Dance Floor Game Tips #8: What Causes Resistance | Girls Chase

Dance Floor Game Tips #8: What Causes Resistance

Chase Amante

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resistanceWe are about to sum up this long guide on dance floor seduction. However, before we get into how to seal the deal, I believe it is key to discuss the potential pitfalls you might meet on the way and how you can deal with them.

In case you are just tuning in, the previous installments in this guide to dance floor game are here:

  1. Dance game foundations

  2. Warming up on the dance floor

  3. Dance floor target selection

  4. Opening on the dance floor

  5. Building attraction on the dance floor

  6. Physical escalation on the dance floor

  7. Handling her friends

Some of you might have gone out and tried the numerous techniques that we have covered so far. Those of you who have might have faced some resistance when escalating physically on a woman. I'll cover how to avoid and how to handle such situations in this post. There are numerous posts on this website on how you can handle resistance, including one written by me. This post can work as a recap, but I will also share some additional stuff.

Let us get right into it by first briefly explaining what resistance is and what causes it. After that, we will cover different ways to avoid facing resistance. Then next week we will be covering how to deal with it when you first face it.

Obviously, a lot of the concepts shared in this post can be applied to any seduction related situations and not only on the dance floor – for example when she is back at your place, or if you are meeting a girl in a bar or having an instant date as a result of a successful day game cold approach.


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