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1. Make a good first impression. If you fail at that, have a good phone call with her.

2. I don't remember the context there or what we were discussing, apologies.

3. "I want to explore, have a good time, and enjoy bringing pleasure to wonderful women." That's pretty healthy.

4. Make sure you are following proper texting procedure, and if that still doesn't work, try using phone calls. If that still doesn't work, your initial approaches may not be going as well as you think they're going.

5. There are much better folks to ask about this than me. However, here's my strategy for when I (on rare occasions) use apps.

6. A. Yes, you read that right. You've been talking about getting into action for the better part of a decade now. Unless you use something from that notch count guide, I cannot imagine a universe in which that happens otherwise. B. Yes. C. It will probably have to be your career, unless you choose one of the non-job options (like 'get a motorcycle'). Even then, of course it is going to be time-consuming... you are talking about sleeping with 100 women. Which means having substantial interactions with at least 2,000-3,000 women. Which means total interactions with probably 4,000-6,000 women. At least. Until you reach the point where your game is razor sharp and you have a way to funnel women directly toward you. If you were a natural, those numbers could be far lower. But you're not, you have a long ways to go, and you will need to talk to enough women to refine things and get there. There is no way to achieve anything you are far from without putting in the time and effort to do it.