Why Don't Girls Want Intelligent Guys? Part 4: The Brolosopher | Girls Chase

Why Don't Girls Want Intelligent Guys? Part 4: The Brolosopher

Chase Amante

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Hector Castillo's picture

The brolosopher: smart guy, easygoing diction and delivery. Sharp, savvy, but cool and social. If you want to use that big brain well, it’s time for some brolosophy.

A few years back, I was in a car with my friend. One moment, I was talking about something really deep and profound. I don’t remember what it was, but I do know that the next moment, I made some crass comment about women in some really uneducated language.

My friend, who was driving, laughed hysterically. The juxtaposition of my two stories was pretty strange.

Turning to me, he said in a loving voice, “Hector, you’re the dumbest smart person I’ve ever met in my entire life.”

I didn’t know it at the time, but there was something in what he said. It was the secret to being smart but also socially dominant, physically dominant, and relatable.

And that’s the crux of what this series is about. If you haven’t already, you can (and should) read the previous articles here:

If you don’t want to go full dumbass with women and socializing (which might hurt boyfriend potential), here’s how you hybridize intelligence and base behavior.

It’s my favorite personality that this entity called Hector sometimes adopts.


Yannick's picture

So basically you just go around and tool people, telling them how shitty they are, while showing everyone else how smart you are by the same token - gratuitous bullying, in other words. And that's supposed to make people think you're awesome? Yeah, watch me bow to some of that hierarchy... Gtfo! The funny thing is that you later talked about making friends. Sure, that'll make you friends. And your main excuse for that is that it gets you pussy?! Really? How desperate for pussy do you have to be to stoop this low to get it?

You want people to actually look up to you? Use your intelligence for something that adds to people's lives, or just your own, to produce some awesome piece of music, or a business idea, not to arbitrarily berate them to make yourself look good, because that's pretty much the definition of a shithead.

And what's with the gay stock pics?

Hector Castillo's picture

I don't see anything in your comment even verging on critical commentary. All I see is gratuitous bullying. If you were trying to have a meaningful conversation, you could have gone about that a million different ways. Your first sentence is a gross misinterpretation which I've taken a great many steps in all of my articles to clarify. Did you even read the article?

You remind me of this dumb cunt who summarizes any point she doesn't like and sets up strawmen to finger her clit against - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aMcjxSThD54

"How desperate for pussy do you have to be to stoop this low to get it?"

"What's with the gay stock pics?"

Great. It seems that instead of making an actual argument, you have, ironically, shown yourself to be the thing you seem to hate most - a bully.

Congratulations, you are what you hate most. What's worse than that, you're bad at it. You attempt to be intellectual and grand ("go make awesome music and do great things for society!") but make no substantive arguments outside of virtue signaling and moral shaming ("GO BE WHAT I SAY YOU SHOULD BE OR YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE AND WON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS, BECAUSE I'M MORALLY SUPERIOR AND KNOW BETTER")...

So no intellect.

Then the bullying part. You have no dominance. No teeth. You bite like a crackwhore who got punched by her pimp a few too many times. But at least you probably suck good dick.

If you're going to be a bully, be a fucking bully and learn how to do it. Instead you're over here giving me attention, which emboldens me, and then you also give me even more clicks on my article.

You've fully bought into my frame and with my comment, I was able to concisely demonstrate exactly how a brolosopher makes a wimpy nerd look like the hopeless retard he is.

Thanks, Yannick.

patrick7star7's picture

Excellent article. Great breakdown of basically every aforementioned thing in the series.

What if you've gone into a class being passionate about a subject and shown off your intelligence before your bro? I would think you'd just dial it back and focus more on socializing in class than answering questions, maybe skip a few times, and people would see both of your sides in a matter of time.

I've done this in two of my classes already, and in the much smaller one (also far more conducive to conversation), I've already lost most hints of going too intelligent. I've got a solid grip on most my classmates, as you describe with other dudes being submissive and girls giving you attention. In the larger one, I just recently heard a snarky comment after asking a loaded question that wasn't aligned with what the teacher was throwing out. But this class is way more open to interpretation of the material.

While I still have a good footing with people I've already been socializing with in the class, I fear I may have stepped too far. What do you recommend to people that might have jumped the gun?


Hector Castillo's picture

>What if you've gone into a class being passionate about a subject and shown off your intelligence before your bro? I would think you'd just dial it back and focus more on socializing in class than answering questions, maybe skip a few times, and people would see both of your sides in a matter of time.

Precisely! Do what a bro would do. It's not as effective as a surprise but it's still nice.

With the snarky comment, I would call it out. A submissive nerd wouldn't call someone out. And do it in a dumb, jock-like way.

"Huh?" ask in a dumb voice with an open mouth.

This might embolden your critic and trick him into thinking you're not as smart as you might seem.

If he doesn't respond, follow up and say, "Hey, what do yo say?" If he says, "Nothing" at any point, say, "No, you did say something. Don't be a pussy." The point is to berate him until someone else jumps in, like the professor and stops it, or he either challenges you back or submits. That's pure "WHAT DID YOU SAY?! SAY IT TO MY FACE" dominance, which is brutish and effective if you get away with it and will recover some of your animalism since you've been too intellectual up until now.

Of course, I'm not too concerned with max popularity. I'm concerned with effectiveness. Every guy in the room could hate me, but if I fuck that girl over there, it doesn't matter. The opinion of men is next to useless for me in a social setting. Most men are just social value pawns for me.

So if you can handle some backlash from your animalistic dominance, my tips will do the trick (though you had it mostly figured out).

There's no perfect solution, but if you have enough reserve sadism to enjoy dominating others and can shut off empathy/sympathy enough to not feel bad if people dislike you, you can go far with this strategy.

Giuseppe 's picture

Great article which clearly took you time to write (DUH). I believe that your premise is mainly based on an 'under promise and over deliver' principle which was probably coined a long time ago and bears fruit to any subject you could choose. However, looking at the comments I think you have way too much time on your hands, SIR. I type 100 WPM and wouldn't waste my time writing comments to dumb-asses (like you think I am right now) when I could be using my hands for better things, like demonstrating the very principles you wrote about. How's that for irony?

I now take my leave for better and more intelligent things to do with my hands.

Mike Alexander's picture

As a self-acknowledged "smarty pants", I really would advise against playing dumb (unless we're talking some 48 Laws stuff). I sucked with ladies, too, but it's because smart men live in their heads - the same mistake a lot of women do! We make the mistake of thinking that what's of value to us (intelligence, smarts) is of value to them, and mistakenly in the same way that it's of value to us, too!
Smart guys display intelligence among each other in very dominant fashion, intellectual one-upmanship. And women might find men peacocking versus other men attractive. But if your intelligence comes across the same way to women, then the dynamic has the risk of being that of a teacher and student. And it can make her feel stupid.
If you're "doing you," and she happens to learn from you, then that's great. But the moment she feels you are displaying your intelligence to her, then it can reek of desperate demonstrativeness and snobbishness, whether you mean to or not.
Gotta make it effortless, which is all about modulating how you interact with women and men. Use this line as a guide...
"Humor laughs with; wit laughs at." Women like men who are witty - only when they're with other men. (Or during the flirty phase if she's a b*tchy type, too!)

KKR's picture

I won over $70k in Math competition prize money before the age of 17, represented the US as part of the US Math Team - twice - with 2x MOP black (even that is .00001% of US Math Students), and got perfect score on 25 AP exams 18 of which I didn't even take the class for... and then I became old enough to legally vote.

There is no such thing as "smart", that is just a status term that could be applied to literally any activity if society could agree to do so.

The real shortcut? Do not chase status. You cannot set the goal of being "good at basketball", you must pick a specific goal - get into the NBA - and people will award or take away your status in the ups and downs to hit that target. Once you're in the NBA, you can do something larger but trying to get people to think you're "good at sports" is identical to getting them to think you're "smart". I had to learn all this the hard way because letting status get into my head killed my competitive Math results until I stopped doing it and then I just won even harder and crushed the rest of world decisively. Necessity always wins, chase necessity.

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