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Hey Cody,

Great article. I am in a new relationship and it is running into some choppy waters because of her parents' objection to our age difference (we are about 9 years apart) and because of some rumours abt past relationships they have heard about me. Ok, before you raise the alarm, she is already in her mid to late 20s and is asian - which would explain much.

While, she does not think it is a big deal, her parents' constant bringing up of this issue to her is causing her to have doubts and to behave irrationally and illogically lately e.g. cold-shouldering me, wanting to take a break, wanting to call it off etc.

To add to all this, me breaking down, becoming logical and contesting her doubts directly over and over again did not really help the situation either.

Looking at your advice, do I just ignore the external pressure and continue to try to give her positive emotions? If so, how do i do this?

Is that even possible with her being worried and bringing up her parents' objections/her need to obey her parents every other day when we are together?