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Hi Cody,

great read. Somehow, I myself came to the conclusion that one should never address woman's doubts, but rather keep an overall attitude no matter what. It's like when you address her doubts, they become more important.

I have a question not really related to this, but it's about irrationality. Sometimes I pick up women on a chat. There you don't need to have any picture, but you can send it via email or you can even meet completely blind (yes, I had a great relationship start as a date without any previous pictures). So you send your photo and can expect any reaction from "you´re so sexy" to "you're not my type at all". The fun is, you can log in a month later and send another picture of you from another email address. The results are many, but I'm going to tell you only the relevant stuff.

Some women considered me not their type, bye bye. Next time, I sent another picture and voila, I was their type and they wanted to meet. Some women didn´t like my photo, but (as another nick) I managed to meet them without photos and they were attracted in person. And I had a woman whose type I wasn't, but she wanted to meet me anyway and then fell in love with me after two dates.
To be fair, there were also some opposite cases - women who loved me on picture, liked talking to me on phone and then hated me in person from the first moment.

Some women even brag that most men are just not their type. What strikes me here - all women who determine a "type" on photos will swear that it works and they can rely on their method completely. They never admit that their impression could be wrong. However, my experience tells that their method just doesn't work.
Personally, I put photos into two categories only: "Never ever" or "I will see". And being objective, most fall into "I will see' category.

What is your opinion on this irrational behavior, Cody?

Cheers, David