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Why Girls Don't Follow Logic

Chase Amante

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Cody Lyans's picture

girls and logicIs it that girls are illogical, or is it that by worrying if a girl will follow our logic we forget to inspire them instead?

When it comes to girls, an experienced man knows that thinking outside the box is key to understanding the choices women make, and he embraces this fact because it not only affords her freedoms, but it affords him some too. Great relationships are built upon an understanding of why women need to be inspired daily rather than won over once and expected to then do as you do. Learn to inspire them and get rid of that confusion today.

If you are like most men, you have probably found yourself in this scenario: a girl has shown interest in you, and has indicated she will go out with you, etc., but then when it comes time she is nowhere to be seen or heard from. You call her later: “Where were you?” and she replies with something that makes no sense too you, given your prior arrangement: “Oh, you didn’t call so I assumed it was off.”


To better understand why women do these kinds of things, you have to take on the attitude that accepts the behavior before passing judgement on it. Girls do things like this because, like you, they fear all kinds of rejection and making mistakes, but unlike you, they must consider the social consequences of how each situation “felt” and how it will reflect on them if they act on it. Girls do not reciprocate feelings and actions based on logic because the feeling of each action must be judged independently according to its context at that moment in time.


Sam2's picture


Your article has definitely many applications on many stages of the game with women.

I would like to know your opinion on how you can keep her interested during the initial stages of the interaction, where practically things between you and her happen in distance and the only means you have is a phone call or a text. My question has to do, in particular, with how to get a second date, provided that the first date was very good (but without sex).

In other words, how much charm can a phone call or text contain to get her effectively out of her whatever moodiness/doubts? It is much easier to keep a woman interested once in a relationship with her, but during the initial stages it can be a really fragile process.

Cody Lyans's picture

When no connection exists, assume one, the only problem with this is, you need reference or momentum to do that effectively.

When you only have text contact, it is what you talk about that matters and what you focus on. Don't get in the habit of assuming you are in a ditch and trying to dig your way out, learn that "a little bit can go a long way", and keep a steadier pace over a longer time period.

Franco Lombardi's picture

This was a great article that should not go as underrated. This is one of the key components to understanding, and in turn having success with, ALL women.

Good stuff, Cody!

- Franco

Cody Lyans's picture

Couldn't agree more Franco

Anonymous's picture

Hi Cody,

great read. Somehow, I myself came to the conclusion that one should never address woman's doubts, but rather keep an overall attitude no matter what. It's like when you address her doubts, they become more important.

I have a question not really related to this, but it's about irrationality. Sometimes I pick up women on a chat. There you don't need to have any picture, but you can send it via email or you can even meet completely blind (yes, I had a great relationship start as a date without any previous pictures). So you send your photo and can expect any reaction from "you´re so sexy" to "you're not my type at all". The fun is, you can log in a month later and send another picture of you from another email address. The results are many, but I'm going to tell you only the relevant stuff.

Some women considered me not their type, bye bye. Next time, I sent another picture and voila, I was their type and they wanted to meet. Some women didn´t like my photo, but (as another nick) I managed to meet them without photos and they were attracted in person. And I had a woman whose type I wasn't, but she wanted to meet me anyway and then fell in love with me after two dates.
To be fair, there were also some opposite cases - women who loved me on picture, liked talking to me on phone and then hated me in person from the first moment.

Some women even brag that most men are just not their type. What strikes me here - all women who determine a "type" on photos will swear that it works and they can rely on their method completely. They never admit that their impression could be wrong. However, my experience tells that their method just doesn't work.
Personally, I put photos into two categories only: "Never ever" or "I will see". And being objective, most fall into "I will see' category.

What is your opinion on this irrational behavior, Cody?

Cheers, David

Cody Lyans's picture

Yes, girls can be vain, but you don't want to put yourself in the position of changing her mind or convincing her in the first place.
Keep her mind off those kinds of judgements and don't give them value by addressing them too swiftly. Let her agonise just a little bit, it is her foolhardy after all.

Smith's picture

Hey Cody,
This is a great article, and now I can understand what I did wrong before. haha I wish this article was out earlier. I used to try to fight girls with logic. We would have a great time in the beginning, and she would tell me she's falling in love with me, but then when we have a fight, I would get logical then I stop being the charming guy she met in the beginning. Then I try to use logic to make her stay. Now I shall never make that mistake again.


IrishConrad's picture

How do you let her illogical behavior and inability to commit to doing something not bother you.

Assuming you have been confident, bold, and fun....I have a hard time not thinking to myself...."what's not to like" and then getting way too in my head about the situation.

What I took from this post is....

Do not judge her actions or even address or try to manage them.
Keep supplying fun emotions.

but maybe one point that was missed was....Don't be afraid to walk away.

Cody Lyans's picture

You got it ;)

Only after you don't judge can you walk away. And only when you don't judge can you say "hmm, whilst x might not work, are you interested in y".

Borat's picture

Don't you think you're generalizing too much? People are illogical and emotional to an extent. There are many women that are far more logical than significant percentage of men.

There are some obvious differences between genders, like the shape of genitals and physique(in some cases even this is reverse). But, most of the psychological things can't be used for generalization, especially because they can be changed based on environment, culture and few other things.

Women aren't some unknown creatures. They're far more similar to men thank you might think.

Earth and Water's picture

Hey Cody,

Great article. I am in a new relationship and it is running into some choppy waters because of her parents' objection to our age difference (we are about 9 years apart) and because of some rumours abt past relationships they have heard about me. Ok, before you raise the alarm, she is already in her mid to late 20s and is asian - which would explain much.

While, she does not think it is a big deal, her parents' constant bringing up of this issue to her is causing her to have doubts and to behave irrationally and illogically lately e.g. cold-shouldering me, wanting to take a break, wanting to call it off etc.

To add to all this, me breaking down, becoming logical and contesting her doubts directly over and over again did not really help the situation either.

Looking at your advice, do I just ignore the external pressure and continue to try to give her positive emotions? If so, how do i do this?

Is that even possible with her being worried and bringing up her parents' objections/her need to obey her parents every other day when we are together?

blogster's picture

So the take away is be consistent and continuously supply the energy (i.e. commit) so that someone inconsistent (i.e. who won't commit) does? How many adults are there in this equation? The consistent message seems to be make all the moves and effort.

Frank's picture

Basically this article is telling us that no matter what we do or how we behave women can never be expected to use logic and reasoning because frankly their brains just don't work that way. They use emotions to try to solve problems and I've yet to hear of a single problem that was ever solved that way. Logic is what solves problems, answers questions and does what needs to be done. Emotions can tell you how you "feel" about this or that but it doesn't get you any closer to a solution. So pretty much this article is telling us that women operate on a MUCH more primitive level than men do, that we as men should never try to correct their immature, childish behavior and never try to dispel their unwarranted doubts or worries with that well-proven tool that always works (for anyone with more than shit for brains and more maturity than a toddler that is) to dispel unwarranted fears, no, we should instead change the subject and be an even BETTER trained monkey or prancing pony in order to constantly remind her of why she's attracted to us because she's otherwise too scatterbrained and dimwitted to remember it.

Nevermind the fact that it is well known that women do NOT want men who are their weak little doormats. Even supposedly "liberated" "progressive" women don't want a mangina who emasculates himself and feminizes himself in the hopes of one day getting in her pants. Women want men who are going to stand up for themselves and correct them when they're wrong, men who won't apologize for something when he knows damned well he's in the right and did nothing wrong. Women don't REALLY want someone who will say "Yes dear" to their every whim, cater to their every need like they're a princess and he's her servant. Women want real men who act and think like men, they don't want a version of themselves with a penis.

Cat's picture

Cool post, you're on my wavelength. All this technical stuff just to shag a bird is crazy.
Do you think any natural knows any of this, I doubt. Im not knocking the site or the author, and i think he's correct but I've better stuff to do like writing music, shredding guitar and building a business to placate some diva or princess!!

Frank's picture

Women's brains just don't function in the same way men's brains work. Logic is pretty much a male preserve, we are good at it and it WORKS. Women basically rely upon emotions to do their thinking for them. Emotions don't really solve problems worth a damn but logic does. Men are generally problem solvers or at least try to be, women by comparison are generally scatterbrained navel-gazers who want you to solve the problem for them and preferably to know what they're thinking without them telling you. Somehow they seem to think that we're psychic and can read minds because most any man who has ever spent any considerable length of time around most any woman will tell you that at least once she's gotten pissed off because he didn't do what she wanted when she never told him what she wanted in the first place. Or because he did what she asked him to do when she REALLY meant the opposite and expected him to figure it out.

Pretty much what this article says can be summed up in a few sentences: "Women don't use logic because their brains don't work that way, they instead operate on a much more primitive level and often behave like spoiled children. As men we are not to try to correct this bad behavior and get them to think with at least the logic that a 10-year-old boy can easily muster, no, we are expected to do our best to ride the waves of their emotions like a surfer, bend to their needs at all times like a parent sacrificing his or her own happiness in order to accommodate a troublesome child and conform with their ever-changing whims in the hope that they will at some point reward us with pussy. Preferably all the while trying to read her mind to discern what mood she will be in next and what we should apologize for, maybe that way we can apologize in advance and devote our efforts to deducing what new imagined grievance we will have to say we're sorry for after that. We cannot expect women to operate on an adult level like mature human beings, we are instead supposed to accommodate their immaturity, cater to their childish behavior and always be willing to say we're sorry when we didn't do anything to warrant it. Don't ever try to dispel her foolish doubts and worries with what has always proven to be the perfect antidote for unfounded fears (for anyone with more than shit for brains and more maturity than a toddler), that being logic, no, logic is strictly off-limits. Just change the subject and be an even BETTER trained monkey or prancing pony to remind her at all times of what attracted her to you because she's so scatterbrained and dimwitted she can't remember it without constant reminders."

Did I leave anything out? Nevermind the fact that women as a rule do NOT like men who are their simpering sycophantic little puppets as they see it (even "liberated", "progressive" women) at least on a subconscious level as the man being unmanly and wimpy or at best so desperate to get laid he's pussywhipped before you even kiss him the first time. I'm not saying women want to be pushed around or controlled by any means. I'm rather saying that women want men who will not be their doormats, men who will stand up to them when they give him the silent treatment all day because she had a dream that he cheated on her. Men who will straighten them out when they need straightening out. Maybe it's too old fashioned to say such things out loud but I'm telling you from experience what women want and don't want in a man. They don't want a version of themselves with a penis. They want a real man who isn't going to apologize when he knows damned well he wasn't in the wrong. They want a man who thinks like a man instead of a mangina who tries to feminize himself and will jump through a thousand hoops in the hopes of being able to one day get her to take her top off.

Alexander Rose's picture

This article is a paradox in itself. Instead of reading some long-winded (no offense) super logical explanation of why women act like this. Men need to let go of logic completely.

You simply must not only drop logic when trying to explain her actions but also not have any logical conversation with her whatsoever that does not spike her emotions or further the seduction.

The more logical communication you have with her, the more of a "friendship" type communication it becomes.

You should not be logical with her until after she is your girl. Once she is your girl then you can be logical with her but yet still have to, like Chase said, inspire her daily, and always be seducing her.

Logic has the power to uplift her, make her life better, and empower her, the only problem is if you do this before she's yours (which nearly every guy does, as an attempt to try to win her over) she will never become yours and you will be that much more heartbroken BECAUSE of it.

Cat's picture

I wonder whether the answer is to just LEAD! Be a man forget all of this technical stuff, just entice her like a salesman would and then lead her to where she needs to be! Basically I'm coming to the conclusion, I take control and they either come along for the ride or they don't.

Ray's picture

I couldn't have found this article at any better of a time. I've found myself constantly trying to logic women into meeting me, and I know I shouldn't be doing it but I don't know what else to do. Reading this article has helped me to remember that emotions are the way to go but I don't see any examples of HOW this looks like In execution. I'm having trouble trying to actually apply these principles here. Can someone elaborate more on what these ideas look like in the real world?

I'd greatly appreciate it

John Dizzle's picture

Meh. Some women are just nuts.

A Cirillo's picture

Totally fucked I teach logic and philosophy for a living, no chance in hell no matter how good I look no matter how charming I don't have a shot in hell. All makes sense now.

Damned 's picture

I teach computer science for a living... it all makes sense now. At least with philosophy, you can make up some inspirational bullshit but well, what can you do with a minimum spanning tree?

Anoobis's picture

Are we dealing with people or animals? You guys make it sound like this is the fucking animal kingdom. I'm not your emotional tampon, she has her own free will to choose but somehow it's supposed to be tied to something that hasn't even happened yet. So how is that fair that o have to always be present in this exaxe moment but it's ok for her to project some bullshit that hasn't occurred. This is why this dating shit is confusing to me

The Ether's picture

man im about to fck transgenders. i dont got timefor this fcking bs games

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