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This article is a paradox in itself. Instead of reading some long-winded (no offense) super logical explanation of why women act like this. Men need to let go of logic completely.

You simply must not only drop logic when trying to explain her actions but also not have any logical conversation with her whatsoever that does not spike her emotions or further the seduction.

The more logical communication you have with her, the more of a "friendship" type communication it becomes.

You should not be logical with her until after she is your girl. Once she is your girl then you can be logical with her but yet still have to, like Chase said, inspire her daily, and always be seducing her.

Logic has the power to uplift her, make her life better, and empower her, the only problem is if you do this before she's yours (which nearly every guy does, as an attempt to try to win her over) she will never become yours and you will be that much more heartbroken BECAUSE of it.