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Interesting questions.

"Freedom vs. order" is the central question of civilization. Most big questions of any civilization come down to whether what's desired is more freedom or more order, and who specifically desires it.

My personal feeling is the response to this is overblown. Though not totally unnecessary.

You have a disease where if it is not properly contained, you will be looking at a situation where national healthcare capacity gets completely overwhelmed. And once the hospitals are overwhelmed, death rates spike, and not just for COVID cases. Everyone who needs emergency medical treatment is going to be in danger in an overstretched healthcare system.

You also have a system where folks who are 60+ occupy a lot of important and prominent roles, and regardless whether you wish they'd all retire and make room for the next generation, if they all start dropping dead without having properly transitioned leadership roles to their successors, you are going to have a large loss of knowledge across a huge range of areas, which will have a big effect on society.

There's self-interest in the response too, I'm sure. Governments, corporations, and media are mostly headed by individuals who are 60+. So there is going to be some extra emphasis to get this thing away as soon as possible.

I think the ideal way to handle it if you could do it would be to tell everyone in high risk groups (60+ and/or with health complications) to self-quarantine, and let everyone else get on with his life. COVID-19 appears to be no more serious than regular flu for people not in the risk groups (there are young people who die of COVID-19... but there are also young people who die of regular flu too, and the death rate does not seem much different).

From a practical perspective though, this would never work.

For one, a lot of people over 60 need assistance from other (younger) people. If those people are all infected with COVID-19, the older people are still going to get it.

For another, older generations are the most skeptical about this pandemic from what I've seen. It is the younger people who are most worried about this. The older ones are saying things like "It's just the flu!"

So trying to get 60+ people only to self-quarantine I think has a 0% chance of success. You would end up with a bunch of grumpy, doubting older people saying, "I don't believe it. If they can go out, I can go out!" then going out, getting sick, and dying. And others who try to self-quarantine, but require assistance from others, and get infected by those others who have COVID-19, and die.

So, I mean. It's annoying. And sort of overblown. I think a lot of young people across all political persuasions would like to see the system shaken up a bit, at least in the West. Though not all of them would revel in tens of millions of senior citizens dying prematurely to accomplish that (I wouldn't).

But a system is a system, and it is going to do everything it can to preserve itself. And the most important thing it can do to preserve itself right now is to stop COVID-19 from spreading, to stop COVID-19 from killing seniors.

It's hard to have too much emotion about it when you understand the thing (which, I feel like I more or less do).

What I have been saying to friends is that the silver lining is I get to LARP an apocalypse scenario.


On ambitious girls pros vs. cons --

Yes, I like ambitious women myself, and yes, they often have big potential snags with fidelity, loyalty, and family prospects.

The way I think of relationships with ambitious women these days is like living in the big city. If you are going to live in the big city, in the heart of downtown, it is going to be demanding, and stressful, with constant pressure on you to up your game. But maybe (if you value the upsides it brings) it is worth it to you. Or maybe it isn't -- maybe you realize you'd prefer a more relaxed borough of the big city, or the suburbs. Or a quiet country life where everything is tranquil. Your choice of woman is like that.

Ambitious women still marry and have children. The CEOs of General Electric, Anthem, and Oracle are married women with 2 children. The CEO of YouTube is a married woman with 5 children. None of these women have ever divorced.

I can say a lot more on this topic... let me do an article on it to give it proper treatment.