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So basically you just go around and tool people, telling them how shitty they are, while showing everyone else how smart you are by the same token - gratuitous bullying, in other words. And that's supposed to make people think you're awesome? Yeah, watch me bow to some of that hierarchy... Gtfo! The funny thing is that you later talked about making friends. Sure, that'll make you friends. And your main excuse for that is that it gets you pussy?! Really? How desperate for pussy do you have to be to stoop this low to get it?

You want people to actually look up to you? Use your intelligence for something that adds to people's lives, or just your own, to produce some awesome piece of music, or a business idea, not to arbitrarily berate them to make yourself look good, because that's pretty much the definition of a shithead.

And what's with the gay stock pics?