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Yeah, well, the trick with images is they do not capture the context. When I look at that first image of the girl, I imagine her staring at me that way with prolonged eye contact, acting a little shy, helpless to keep that smile off her face. DDB. But if you imagine her flashing a quick smile at you like that, then directing her eyes away, or making that face between a couple of snide remarks, or anything along those lines, not DDB.

I tried to do the best I could in this article of painting a context for the images I chose here, but the picture a guy gets in his head looking at any one-off image of a woman will partly come from his own experiences. If you've gotten that specific look in a different context often enough, or women that look like that specific kind of girl tend to give you non-DDB looks like that more often, your immediate gut reaction will be to imagine the image in that context and not see it as DDB.

With the third image (Asian girl) I think I can see what you mean... if I look at it a certain way, she almost has this dream-like, faraway quality to her. But then I look at it the way I looked at it, and she has this "I can't control smiling at you this way!" grin on her face, with her eyes focused right ahead, and it's DDB.

Any time you're posting static images and asking people to imagine the intentions behind the expression, it's a big of a Magic Eye game. Different people are going to see different things when they look.

That said... you should aim to err more on the side of "it's DDB" than "it isn't DDB." False positives aren't going to hurt you nearly as much as false negatives with this sort of thing :)