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Hey Chase, I want to bother you with 2 questions:

1. I do have a personal question about this whole issue, what is your opinion about the balance between individual freedom and responsibility and the severity of the limitations that the state forces upon you at the moment? Do you think, based on what you see, that this is well balanced? Do you fear that similar scenarios can occur in the future and might only be preventable with drastic violations of ones individual freedom?

2. I have found myself finding really ambitious women truly attractive, but these women most of the time seem to be women with high partner counts and no interest whatsoever in building stability in life (marriage, family etc). Also, fidelity risk is somewhat higher with them and its really hard to build good relationship control with them. What is your experience with super ambitious, upward moving, ‚career‘ girls and the balance between these personality traits and fidelity, loyalty and more conservative issues (marrying, building a family, raising kids etc.)? Also, does ambition And charisma always seem to come with high partner counts and ‚bad‘ long term potentiality?