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Situation is not so bad now in my country, so people can still walk around legally and no lockdown...... yet.

It's business as usual here though, for daygaming at least. I'll walk up to girls wearing masks, thinking that they will never open up but lo and behold, I delivered my direct opener, they started smiling (the corner of their eyes crinkle)

and *gasp* extend their hand out to offer a handshake. LOL

Not wanting to be a pussy, of course I took their hand and shook it...albeit with a slight hesitation (not because I'm afraid of covid19, but because I totally didn't expect a girl who's wearing a mask to shake my hand on her own accord)

And there were also several times that the girls offered their hands to shake themselves, so its not an isolated incident. My no. closing rate is about the same as before the virus.

My theory is that although there are less girls on the streets now, the ones that are out on the streets want to meet people; or at least, they are sick of staying at home and being socially isolated. So overall the problem of lesser girls is offset by the girls who are actually out, being more open to strangers.

Of course, this would depend on city to city, but don't let the virus dissuade you from approaching. The girls wouldn't suddenly think you're the plague creeping up on them if you approach them on the streets.

And of course if your city is under lockdown, you'll have all the time in the world to practice your fundamentals like doing gym/body weight exercises, voice, eye contact, facial expressions, posture etc... and watch movies with actors that has sexy mannerisms you want to learn from.