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How to Use Compliance Tests to Move Fast with Girls

Note from Chase: J.J. is one of our more esteemed forum members, pulling off seduction jujitsu with beautiful women and producing a steady stream of increasingly ballsy (and often quite funny) lay reports. He has an intelligent, laid back style, doesn't mind moving quickly with women or getting sexual with them in a hurry, and has a lot of great insights into the female mind that he's been liberal with sharing to forum members running into their own issues. Without any more ado, here's J.J.'s first post here on the article side of Girls Chase.

In today's article, what I'll be talking about are basic ways to get a read on how invested in you women are, and how you can escalate that investment very quickly with simple but very powerful compliance tests.

Using compliance tests has been one of the most helpful things I have learned from hanging out here at Girls Chase. Not only is the compliance test an extremely important and useful social tool, you should go to it early and often. With that in mind, I think a good way to kick this off is by focusing on the simple point that there are basically three ways that people interact and make impressions upon one another within a social setting:

  1. They demonstrate their value levels
  2. Indicate interest or disinterest
  3. And they test for compliance

compliance tests

A compliance test is basically asking (or telling) someone to do something for you, and is something that I have noticed has been sorely lacking from a lot of field reports on the boards as of late. I believe there is a reason for that, since testing for compliance is the only action in the list above that really isn't done implicitly or automatically.

Whether we are trying to or not, we're constantly displaying a value level to those around us. We're also constantly displaying interest levels without much awareness of doing it.

Now, just to clarify, so long as you're not running around in autopilot, value and interest displays can definitely be controlled. What I am really getting at here is that you have more control over how you use compliance tests than you do the value or interest levels you display. I think the most important piece of information that you should take away from my brief into here is that testing for compliance actually has pretty profound effects on the value level and the interest level that you display.

The easy part of that formula is that simply by testing for compliance, you show a woman that you are interested in interacting with her. Also, for obvious reasons, getting compliance increases your value from her perspective - you become more attractive. There is also a third (and probably most important) benefit of getting compliance, and that is gaining investment in your interaction from the other person. When people take the time to do things for you - however minute - they're investing their time, thoughts and efforts into the relationship between the two of you.

J.J. JonesAbout the Author: J.J. Jones

J.J. is a prolific natural-turned-student-of-seduction who’s applied study and experimentation to great natural instincts with girls. He’d racked up 50 lays prior to his first marriage, and doubled this within a few years post-divorce after he made a concerted effort to master “game”. J.J. is a member of the Girls Chase Forums, where he posts as “NarrowJ”.

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PD's picture


Glad to see a post fleshing out the workings and results of investment (and compliance, at that). Also, lots of topics in here that could be amplified into articles themselves, especially the "moving too fast" one with details about spotting those signs, and then changing course before all bets are off.

Thanks for sharing the useful knowledge! Already used it in the field yesterday.


Thedoctor's picture

If you hadn't mentioned this was your first article, I'd swear you had been writing them for years. Great Work!

Marty's picture

JJ (NJ!):

A very well thought-out and useful article, with practical implications that are straightforward to put into effect. Thank you!

I particularly liked the following:

•The observation that compliance tests, in contrast to value display or indicators of interest, are one area you have almost complete control over

•The point that you should try to strike a warm and happy, yet masculine note when making the requests

•The effect of placing a request just below her threshold—"Who is this guy?"

•The tableau with "Jason" which is very smooth and a good model to imitate

Appreciate you putting this down on paper in a way that is realistic to memorize and take action on.

Thanks again!

J.J. Jones's picture

Thanks, guys. The positive feedback is much appreciated! And, if there's anything in there that needs some work, those comments are more than helpful.

Best Regards,

ryan's picture

From a beginner who is just learning compliance tests, it's great that you've made this so simple and easy to understand. I look forward to more articles in the future from you :)

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