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Articles by Author: Chase Amante

12 Mindsets of Highly Skilled Seducers

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mindsets of highly skilled seducersSkilled seducers don’t just do things different from most men. They even THINK different. Think like a skilled seducer, and success with women comes easier.

I haven’t done a good ‘roundup’ article in a while.

Rather than write something totally different and original, I figured I’d do a refresher piece. As valuable as new concepts and perspectives are, it’s also worthwhile to review important past ground too.

Below, I’ve listed out 12 of the most important mindsets highly skilled seducers operate under. These mindsets differentiate the man highly skilled with women from ordinary men. They are a result of heaps of experience and success with girls – but they are also obtainable through a focus on obtaining these mindsets as you approach, date, and seduce women, too.

As you go through this list of seducer mentalities, take a look at how closely you hew to each – and for those you don’t, examine how you normally think instead.

Tactics Tuesdays: How to Respond to a Compliment

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how to respond to a complimentCAPTION

As you move about your social life, you are bound to receive compliments. Compliments can be a funny thing: while they are nice to receive, we don’t always know how to receive them. Should we compliment back? Self-deprecate? Accept the compliment with a ‘thanks’?

Part of the confusion revolving around how to respond to a compliment is this: not all compliments are the same.

To respond appropriately to a compliment, first, we need to figure out what kind of compliment it is.

How Does 'Time to Bed' Affect Female Devotion?

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time to bed and women's devotionIf you bed a girl fast, will she be more devoted to you down the road? Or… should you give her a lengthier seduction with a juicy emotional buildup?

Commenting on my article “How to Let a Girl Go”, reader Walter said

These women are just settling for you if you keep being persistent. Have you ever seen those guys posting pics with their new girlfriends or even future wives on social media capturing it like "After 5 years of investing and being persistent she finally said YES"? Little do they know those women will never be into them even when married.

Responding to my response to Walter, in which I commented that Walter’s perspective is not necessarily going to be true, Hak said

Feel like this is great topic for article. I also feel that if you stay persistent to success for a LTR there could be lingering resentment from the other person that you were not their preferred choice. We ideally want to be someone’s preferred choice. Or is that too idealistic for LTR purposes?

I understand your point that if the relationship is good then all those previous thoughts and dynamics get wiped out and start anew.

The first thing to say about how the length of time or amount of persistence it takes you to bed a girl affects things down the line is that it’s never quite as simple as you’d think it might be. Maybe you think because you persisted for her so long, she’ll view it as an amazing event that the two of you ended up together… or you might think that because the two of you got together so fast she’ll feel like it must have been fate.

But the whole truth is that time to bed is just one of the factors that determines how women feel about you long-term, the esteem they hold you in, and how ‘fated’ they think the relationship was… or was not.

Who's to Blame for Girls Acting Loose and Slutty?

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why are women slutsGirls act loose and slutty in today’s modern world. Who’s to blame for that though? Is it society? The media? Playboy men? Women themselves?

Commenting on my article “Can You Turn a Ho Into a Housewife?”, our reader Ben (who has multiple times accused me of being a corruptor of fair and innocent maids) claims:

You’ve flip flopped again

We had a debate on the morality of sleeping with women you don't intend to wife up, especially more innocent women.

There you claimed girls' pasts don't have any serious impact, and that I was misconstruing your earlier articles.

You are participating in ho-ing women up, and so destroying their futures and society

First, I’ll say it’s obvious Ben only reads what he wants to read into my words (and probably anybody else’s). I’m the guy who’s been telling you since he started this site to check women’s pasts if you want serious relationships with them and that women’s pasts matter. I don’t remember exactly what conversation Ben refers to (I answer a lot of comments), but whatever I said, it certainly would not be that “women’s pasts don’t have any major impact on anything.”

But I’m not here to rehash old arguments. If you’re concerned whether seduction is a nefarious dark art, read these:

Also this one:

Obviously, Ben’s position would be that women lack agency; that a seducer like me uses his black magic to corrupt the hearts of shy, pure maidens, who sit around innocently, sort of like cows or living room furniture, waiting to be claimed by a good man – that is, unless a bad man like me gets his dirty mitts on them, transforming them from good, moral, and pure to filthy, soulless sluts who aren’t good for anything.

I have addressed all these criticisms in the earlier articles. But to sum up: women have agency; women are a lot filthier than men are; even the purest of pure girls is way dirtier than all but the most depraved of scoundrels; and if a woman wants to have a lot of sloppy sex, she is going to have it whether there are seducers around or not. If there are no men who will seduce her, then she will become the seductress and take care of business herself.

However, as social consciousness continues to rise worldwide, after more than a century of strident individualism, I think it’s worth address things at the society level. Namely, who is to blame for loose, slutty women?

Tactics Tuesdays: Comfort Zone Expansion

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comfort zone expansionHow can a man get comfortable enough with women and dating to be relaxed and natural with them? Only through expanding his comfort zone to include them.

For today’s tactical article, I want to give you a tactic to use in service of an important strategy: making yourself as comfortable as possible with women and dating as you can get.

Most of the time when folks talk about the comfort zone, they talk about breaking out of it. When you are in the process of testing the limits on your comfort zone and going beyond them, this is indeed what you are doing – getting out of your comfort zone.

However, the ultimate effect of breaking out of your comfort zone is to EXPAND your comfort zone, spreading it into new territory. No man ever stops having areas in life he is unfamiliar and uncomfortable with. Yet it is possible to expand his comfort zone so far, in so many places, that he only occasionally and deliberately ends up in scenarios he’s unfamiliar or uncomfortable with. In essence, his comfort zone becomes almost everywhere.

The only way to expand your comfort zone is by treading ground you were previously hesitant to tread. To do that, you need to break out of your comfort zone.

We’ll use a tactic for that today we can dub ‘comfort zone expansion’.

How to Stay Motivated Despite Dating Setbacks

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how to stay motivated despite dating setbacksDating is tough, especially as a beginner. Yet it is possible to remain motivated in dating despite the setbacks – IF you can learn to adapt your goals.

Commenting on my article about how to let a girl go, a reader asked:

Hey man,

Thanks for fleshing out valuable articles. I've been a reader of your site for a long time now. I've had my fair share of success but not enough for the effort I've put in.

Recently I started your 4-girls/day 30 day challenge and I'm having fun with it. It's been 10 days now and I've just got 2 phone numbers which didn't go anywhere. I'm starting to get demotivated. I have a solid process and my fundamentals are good but somehow not seeing success yet.

I'd like to see an article on this subject, specifically about inner game and some tips to overcome this nagging feeling of failure.

Thanks again for all the great work you've been doing man.

Setbacks of course are a part of life. You’ve experienced them, I’ve experienced them. Dating is tough, and by all indications for the average person it is getting tougher.

Many people simply give up on dating for a while, retreating to their careers and their pastimes. Hopefully they maintain social circles – which at least offers the chance of bumping into potential mates occasionally purely by being ‘out and about’ – but in today’s digital screen world, more and more don’t even do that.

If you’ve suffered setbacks in dating but you don’t want to give up just yet, come along with me and let’s talk strategies to keep that motivation up.

[WATCH] Picking Up Girls… PLUS Who Pays for Dates?

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If you haven’t been keeping up with GirlsChase.TV, here’s a quick preview of some of the latest videos you may not have seen.


5 Ways to Get OUT of Paying for Dates (Without Looking Cheap!) [FREE]

In this video by me (a follow-on to forum member Swati’s inaugural video, “$ when to pay $”), I show you just how to ESCAPE from paying for women on dates… without blowing the date by making yourself look like a cheapskate.

How to Handle Late-Night Booty Calls & Texts

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late-night booty callSometimes girls will booty call you late at night. How do you handle these? Can you get a rain check? Who goes to whose place? Here’s the guide.

It’s late one night, you’re just about to get in bed – or perhaps you’re lying in bed already – when out of the blue a girl you know messages you:

Doing anything right now? Feeling bored

What should you do?

What should you say?

The timing is inconvenient (you were just about to fall asleep); can you reschedule her for later?

There’s one thing you need to understand about late-night booty calls and booty texts: whenever you get them, no matter what time it is or what condition you are in, that is a one-time only, limited time offer – and you can either take it then as-is, or pass.

No layaway, no reserving it for later, no rain checks, and usually no counteroffers accepted.

Tactics Tuesdays: When Girls Unexpectedly Open You

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girl unexpectedly opens youAt unexpected times, in unexpected places, women may start talking to you. If you aren’t ‘on’ you can miss these chances. How best should you respond?

Commenting on my article about testing girls for interest before you approach, Sub-Zero asks:

How do you deal with not knowing what to say? There’s times when I guess a girl pings me and I don’t know how to respond or how to close.

For example, would you say that these were pings or invitations?

A: I had one girl say the food I was getting made looks good. I couldn’t tell if it was a ping or if she was making small talk. Anyway, I still didn’t know what else to say. I might have said thank you or something?

B. I was shopping and a girl said something about buying some food for her kid, then she said you probably don’t care what I’m getting my kid. There I didn't say anything because I really had no idea what to say.

So would you say those were pings for me to approach or were they just being social and what should I have said, what do you do or say when you don’t know what to say and are stuck?

Yes, these are both pings (the subject of my article on testing girls for interest). Just like you can ping women to test for interest before approaching, women can ping you too. A ping doesn’t mean she’s ready to hop into bed with you, of course – it just means she’s interested in finding out if you’re someone she can chat with. She might want to date you or might just want to talk. Either way, she’s testing you for openness to a conversation.

The problem Sub-Zero has here, that many guys have, is that women ping you at unexpected times, when you are not prepared to be social. Worse still, because most women expect the man to lead, usually all you’ll get from a girl is a single ping… then she retreats and waits. If you don’t act soon, she gives up, closes off, and runs away!

How can you deal with these situations when girls unexpectedly open you… and where you aren’t already primed for socializing, in any kind of social mood?

Can You Turn a Ho Into a Housewife?

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turn a ho into a housewifeThere comes a time in life when a man debates settling with a ho. Before taking the plunge, however, you’ve gotta know: CAN YOU turn a ho into a housewife?

Came across a post recently where a guy discusses dating a girl who had a one-night stand on vacation then said she regrets it and wants to “build our relationship again.” Here’s the text:

A girl that I have been dating had a one night stand while on vacation. We confessed feelings for each other prior the vacation and we both said that we want to go for each other. We did not made specific agreements for an exclusive relationship.

I feel betrayed because I told her how I feel and than she did this on vacation. She said she regrets it and she wants to put all the effort and time to build our relationship again. She also said that she is afraid to lose me because of this.

My logical brain says that I have to move on because my trust in her is quite low because of this. But the emotional side wants to give her a chance to the relationship again.

What are your opinions on this matter and how would you handle this?

This is just one example of the scenarios guys will encounter when considering settled relationships with women who’ve been “in the field” for a bit. There are others:

  • Women who “had their ho phase” but are “done with that now.”

  • Women who have cheated on partners in the past but “have grown.”

  • Women who dated multiple men at the start, then “settled on” just the one guy.

  • Women who pushed for an open relationship, then later push to close it.

Most guys sense there is something wrong here… some risk or some catch. But they just aren’t sure. The question these men must face is this: can you turn a ho into a housewife?