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Cody Lyans grew up on Australia’s East Coast. In Australia, Cody notes, “the rest of the world is so far away it feels like it doesn’t really exist.” It’s possible to know every city and coastal road in Australia yet know nothing of the outside world. It’s easy to get stuck.

Yet, due to Australia’s proximity to China and Japan, great martial arts masters flock here from these countries to retire. It was from Australia’s legendary martial arts scene that Cody got his start in self-development. He entered martial arts at age 8. He was dogged at it, and isolated himself from almost everything else. By 16 he had two black belts. He earned a third black belt at 19.

He began to win so much in fights it became meaningless. So he left the world of competitive fighting, and joined a nightclub working security. He spent years as a nightclub doorman, observing how people moved within the club. With his charisma and physique, plus the authority of being club security, women sought him out.

“The uniform did most of the work,” he says. Yet it gave him an inside look at how attraction worked. Girls that slobbered over him in uniform ignored him when he went to bars dressed down. So he began a new mission: figure out how to make women as excited about him without the uniform as they with him in it.

He had to spend some time flirting, tweaking, and experimenting, but he did it. He got women as excited about him in regular bar attire as they were for him dressed as club security.

Working at the most violent, dangerous bar in already rough-and-tumble Oz, the brawling and fighting began to affect Cody. He’d break up three fights a night on his own. He’d have to defend girlfriends and wives from violent partners, yanking the girl behind him with one hand while he fought off enraged muscle-bound giants with the other. On one occasion he had to stop a riot of 40 men all brawling. And after a thousand fights, many of them spent defending women from violent men, something awoke in him. He decided women were where he wanted to direct his energies. So direct them there he did.

Before long, Cody had become talented with girls. He became so good he’d draw crowds in the bars he went to. Only unlike the crowds he drew in his martial arts matches, these crowds made him feel he had a purpose.

He left Australia, and headed to Europe. In Europe, he sought to develop a deep understanding of the female mind. He unpacked a lot of the misconceptions men have about how women think. And he surrounded himself with different kinds of women living different lives with different stories. These women came to depend upon him so dearly that they opened up to him about everything in their lives.

Today, Cody can gather from just a few details what a woman thinks of a man. He can size the man up, and look at what he’s capable of. And he can use that information to figure out exactly what course a man should chart, and what paths are open to him.

His style now is a mix of cool calibration that cuts through resistance like a hot knife through butter... And a magnetic presence that draws eyes to him in every room he enters. These days, he lives a fulfilled life, doing what comes to him naturally.


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