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Women's brains just don't function in the same way men's brains work. Logic is pretty much a male preserve, we are good at it and it WORKS. Women basically rely upon emotions to do their thinking for them. Emotions don't really solve problems worth a damn but logic does. Men are generally problem solvers or at least try to be, women by comparison are generally scatterbrained navel-gazers who want you to solve the problem for them and preferably to know what they're thinking without them telling you. Somehow they seem to think that we're psychic and can read minds because most any man who has ever spent any considerable length of time around most any woman will tell you that at least once she's gotten pissed off because he didn't do what she wanted when she never told him what she wanted in the first place. Or because he did what she asked him to do when she REALLY meant the opposite and expected him to figure it out.

Pretty much what this article says can be summed up in a few sentences: "Women don't use logic because their brains don't work that way, they instead operate on a much more primitive level and often behave like spoiled children. As men we are not to try to correct this bad behavior and get them to think with at least the logic that a 10-year-old boy can easily muster, no, we are expected to do our best to ride the waves of their emotions like a surfer, bend to their needs at all times like a parent sacrificing his or her own happiness in order to accommodate a troublesome child and conform with their ever-changing whims in the hope that they will at some point reward us with pussy. Preferably all the while trying to read her mind to discern what mood she will be in next and what we should apologize for, maybe that way we can apologize in advance and devote our efforts to deducing what new imagined grievance we will have to say we're sorry for after that. We cannot expect women to operate on an adult level like mature human beings, we are instead supposed to accommodate their immaturity, cater to their childish behavior and always be willing to say we're sorry when we didn't do anything to warrant it. Don't ever try to dispel her foolish doubts and worries with what has always proven to be the perfect antidote for unfounded fears (for anyone with more than shit for brains and more maturity than a toddler), that being logic, no, logic is strictly off-limits. Just change the subject and be an even BETTER trained monkey or prancing pony to remind her at all times of what attracted her to you because she's so scatterbrained and dimwitted she can't remember it without constant reminders."

Did I leave anything out? Nevermind the fact that women as a rule do NOT like men who are their simpering sycophantic little puppets as they see it (even "liberated", "progressive" women) at least on a subconscious level as the man being unmanly and wimpy or at best so desperate to get laid he's pussywhipped before you even kiss him the first time. I'm not saying women want to be pushed around or controlled by any means. I'm rather saying that women want men who will not be their doormats, men who will stand up to them when they give him the silent treatment all day because she had a dream that he cheated on her. Men who will straighten them out when they need straightening out. Maybe it's too old fashioned to say such things out loud but I'm telling you from experience what women want and don't want in a man. They don't want a version of themselves with a penis. They want a real man who isn't going to apologize when he knows damned well he wasn't in the wrong. They want a man who thinks like a man instead of a mangina who tries to feminize himself and will jump through a thousand hoops in the hopes of being able to one day get her to take her top off.