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Can You Still Meet People During Coronavirus?

Chase Amante

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meet people coronavirus
As coronavirus locks down the world, can you still have a social life… and what ARE the real risks of the disease – should you risk a venture outdoors? Image credit:

Coronavirus is sweeping the Western world now, after having already swept across East Asia.



MMS's picture

Hey Chase, I want to bother you with 2 questions:

1. I do have a personal question about this whole issue, what is your opinion about the balance between individual freedom and responsibility and the severity of the limitations that the state forces upon you at the moment? Do you think, based on what you see, that this is well balanced? Do you fear that similar scenarios can occur in the future and might only be preventable with drastic violations of ones individual freedom?

2. I have found myself finding really ambitious women truly attractive, but these women most of the time seem to be women with high partner counts and no interest whatsoever in building stability in life (marriage, family etc). Also, fidelity risk is somewhat higher with them and its really hard to build good relationship control with them. What is your experience with super ambitious, upward moving, ‚career‘ girls and the balance between these personality traits and fidelity, loyalty and more conservative issues (marrying, building a family, raising kids etc.)? Also, does ambition And charisma always seem to come with high partner counts and ‚bad‘ long term potentiality?

Chase Amante's picture


Interesting questions.

"Freedom vs. order" is the central question of civilization. Most big questions of any civilization come down to whether what's desired is more freedom or more order, and who specifically desires it.

My personal feeling is the response to this is overblown. Though not totally unnecessary.

You have a disease where if it is not properly contained, you will be looking at a situation where national healthcare capacity gets completely overwhelmed. And once the hospitals are overwhelmed, death rates spike, and not just for COVID cases. Everyone who needs emergency medical treatment is going to be in danger in an overstretched healthcare system.

You also have a system where folks who are 60+ occupy a lot of important and prominent roles, and regardless whether you wish they'd all retire and make room for the next generation, if they all start dropping dead without having properly transitioned leadership roles to their successors, you are going to have a large loss of knowledge across a huge range of areas, which will have a big effect on society.

There's self-interest in the response too, I'm sure. Governments, corporations, and media are mostly headed by individuals who are 60+. So there is going to be some extra emphasis to get this thing away as soon as possible.

I think the ideal way to handle it if you could do it would be to tell everyone in high risk groups (60+ and/or with health complications) to self-quarantine, and let everyone else get on with his life. COVID-19 appears to be no more serious than regular flu for people not in the risk groups (there are young people who die of COVID-19... but there are also young people who die of regular flu too, and the death rate does not seem much different).

From a practical perspective though, this would never work.

For one, a lot of people over 60 need assistance from other (younger) people. If those people are all infected with COVID-19, the older people are still going to get it.

For another, older generations are the most skeptical about this pandemic from what I've seen. It is the younger people who are most worried about this. The older ones are saying things like "It's just the flu!"

So trying to get 60+ people only to self-quarantine I think has a 0% chance of success. You would end up with a bunch of grumpy, doubting older people saying, "I don't believe it. If they can go out, I can go out!" then going out, getting sick, and dying. And others who try to self-quarantine, but require assistance from others, and get infected by those others who have COVID-19, and die.

So, I mean. It's annoying. And sort of overblown. I think a lot of young people across all political persuasions would like to see the system shaken up a bit, at least in the West. Though not all of them would revel in tens of millions of senior citizens dying prematurely to accomplish that (I wouldn't).

But a system is a system, and it is going to do everything it can to preserve itself. And the most important thing it can do to preserve itself right now is to stop COVID-19 from spreading, to stop COVID-19 from killing seniors.

It's hard to have too much emotion about it when you understand the thing (which, I feel like I more or less do).

What I have been saying to friends is that the silver lining is I get to LARP an apocalypse scenario.


On ambitious girls pros vs. cons --

Yes, I like ambitious women myself, and yes, they often have big potential snags with fidelity, loyalty, and family prospects.

The way I think of relationships with ambitious women these days is like living in the big city. If you are going to live in the big city, in the heart of downtown, it is going to be demanding, and stressful, with constant pressure on you to up your game. But maybe (if you value the upsides it brings) it is worth it to you. Or maybe it isn't -- maybe you realize you'd prefer a more relaxed borough of the big city, or the suburbs. Or a quiet country life where everything is tranquil. Your choice of woman is like that.

Ambitious women still marry and have children. The CEOs of General Electric, Anthem, and Oracle are married women with 2 children. The CEO of YouTube is a married woman with 5 children. None of these women have ever divorced.

I can say a lot more on this topic... let me do an article on it to give it proper treatment.


MMS's picture

Yo man, thanks for your insight on the corona topic. Lets all see how this crisis will unfold.

Looking forward to your article on the ambition-topic though!

Also, let me use this opportunity to tell you, that I really appreciate your content and your work and that I truly appreciate the way you use your words to motivate (the right) people to improve their lives! Cheers

Rodrigo's picture

Lol, i was like... "where's Chase's article about the Coronavirus?", since 2 days ago.

Anonymous's picture

I'm glad you published this article cuz I knew you had to have some thoughts of it and what we can do in the meantime. Wuhan got coronavirus under control because people were responsible and worked together. I live in NYC and I can attest people here don't give a fuck. On snaochat I see my friends still leave their house, my brother is going to work at his pharmacy 5 days a week,my brother still leaves the house every other day for a little bit and my friend asked me if I wanted to have drinks at his friends house lol. People in the US are already disconnected and divided from each other so I don't have a lot of faith in us. Social distancing has been stated in the media and by the CDC like a thousand times so approaching girls seems out of the question. Before this pandemic guys at the extreme would be worried that girls would flip out if you tried to approach them and talk to them and arrested for harassment. Well now that's kind of a reality. No girl is going to jeopardize their health to let some guy hit on them. They have every right to get upset now with their being a chance to contract the disease. You definitely can't touch girls now unless you want to risk actually getting called out or maybe getting someone sick. You guys emphasize how important touch is unless you have a sexy vibe which if you're a beginner you definitely don't have down. There's also almost no dating possible since there's no sitting down at restaurants,bars,clubs,museums,and public dating settings are closed. If you have you're own place maybe you can take a girl there for a 1st date,but that's unlikely at this current time. It sucks because I felt like my mental health and confidence was improving and I was actually ready to start going out to game,but then this happens. I already put off approaching girls for years and now I gotta do it for a little longer. At this point getting laid means nothing and my mindset is literally survival.

Chase Amante's picture


Yes, I've heard that about NYC.

People are just going out regardless.

If NYC wants to actually corral people in, it is probably going to have to do what France has done, which is mandate everyone have a form that explains why he is outside, and have a whole bunch of extra police officers going around checking everybody's form and heavily fining anyone who doesn't have a good reason to be out.

Dating outside the home is pretty much out, agreed.

Well, maybe it's time for a brief return of that age-old tradition of writing love letters back and forth?

If you can't bring her to yours... and you can't go to hers... that's about the only thing that's left in the meantime.

Anyway, don't let it get you too down.

This will pass.

Even during the Black Death, when 1/3 of Europe perished to disease, people still found ways to live and have fun.

And COVID-19 is no Black Death (and won't last nearly as long, either).


Knight Who Say Ni's picture

"And most likely it will fizzle out during summer (although no one is completely certain). Coronaviruses house themselves within a lipid (fatty) layer, which breaks down as temperatures get hotter. This is the same reason the body fights a coronavirus infection with a fever (turn up the heat, break down the lipid layer).

Airborne viruses (which COVID-19 is) also fare worse during warmer weather due to greater humidity in the air, which leads to viruses ending up in larger, heavier water droplets, which head to the ground faster than the smaller ones hanging in the air in cooler, drier environments.

So, most likely (although not definitely), this virus will be done by summer."

I really, really wished that was true but sadly, it's not. In Brazil, judging by the official numbers, the disease is spreading faster than Italy, despite a MASSIVE cover up by the government. It's very, very hard to get tested, even if you are a bit wealthy. Quite a lot of doctors are dying (they lack proper protection) and nurses are using social media to desperately, in tears, try to warn people to stay in quarantine and not overwhelm hospitals.

Temps are quite high at the city with most cases, São Paulo: 86F/30C. Humidity: 79%. 19 **official** deaths until now, but even the press admits that hospitals are getting out of their way to underreport coronavirus cases. My place is near five hospitals, and at the biggest one you can hear the oxygen tank pumping HARD (never heard that tank work before) everyday day.

But it is still early to tell where this will lead.

Chase Amante's picture


Well... that is certainly not good news at all.

And based on the mini-update I just made on the Philippines, sounds like it is beginning to take off at the normal exponential rate there as well. Again despite heat and humidity.

MERS is also a heat-resistant coronavirus. It hasn't spread enough (not contagious enough) to be useful as a model for how long it takes a heat-resistant coronavirus to burn out, though.

If that's the case, we may just be stuck indoors until we adapt to this new way of doing things, where everyone wears masks and gloves all the time and disinfects, and people are confined indoors once they start nearing their 60s.


Knight Who Say Ni's picture

Yeah. Crazy how diseases can shape human history. I've found a fascinating video on that:

Maybe the silver lining in all this is that this crisis will make "third wave feminism" *finally* vanish from the face of the earth? Now THAT`S something really bad for someone's balls!

1984's picture

Situation is not so bad now in my country, so people can still walk around legally and no lockdown...... yet.

It's business as usual here though, for daygaming at least. I'll walk up to girls wearing masks, thinking that they will never open up but lo and behold, I delivered my direct opener, they started smiling (the corner of their eyes crinkle)

and *gasp* extend their hand out to offer a handshake. LOL

Not wanting to be a pussy, of course I took their hand and shook it...albeit with a slight hesitation (not because I'm afraid of covid19, but because I totally didn't expect a girl who's wearing a mask to shake my hand on her own accord)

And there were also several times that the girls offered their hands to shake themselves, so its not an isolated incident. My no. closing rate is about the same as before the virus.

My theory is that although there are less girls on the streets now, the ones that are out on the streets want to meet people; or at least, they are sick of staying at home and being socially isolated. So overall the problem of lesser girls is offset by the girls who are actually out, being more open to strangers.

Of course, this would depend on city to city, but don't let the virus dissuade you from approaching. The girls wouldn't suddenly think you're the plague creeping up on them if you approach them on the streets.

And of course if your city is under lockdown, you'll have all the time in the world to practice your fundamentals like doing gym/body weight exercises, voice, eye contact, facial expressions, posture etc... and watch movies with actors that has sexy mannerisms you want to learn from.

Zanardi's picture

... it worked for a while for me, until everything was shut down. So, I have two choices: stay inside because of self-protection and responsibility or stay inside because I have no place to go.

Bond's picture

Hi Chase,

Very good analysis. Good point on the face masks and which one does prevent the virus. A surprising number of people are unaware of that.

I'd like to add, this is a very good opportunity to build skills.
I bought a few courses on Udemy and I'm learning Python as well as Copywriting.
Especially for college students who have a lot of free time with the online classes (or, just skip it altogether. I'm studying enough to pass my classes and get a reasonable GPA but i'm not bothering more than that.)

Zanardi's picture

... you cannot live this pandemic as you should if you don't subscribe to the COVID-19 Quarantine Party playlist on Spotify :D Starring: Toxic, Mask Off and Fever.

Stevo's picture

I've been banging my neighbor every day. She's in the same situation as me, locked at home and away from friends and family. We're both bored as fuck so what else is there to do? Options are pretty slim right now, so it looks like I got myself a "quarantine girlfriend."

Anonymous 's picture

1. This might need a separate article, but how do we text n call girls if meeting up soon might not happen? How do we play the long game of communication without dating or seeing the girl?

2. Do we really want to sleep with new women? what if they have they virus? It seems everyone is ignoring this lol. Everyone is worried about getting laid (which I am not against and can understand) but you are opening yourself to getting the virus and passing it on to others.

So it's like what do you do if this lasts for months?

Do you not have any sex? Do you not care and have sex? Do you just have sex and not care about getting it? etc?

The ironic thing is that getting a girl home is beyond easy now because you can't go out lmao.

No fancy restaurants, no coffee, no drinks everything is free now at your home lol.

But are women open to sleeping with men they aren't currently with? Is it really safe and worth it to sleep with a woman or women we aren't currently with?

I wonder what your thoughts are with dating rules being different now and how it is still possible to get the virus from other women.

What is the new strategy of dating?

Hope you can make an article about all of this.

DomDev's picture

Hi, I'm an Italian guy. I wanted to clarify some things. In Italy the average age (according to google) is 82 years while in China and USA is about 77 years old. So in Italy the high mortality rate could be related to that. Even in Italy you cannot go out without a self-certification specifying the reason for leaving. Furthermore, coronavirus is not only a risk for the 60+ but also for people with special cases such as those who are immunotherapeutic. however stay home and #andràtuttobene

Journey for sure's picture

Most of my friends who are in sales have been laid off or furloughed in their roles, they will not have money coming in. Clients in B2B space are not buying. The recession we were long overdue for? Right around the corner, unemployment really picking up now. What I find even scarier now is that Trump is not going to get re-elected at this rate and we get stuck with Biden as president, that is just scary!

lucio's picture


I always like to hear your opinion as a balanced and rational guy, and you usually deliver in both areas.

A few points I disagreed with, or where I think better information is useful:

1. The heat and huminidy might slow down a bit the spread, but its not likely to make a big dent.

2. In the Philippines it's only the Manila area that makes the news. Other areas are not cracking down nearly as much (Cebu)

3. You can't compare Italy's reported cases with the Philippines, because Italy did a lot of tests. The Philippines barely did any. It didn't even have any tests to run, for a long time (only now it received some as international gifts. The difference on the number of cases is in large part based on how much countries are testing their citizens. Few tests = (mistaken) assumption that the phenomenon is limited, while the reality is anyone's guesses.

4. The real risk, even for healhtier folks, are swamped hospitals. You might have needed a hospital bed or some oxygen and did fine. But if the hospitals are swamped, it might get really serious. The downsides can't be properly covered with swapeed hospitals.
This is an important thing to keep in mind. When the curve is going up, even healthy people can make a rational choice to stay home.

All the rest, great as usual.

exotica's picture

Phillipines now has 1075 confirmed cases. Up 272 new cases (on march 28) from the day prior. So much for the theory of 'it's warm there, the government is overreacting." This virus is new and there's so much about it that we don't know. Hard to make policy when this virus defies what we think we know (i.e., the flu dies down in the winter).

I wouldn't risk my life for some pussy during these times brothers.

Stay safe.

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