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Articles by Author: Chase Amante

Girls Flirt When It Feels Safe to Flirt

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girls flirt when safeWhy do girls flirt in some places but not others? Why will they flirt with some men but not others? It has as much to do with safety as it does attraction.

How do you get a girl to flirt with you?

For starters, make it feel safe for her to.

There are various ways women may feel like flirting with you is safe – ranging from because they believe there’s nothing that “can happen” to because they believe that anything that could happen would be positive.

Let’s take a quick look at what this means – how and why girls judge it “safe to flirt” – and how to use this to create meaningful flirtations that lead your seductions forward toward consummation.

Seduction According to the Tao of Steve, Pt. 3: Be Gone

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Tao of Steve: Be GoneTo get a girl to chase you, you can’t chase her. Instead you have to be, well… gone. Here’s how to be gone, in line with the ever-cool Tao of Steve.

All right. It’s been some months coming, but here we are: the third and final installment in my Tao of Steve game analysis: be gone.

If you’re just tuning in, be sure to read Parts 1 and 2 here (without reading them, you’ll still get value from this post, but it’s not going to be the same without Desireless and Excellent in your pocket):

  1. Seduction According to the Tao of Steve, Pt. 1: Be Desireless

  1. Seduction According to the Tao of Steve, Pt. 2: Be Excellent

I reached out to Duncan North (the seducer whose game we are breaking down) to see if I could interview him for this third installment. He had a seduction blog he ran some years back, but abandoned a decade ago, so I didn’t expect he’d likely still be reachable but, still, worth trying… however it seems, in typical Steve fashion, he truly is gone.

Since there’s not much info on North’s actual tactics or strategy for the ‘gone’ part of the ToS triumvirate, I shall fill in the blanks myself.

Fortunately, “being gone” has long been a specialty of mine. There are few seducers better equipped to talk about the art of seducing through absence – which is part of what made me want to write this series in the first place.

So let’s have a look at seducing her… via not even being there (sometimes).

Tactics Tuesdays: Disarming "Critical Busybody" Cockblocks

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busybody cockblockIf you’re talking to a girl when someone interjects with poor opinions on your flirtation, that’s a busybody cockblock – and you have to get rid of him.

Everybody’s a critic, amirite?

Over on the forum, a member reported an issue where he was flirting with a girl who was “way into him” when suddenly a person near to both of them interjected to announce that our member was “too old” to be flirting with the girl he was flirting with.

The forum member wasn’t sure what to do. His first idea was

Essentially, take ownership by saying I am flirting, and joking about being old and creepy like Craig Ferguson, or something?

No. No you definitely do not want to do that.

Craig Ferguson is definitely good at being chasey and creepy with women. But if you are painting yourself as “just a chasey, creepy guy, just like Craig Ferguson!” all that is doing is yielding the frame to the cockblock, empowering him to cockblock further, all while making yourself feel creepy, and creeping out the girl.

The last thing you want to do when someone tries to cockblock you is agree with the frame of your cockblocker and give that person encouragement to continue.

Instead, you need to take the frame away from this person – and obliterate his frame so hard he never tries to interfere with your seductions again.

12 Easy Ways to Close Proximity with a Girl You Like

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close proximity with a girl you likeCAPTION

On my article about teasing a move you’ll make on a girl before you actually make it, Proximus asked

Hey Chase,

Could you write an article on escalating proximity with a girl in all kinds of situations with examples etc?

Sure, I can do that.

Closing proximity with a girl is when you get yourself and a girl physically closer. This is more or less mandatory to your courtships because it lets you touch women more naturally. Since touch is vital to romance, you want as much proximity as you can get – while making it as natural (and non-overbearing) as can be.

(by the way, in case you DON’T think proximity with girls is important, here’s a study finding close proximity makes someone seem more interested and dominant, both of which are attractive to women in a courtship; here’s a study reporting when men got closer to women, women rated them more positively; here’s a study finding as opposite sex pairs get closer, attraction increases; and here’s a study that finds people with close proximity feel more tightly involved with each other. And that’s just for starters)

All that said, let’s jump into our 12 ways to get into close proximity with a girl you like!

Pussy-Centric Escalation

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pussy-centric escalationWhen you escalate on a girl, it’s easy to focus on the wrong thing. What’s the right thing to focus on? The pussy. Focus on the pussy.

I was recently advising on a scenario where a guy ran into some tough last-minute resistance (LMR). He’d done everything right to get a girl into bed, and she seemed clearly into him, but he could not crack her resistance. She kept denying him sex and shutting down his escalation attempts.

It’s frustrating when this happens. Once you’re getting LMR, if it’s strong, it can be hard to beat.

So, let me tell you about a part of my approach to escalation to sex with women. It’s a vein that runs through all the content I’ve produced on sexual escalation, but I haven’t spelled it out exactly like this before.

I call it “pussy-centric escalation.”

Heroes, Seduction, and Damsels in Distress

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hero seducerTo seduce a woman takes more than to say the right words. A man must rescue a woman from the ordinary, and provide something she can’t find elsewhere.

I’m reading the Edgar Rice Burroughs novels, pulp fiction from the turn of the 20th Century, right now. They are a blast to read. I haven’t read as much fiction the past several decades (used to read a lot in junior high and high school), and it’s fun to get into these books.

I completed the first three Princess of Mars books. If you’re not familiar with that series, it’s the one that inspired Star Wars (via Flash Gordon), Avatar, and Superman (and in that way all subsequent superheroes), among many others. John Carter from Burroughs’s Princess of Mars books is essentially the first superhero – a visitor to another world who can leap incredible distances there, has super strength, and can move with incredible speed – the same powers the creators of Superman gave him when he first appeared 21 years later (enhancing his powers much more later on).

Anyway, they’re all great books, fast-paced, and page turners.

And they all feature a ridiculously masculine, overpowered hero who repeatedly rescues an incomparably beautiful damsel in distress, who many other men wish to marry, but who loves only the hero. In the stories, the hero very quickly asks for the damsel’s hand in marriage; of course she has other suitors who’ve been pursuing her all the while too.

It almost seems quaint, the idea of meeting a woman, rescuing her, winning her that way, then immediately asking her for marriage. How different from the life of the modern dater – or even more so, the seducer!

But is it? I wondered!

Should You Tell Girls Stories You Made Up?

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tell tall talesTell true stories or tell tall tales – which one should you choose? We talk about crafting fictional stories vs. sharing authentic ones with women you like.

On an article where I talked about having to write a report where I talked about what I learned reading a book by a Zulu witchdoctor for a high school essay, a reader asked if I was just making things up and says he used to do the same, thinking he had to “be like Chase, making things up” but it didn’t work with girls so he stopped:

Chase, I swear you're making up your backstories. you always have GC stories that go like this "When I was in high school, I had an assignment to write an essay about a foreign culture." Honestly, I really don't care. But I'd like to know if you "exaggerate" stories about your past like this when you talk to women? when I was a newb and reading GC, learning about storytelling here I made the mistake of thinking I had to make up stories like you. It never worked, now I just don't do it.

Every time I read a comment like this, I realize just how far apart some of the readers and I are (not saying you, fellow who is reading this right now… but, some are). It’s like we are in two different worlds, speaking mutually unintelligible languages, and the experience of life itself is for the both of us just diametrically different.

First off, the logic of our commenter here is… well I don’t think I could call this logic:

  1. Our reader assumes (presumably because he cannot relate to what I’m saying) that I must be making stuff up or exaggerating.

  1. He then assumes he should ALSO make stuff up or exaggerate (even though everything I can ever recall having written about stories states that your stories should be true! And I do not say to exaggerate!).

  1. It doesn’t work out when he makes stuff up and exaggerates, so he quits it.

  1. Then he wonders why if making stuff up and exaggerating doesn’t work Chase would be out there making stuff up or exaggerating.

So he ignores what I tell people to do, draws separate conclusions totally on his own, tests out his self-drawn conclusions, they fail, then he concludes I must be doing something wrong. Because when he ignored me and did his own thing it didn’t work.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me want to quit self-help altogether sometimes.

Second off… well I guess I should be flattered my stories strike people as incredible. It’s like being a character in one of those stories where the protagonist thinks the guy is telling a bunch of tall tales, only to find out it’s actually all true, and actually even wilder than the protagonist suspects due to all the other stuff he DOESN’T know.

(maybe I should start prefacing my stories the way early 20th Century sci-fi and weird tales fiction used to be prefaced… “This may strike you as rather unbelievable, and indeed, had it happened to anyone other than myself, I, too, would have dismissed it out-of-hand… but for the reader willing to entertain remarkable suggestions of blah blah blah”)

So… I could address the “how to properly learn” element of this. The core message would be: “Until you know what you are doing, don’t draw your own conclusions from the air then go test those out while mentally ascribing them to some instructor who never told you to do anything remotely like that. Instead just do what the guy says. Then once you are getting results, if you want to try wacky creative things, go try wacky creative things.”

But I feel like I’ve already done that article… oh about a half dozen times already.

On the other hand, there’s an interesting question in here (aside from the one about my credibility): should you ever make up stories to tell women, and if so, when and why?

May 26-28: Study DIRECT w/ 3 Seduction LEGENDS

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girls chase universityI’ve assembled three legendary seducers to transform your inner, night, and day game skills and mindsets. Don’t miss this utterly unique 3-day event.

One of the first things I did when I discovered the pickup community all the way back then was to IMMEDIATELY sign up for coaching with the pros.

I knew then what I know now: there is simply no FASTER way to accelerate your learning curve plus stamp out all the little hobbling mistakes guys make learning on their own than to study under a MASTER of the craft.

Sadly, while seduction had its time in the sun, it’s moved back underground again… and the opportunities for men to study directly with highly skilled seduction “gurus” has faded.

What do you do if YOU are a man who wants to “buck the trend”?

What can you do if you aren’t content to live a life of slow progress and frustration with women – what if you want DYNAMITE skills with women, and you want to learn from the BEST?

Well, if you are such a man, I’ve put together THE weekend extravaganza for you:

Over the course of three days – Friday May 26th, Saturday May 27th, and Sunday May 28th – you’ll be learning directly from three absolute seduction legends:

  • Inner game guru Tony Depp

  • Night game dazzler Alek Rolstad

  • And day game seduction marvel Hector Castillo

This is the one event this year – this decade, perhaps, even – that you just do not want to miss.

Find out more & book your seat at “Girls Chase University” HERE.

Attraction Models: Can You Combine VAC + SAC?

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VAC vs. SAC attraction models in seductionVAC and SAC are both powerful attraction models. Once you’re familiar with both, however, can you mix and match them for attracting girls – and if so, how?

A little while ago Alek Rolstad asked me to write on combining the VAC and SAC attraction models.

This article won’t be as useful to you if you’re not already familiar with both. However, I will give you summaries of each as refreshers, or if you’re new to them and want to try to follow along.

VAC and SAC are each powerful “attraction models” used to understand where in a courtship or seduction you stand with a woman, and what you must focus on with her next/most. Either model can be used with any method or system of seduction; because each is a model used for understanding and building attraction, they “bolt onto” whatever your seductive approach may be:

  • Do you have a series of routines and gambits you use with the women you approach? Use an attraction model to gauge which gambit is going to work best to move things forward with her next. Or use it to diagnose why something that seems like it should work might not be working.

  • Are you a free-flowing natural-game type whose routines are more habits than specific spiels? Use an attraction model to determine which way the “flow” of your seduction should go, or put a finger on why you’re encountering resistance (plus what to do to overcome it).

Attraction models essentially serve as guides and troubleshooters to allow you to create smoother seductions and resolve issues that appear within your seductions.

But if you’re familiar with both VAC and SAC, can you “bolt on” both? Should you just choose one? Do they conflict? How do these different attraction models intersect?

Secrets to Getting Girls: Do What Feels Fun

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do what feels funInexperienced daters often give girls experiences that are hesitant, formulaic, & paint-by-the-numbers. In other words, not fun. But what IF they had FUN?

Here is a little secret with big effects:

Sitting with a girl trying to decide what to do next? Do what feels fun.

Talking with a girl in a park and wondering what comes next? Do something that feels fun.

On a date with a girl in a café and trying to plan the next step? Do what feels fun.

In my next article we’re going to talk about attraction models. Models are really important. The right gambits and tactics are important. But you also need to give yourself room to enjoy being with a girl.

To do that, you need to have fun.