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In early 2012, Varoon Rajah met a sexy intern at a conference, flirted, and grabbed her number. Clueless what to do next, he Googled "how to text girls", and wound up at Thus commenced a wild woman-centric journey.

Before 2012, Varoon had been a 'nice guy': depressed, lonely, and addicted to porn. His longest relationship was under 3 months... And his longest 'dry spell' without the company of women had lasted over a year.

But, that year, he quit porn, hit the gym, and decided at long last to do something about his lack of dating success. 1.5 years, after a long-term relationship with a very special girl, Varoon joined the Girls Chase Boards and (as 'Grand Pooba') became a frequent presence... using the boards both to learn, and to keep himself accountable as he progressed.

Not long after, the newly single NYC playboy began to meet, date, and sleep with women he met on streets and in trains. Some of his hookups began to come mere hours after he'd met a girl.

These days, Varoon continues to hang his hat in New York City. Yet he's acquired a sense of wanderlust, as he jets about across North America, Western Europe, and East Asia. In addition to furthering his own progress, he seeks to inspire others about what is possible with focus effert and determined will.

Varoon is a regular contributor of book reviews and other articles on He hosts the Dating Mechanics Podcast on Girls Chase Radio. You can listen to the podcast on Soundcloud here, or on iTunes here.


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