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Excellent article. Great breakdown of basically every aforementioned thing in the series.

What if you've gone into a class being passionate about a subject and shown off your intelligence before your bro? I would think you'd just dial it back and focus more on socializing in class than answering questions, maybe skip a few times, and people would see both of your sides in a matter of time.

I've done this in two of my classes already, and in the much smaller one (also far more conducive to conversation), I've already lost most hints of going too intelligent. I've got a solid grip on most my classmates, as you describe with other dudes being submissive and girls giving you attention. In the larger one, I just recently heard a snarky comment after asking a loaded question that wasn't aligned with what the teacher was throwing out. But this class is way more open to interpretation of the material.

While I still have a good footing with people I've already been socializing with in the class, I fear I may have stepped too far. What do you recommend to people that might have jumped the gun?