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1. This might need a separate article, but how do we text n call girls if meeting up soon might not happen? How do we play the long game of communication without dating or seeing the girl?

2. Do we really want to sleep with new women? what if they have they virus? It seems everyone is ignoring this lol. Everyone is worried about getting laid (which I am not against and can understand) but you are opening yourself to getting the virus and passing it on to others.

So it's like what do you do if this lasts for months?

Do you not have any sex? Do you not care and have sex? Do you just have sex and not care about getting it? etc?

The ironic thing is that getting a girl home is beyond easy now because you can't go out lmao.

No fancy restaurants, no coffee, no drinks everything is free now at your home lol.

But are women open to sleeping with men they aren't currently with? Is it really safe and worth it to sleep with a woman or women we aren't currently with?

I wonder what your thoughts are with dating rules being different now and how it is still possible to get the virus from other women.

What is the new strategy of dating?

Hope you can make an article about all of this.