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Hey Chase,

1. How do you build value to a girl before a date? especially a cheap date to get them to come out and pay? What makes things difficult is that with cheap dates like coffee, pizza, etc. You are on line and I'm sure she'll look at you to pay. Can't really get my thoughts right on how I can get away without paying and how can I feel comfortable.

2. so this is a response to your reply to my comment about me having sex with many girls at work.

I actually moved very fast with them and sleep with these girls from work, sometimes same day. there wasn't any build up at all really, and it was quick.

does that change anything with my game? I remember you were saying that my style of game was more slow because of work, but to me things happened pretty quick and would have happened quicker if I noticed, these girls were straight forward and ready.

3. I saw that you wrote that there are healthy psychological reasons on why it's good for a guy to want to have a high notch count. I would like to know what they are because as I get older I feel guilty about wanting to Increase my numbers to the 100s.

4. Another reply to another comment from you about thinking phone game could be a reason why I'm losing girls. 

I actually just started using the phone, before I would text to set up the date and them text to confirm, no deep diving or anything. then I tried phone calls, girls are open with me on them.

so the problem is with texting and calling.

I'm thinking I'm not making them comfortable enough or something, what can I do to make girls want to see me and make it a priority after the pick up?

I know you'll say to have a better approach, but the approaches and number grab go good for me. I get compliance, touch, ask for the date, get a yes, then get the number.

the biggest problem is the time in between that and the date, it's like they're two different people. 

so what should be done before the date?

how do I get women sold on me fast? 

5. What would be your method of pulling from apps if you get a lot of matches? I'm running into the same problem again with chicks, can get my foot in the door, but dates are hard. 

The girls usually don't respond after my opener or they stop replying after their reply from the opener.

Tried deep diving, nothing works consistently, and I know you don't use apps, but wanted you take on it. Like an online template or something.

6. This question will be broken up because its different questions about the same topic.

A. Getting a job to get to 100 lays. I don't know if I read this wrong, but you said I wouldn't get to 100 lays without doing one of those 7 tips to get laid quick. Did you really mean that in general? or just to get laid quick? because I'm confused if you're saying that getting laid the old fashion way is not gonna work for me at all to get to 100 lays.

I hope I can still get to my high lay count the natural way and still use these notch raising methods.

My thing is I want to solve my pick up problem now before I commit to any notch cheat code.

I want to be able to fix my sticking points first then use the cheat codes to make it even easier.

so I hope I can still get to my goal one way or another.

B. Would getting laid by a lot of girls being a Lifeguard, working at a hostel or hotel, or working at a bar or club, work for an older dude? wouldn't girls look at him like he's low status because it isn't a career job? would girls really chase a guy like that?

C. Is it even possible to do any of that with a career? seems very time consuming.

Thanks Chase