

The first DDB girl seems fake/insincere to me when real girls have had that facial expression when talking to me I've always felt that they disliked me.. any idea why?

The third DDB girl (the asian ice-cream holding one) seems distant, like she whatever is going on around her isn't interesting. 

Am I just miscalibrated on this? 


Chase Amante's picture


Yeah, well, the trick with images is they do not capture the context. When I look at that first image of the girl, I imagine her staring at me that way with prolonged eye contact, acting a little shy, helpless to keep that smile off her face. DDB. But if you imagine her flashing a quick smile at you like that, then directing her eyes away, or making that face between a couple of snide remarks, or anything along those lines, not DDB.

I tried to do the best I could in this article of painting a context for the images I chose here, but the picture a guy gets in his head looking at any one-off image of a woman will partly come from his own experiences. If you've gotten that specific look in a different context often enough, or women that look like that specific kind of girl tend to give you non-DDB looks like that more often, your immediate gut reaction will be to imagine the image in that context and not see it as DDB.

With the third image (Asian girl) I think I can see what you mean... if I look at it a certain way, she almost has this dream-like, faraway quality to her. But then I look at it the way I looked at it, and she has this "I can't control smiling at you this way!" grin on her face, with her eyes focused right ahead, and it's DDB.

Any time you're posting static images and asking people to imagine the intentions behind the expression, it's a big of a Magic Eye game. Different people are going to see different things when they look.

That said... you should aim to err more on the side of "it's DDB" than "it isn't DDB." False positives aren't going to hurt you nearly as much as false negatives with this sort of thing :)


Axe Rogue's picture

Great article, liking the analysis. Reminds me of the "steak look" I got from a girl once while walking on campus.


She stared at me with dilated pupils, mouth slightly ajar, and full eye contact. I likened it to the way you would look at a nice, juicy steak. Or maybe she just wanted to eat my face, hahah.


At the time, I could tell she was into me. I also ecall how her reaction was involuntary, i.e. not her conciously trying to entice me with a look.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, that's it! Any kind of desirous, involuntarily look... like she is looking at a scrumptious piece of food.

When you see an expression with that quality, you're in a good place with her.


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

1. How do you build value to a girl before a date? especially a cheap date to get them to come out and pay? What makes things difficult is that with cheap dates like coffee, pizza, etc. You are on line and I'm sure she'll look at you to pay. Can't really get my thoughts right on how I can get away without paying and how can I feel comfortable.

2. so this is a response to your reply to my comment about me having sex with many girls at work.

I actually moved very fast with them and sleep with these girls from work, sometimes same day. there wasn't any build up at all really, and it was quick.

does that change anything with my game? I remember you were saying that my style of game was more slow because of work, but to me things happened pretty quick and would have happened quicker if I noticed, these girls were straight forward and ready.

3. I saw that you wrote that there are healthy psychological reasons on why it's good for a guy to want to have a high notch count. I would like to know what they are because as I get older I feel guilty about wanting to Increase my numbers to the 100s.

4. Another reply to another comment from you about thinking phone game could be a reason why I'm losing girls. 

I actually just started using the phone, before I would text to set up the date and them text to confirm, no deep diving or anything. then I tried phone calls, girls are open with me on them.

so the problem is with texting and calling.

I'm thinking I'm not making them comfortable enough or something, what can I do to make girls want to see me and make it a priority after the pick up?

I know you'll say to have a better approach, but the approaches and number grab go good for me. I get compliance, touch, ask for the date, get a yes, then get the number.

the biggest problem is the time in between that and the date, it's like they're two different people. 

so what should be done before the date?

how do I get women sold on me fast? 

5. What would be your method of pulling from apps if you get a lot of matches? I'm running into the same problem again with chicks, can get my foot in the door, but dates are hard. 

The girls usually don't respond after my opener or they stop replying after their reply from the opener.

Tried deep diving, nothing works consistently, and I know you don't use apps, but wanted you take on it. Like an online template or something.

6. This question will be broken up because its different questions about the same topic.

A. Getting a job to get to 100 lays. I don't know if I read this wrong, but you said I wouldn't get to 100 lays without doing one of those 7 tips to get laid quick. Did you really mean that in general? or just to get laid quick? because I'm confused if you're saying that getting laid the old fashion way is not gonna work for me at all to get to 100 lays.

I hope I can still get to my high lay count the natural way and still use these notch raising methods.

My thing is I want to solve my pick up problem now before I commit to any notch cheat code.

I want to be able to fix my sticking points first then use the cheat codes to make it even easier.

so I hope I can still get to my goal one way or another.

B. Would getting laid by a lot of girls being a Lifeguard, working at a hostel or hotel, or working at a bar or club, work for an older dude? wouldn't girls look at him like he's low status because it isn't a career job? would girls really chase a guy like that?

C. Is it even possible to do any of that with a career? seems very time consuming.

Thanks Chase




Chase Amante's picture


1. Make a good first impression. If you fail at that, have a good phone call with her.

2. I don't remember the context there or what we were discussing, apologies.

3. "I want to explore, have a good time, and enjoy bringing pleasure to wonderful women." That's pretty healthy.

4. Make sure you are following proper texting procedure, and if that still doesn't work, try using phone calls. If that still doesn't work, your initial approaches may not be going as well as you think they're going.

5. There are much better folks to ask about this than me. However, here's my strategy for when I (on rare occasions) use apps.

6. A. Yes, you read that right. You've been talking about getting into action for the better part of a decade now. Unless you use something from that notch count guide, I cannot imagine a universe in which that happens otherwise. B. Yes. C. It will probably have to be your career, unless you choose one of the non-job options (like 'get a motorcycle'). Even then, of course it is going to be time-consuming... you are talking about sleeping with 100 women. Which means having substantial interactions with at least 2,000-3,000 women. Which means total interactions with probably 4,000-6,000 women. At least. Until you reach the point where your game is razor sharp and you have a way to funnel women directly toward you. If you were a natural, those numbers could be far lower. But you're not, you have a long ways to go, and you will need to talk to enough women to refine things and get there. There is no way to achieve anything you are far from without putting in the time and effort to do it.


SZ's picture

Had a couple questions Chase,

I know you said apps were bad to meet chicks, but I get so many matches that I want to add this as a supplement. I figure might as well get good at this to have another avenue for myself.

1. Is it ever ok to text and ask when a chick is free to talk instead of calling out the blue? I ask because a girl I called and she said she was doing something. I just don't like calling at bad times.

plus this phone call was gonna be longer than the normal recommended time because I met this girl online and she lives like an hour away. The talk was gonna be a little long, so I felt if she told me she was free to talk it would be easier than just calling and having to call again another time, and who knows what if she's busy again?

I wanted to build comfort to get her to come to me.

I don't want a relationship, but if I can get a girl to come through here and there, that would be nice.

is it on to ask a girl over text when she would be free go talk ?

if so, what would be the best way to ask to get her to want to talk?

Idk I felt like this chick didn't wanna talk on the phone for some reason, but if you live far why not?

The way I set it up, I asked when she is free and I'll call her, I'm guessing this sounds too planned, but I felt it was OK because if she tells me when she's free I can just call one of those days.

or maybe it's better to ask her what she's doing at that moment instead and if she says she's free then ask if she can talk?

I'd really like to know how to make this work instead of just calling out the blue.

especially when this girl and I don't know how we sound or really act off text. at least with real life pick up she and you know how you sound and etc. so calling feels more normal.

but if you never met the chick and she lives far, and you want to spend a little more time on the phone building some rapport, I feel a text asking when she's free would work, only thing I hate is I don't want to keep texting to find out in case she isn't free to talk, or maybe if she says she's doing something I could not even mention it hmmmmm....

let me know your thoughts and advice please.


2. So the same chick said sorry she was busy through text, so I just texted her to give me a call or text when she can. no reply, she ain't text or nothing, should I just be done with it since this chick lives kinda far? if not how should I contact her again or any girl that doesn't even respond when you ask them to call or text you when free?

3. What would be the best way to get a girl who's an hour or more away drive to come to you? What would that game be? thing is with this app, the good looking chicks all live far and no where near me. I want them to come out to me if I can do it. So if there is a way or method that you would do, I'd like to know your thoughts on what I could do to make her want to drive and see me? I'm thinking phone game, but do you deep dive on the phone like a date and have her come straight over? 

4. are there ever girls that just want to text instead of talk? I'm guessing they want you to get to know them through text? so far girls have been avoiding phone calls.

I asked girls out on apps and ask for the number and they stop talking to me or they give the number and do not pick up, so what to do in that situation? Do they just want to text or something? what would be the best way to deep dive over text if that's the option?

Thanks Chase!!

Chase Amante's picture


I've never heard of anyone doing that effectively: "When are you free? Let's plan a time for a phone call!" Makes the call sound like a super big deal. Both parties will be nervous about it. A call should be a fun, light, spontaneous event, not some planned ordeal.

If she doesn't answer, that's fine. Leave her a great, strong, sexy, fun voicemail for her to listen to.

The chick in question dodged your call, said she was busy, then ghosted you over text. If you're taking it at face value that she was 'busy' and you should've 'scheduled a time', you are getting entirely the wrong message from her. The right message is "I'm not interested, so no matter what way you try to reach out to me, I will ignore you or consider it an inconvenience."

2. -- yes, or try this.

3. -- make a very strong first impression, have a couple of strong phone calls, then invite her. If you did your job right, and she is interested, she will come. If you didn't do a good job and/or she isn't interested, she won't enough.

4. -- phone calls are an inconvenience, but the more she likes you the more she will feel excited you are calling or she will feel like she has to talk because "OMG, it's SZ! He is so cute!" At which point, either she will talk, or she won't because she's too nervous, but she'll feel bad and feel like she did something wrong (by ignoring you). That said, if you can get her out with texts, get her out with texts. It's easier/faster/simpler. Phone calls are mostly for women you screwed up the initial approach with, screwed up something else after the approach with, have waited too long to set a date up with and now they've forgotten you, or you have some other reason to need to rebuild trust and interest, or else address some difficult issue text is taking too long to address.


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