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Learning Seduction: 7 Words of Wisdom for the Slow Mechanical Learner

Chase Amante

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Varoon Rajah's picture

By: Varoon Rajah


learn pickup seduction
Do you feel like learning seduction is taking too long and failure comes too often? You might be a mechanical learner like me. If so, here’s what you should know.

The learning curve with women, pickup, and seduction isn’t smooth for every guy.

Some start learning, have a few wins, then quit forever once they’ve found a good (or good enough) girl. Others start early in life and get good quickly with concentrated effort. Others start later and also get good fast.

Still others are naturals who have some experience when they begin learning game methods. There are even those who are so fascinated with game that they dissect it thoroughly, immerse themselves, and even surpass their woman goals!

This article is geared for the mechanical learner that Chase talks about in his article on the Three Sorts of Lady Killers. The mechanical learner is defined as a slow but deliberate learner. He’s the guy who puts forth a constant effort and succeeds when he doesn’t quit, facing mountains of failures, rejections, and setbacks to his methods before he finally figures it out, moving on to his next sticking point.

You might see this person make 1,000 approaches and only succeed with 1, yet he’ll keep going. Maybe three years later, you’ll see him as a master in his approaches, but now he’s stuck at the texting phase, and trying to get girls out on dates. A few years later, he’ll have mastered that, and now he repeatedly fails at escalation and last-minute resistance (LMR) at home.

The mechanic is quite rare, but that doesn't mean his methodology is inferior. He continually makes mistakes at the beginning of learning any skill, and by sheer practice and willpower, working through failures, he perfects his style. He uses his previous failures as models for facilitating success in the new model.

Many will not relate to this article. I want to be clear that in no way is this system any kind of limiting belief. It’s simply a different process of learning. If you’re this type of person, you will quickly realize as you’re reading the archetypes that this is you. And if you’re not this person, it’s unlikely you’ll relate.


Witcher's picture

Interesting article Varoon. I have always seen SexTalk as a night club technique so I would love to know how can you make it effective on dates without having it backfire.

Varoon Rajah's picture

I use Sex Talk only on dates, and there's a whole build up process to it - you have to set the right frames and if she's resistant, handle that way before the actual sex talk. So I talk about slut shaming, girls getting judged for wanting sex, how wanting sex is natural, how men and women are seen unfairly in sex, how women are treated unfairly for wanting sex - frames like this.

I like to do either the 8 Kinds of Orgasms routine or the Orgasm Control routines by Alek Rolstad, you can find those articles here.

If she responds well to sex talk, I will reward her with touch.

Let me know if you'd like me to clarify or expound on any of these.


Witcher's picture

Thanks, Varoon and Yeah I would love some clarification on some parts since this si something I'm heavily trying to incorporate into my dates.

First is when do you start to set the frames, middle beginning, after some deep diving? How do you segue to these frames?

Second, what do you do after the Sex-Talk routine? do you come back to an earlier subject first or do you invite her home directly/End The Date?

Keep up the good content

1984's picture

You get 80% of your numbers out on dates now? That's amazing! Where can I find/hire your texting coach?

I mean even with your initial 20%, I'm envious already. I'm only have a pathetic 6% of my numbers meeting me up for dates, and I'm doing daygame direct.

Sorry if this seems off topic, but this segment of the article caught my eye the most. =)

Varoon Rajah's picture

Yes, it was a process to learn the systems for sure, but now with a good approach AND good vibe, it's virtually guaranteed I will not mess up the texting process and get her out on a date.

I'm happy to offer Private Consultations and Coaching, if this is something you're interested in, let me know.

Are you qualifying girls on your approaches, before you ask her number? That's usually a good fix that nets better texting results and girls actually meeting up on dates.


1984's picture

Hmmm, I don't qualifying them much I think, because I frequently do street approaches and the interaction last 1-2 mins, maybe 3-4 if I am lucky. Yeah, I don't think I qualify much nowadays.

That's certainly something I can work on, provided I can squeeze it in 1-2 mins of conversation.

I'm interested, how do I contact you? I tried using the forum to dm you but seems like the option is not available to me.

Varoon Rajah's picture

Email me at varoon.rajah@gmail.com. This is temporary as an email, I'll direct you to my real one.


1984's picture

Got it. I have emailed you.

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