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"And most likely it will fizzle out during summer (although no one is completely certain). Coronaviruses house themselves within a lipid (fatty) layer, which breaks down as temperatures get hotter. This is the same reason the body fights a coronavirus infection with a fever (turn up the heat, break down the lipid layer).

Airborne viruses (which COVID-19 is) also fare worse during warmer weather due to greater humidity in the air, which leads to viruses ending up in larger, heavier water droplets, which head to the ground faster than the smaller ones hanging in the air in cooler, drier environments.

So, most likely (although not definitely), this virus will be done by summer."

I really, really wished that was true but sadly, it's not. In Brazil, judging by the official numbers, the disease is spreading faster than Italy, despite a MASSIVE cover up by the government. It's very, very hard to get tested, even if you are a bit wealthy. Quite a lot of doctors are dying (they lack proper protection) and nurses are using social media to desperately, in tears, try to warn people to stay in quarantine and not overwhelm hospitals.

Temps are quite high at the city with most cases, São Paulo: 86F/30C. Humidity: 79%. 19 **official** deaths until now, but even the press admits that hospitals are getting out of their way to underreport coronavirus cases. My place is near five hospitals, and at the biggest one you can hear the oxygen tank pumping HARD (never heard that tank work before) everyday day.

But it is still early to tell where this will lead.