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Had a couple questions Chase,

I know you said apps were bad to meet chicks, but I get so many matches that I want to add this as a supplement. I figure might as well get good at this to have another avenue for myself.

1. Is it ever ok to text and ask when a chick is free to talk instead of calling out the blue? I ask because a girl I called and she said she was doing something. I just don't like calling at bad times.

plus this phone call was gonna be longer than the normal recommended time because I met this girl online and she lives like an hour away. The talk was gonna be a little long, so I felt if she told me she was free to talk it would be easier than just calling and having to call again another time, and who knows what if she's busy again?

I wanted to build comfort to get her to come to me.

I don't want a relationship, but if I can get a girl to come through here and there, that would be nice.

is it on to ask a girl over text when she would be free go talk ?

if so, what would be the best way to ask to get her to want to talk?

Idk I felt like this chick didn't wanna talk on the phone for some reason, but if you live far why not?

The way I set it up, I asked when she is free and I'll call her, I'm guessing this sounds too planned, but I felt it was OK because if she tells me when she's free I can just call one of those days.

or maybe it's better to ask her what she's doing at that moment instead and if she says she's free then ask if she can talk?

I'd really like to know how to make this work instead of just calling out the blue.

especially when this girl and I don't know how we sound or really act off text. at least with real life pick up she and you know how you sound and etc. so calling feels more normal.

but if you never met the chick and she lives far, and you want to spend a little more time on the phone building some rapport, I feel a text asking when she's free would work, only thing I hate is I don't want to keep texting to find out in case she isn't free to talk, or maybe if she says she's doing something I could not even mention it hmmmmm....

let me know your thoughts and advice please.


2. So the same chick said sorry she was busy through text, so I just texted her to give me a call or text when she can. no reply, she ain't text or nothing, should I just be done with it since this chick lives kinda far? if not how should I contact her again or any girl that doesn't even respond when you ask them to call or text you when free?

3. What would be the best way to get a girl who's an hour or more away drive to come to you? What would that game be? thing is with this app, the good looking chicks all live far and no where near me. I want them to come out to me if I can do it. So if there is a way or method that you would do, I'd like to know your thoughts on what I could do to make her want to drive and see me? I'm thinking phone game, but do you deep dive on the phone like a date and have her come straight over? 

4. are there ever girls that just want to text instead of talk? I'm guessing they want you to get to know them through text? so far girls have been avoiding phone calls.

I asked girls out on apps and ask for the number and they stop talking to me or they give the number and do not pick up, so what to do in that situation? Do they just want to text or something? what would be the best way to deep dive over text if that's the option?

Thanks Chase!!