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I'm glad you published this article cuz I knew you had to have some thoughts of it and what we can do in the meantime. Wuhan got coronavirus under control because people were responsible and worked together. I live in NYC and I can attest people here don't give a fuck. On snaochat I see my friends still leave their house, my brother is going to work at his pharmacy 5 days a week,my brother still leaves the house every other day for a little bit and my friend asked me if I wanted to have drinks at his friends house lol. People in the US are already disconnected and divided from each other so I don't have a lot of faith in us. Social distancing has been stated in the media and by the CDC like a thousand times so approaching girls seems out of the question. Before this pandemic guys at the extreme would be worried that girls would flip out if you tried to approach them and talk to them and arrested for harassment. Well now that's kind of a reality. No girl is going to jeopardize their health to let some guy hit on them. They have every right to get upset now with their being a chance to contract the disease. You definitely can't touch girls now unless you want to risk actually getting called out or maybe getting someone sick. You guys emphasize how important touch is unless you have a sexy vibe which if you're a beginner you definitely don't have down. There's also almost no dating possible since there's no sitting down at restaurants,bars,clubs,museums,and public dating settings are closed. If you have you're own place maybe you can take a girl there for a 1st date,but that's unlikely at this current time. It sucks because I felt like my mental health and confidence was improving and I was actually ready to start going out to game,but then this happens. I already put off approaching girls for years and now I gotta do it for a little longer. At this point getting laid means nothing and my mindset is literally survival.