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>What if you've gone into a class being passionate about a subject and shown off your intelligence before your bro? I would think you'd just dial it back and focus more on socializing in class than answering questions, maybe skip a few times, and people would see both of your sides in a matter of time.

Precisely! Do what a bro would do. It's not as effective as a surprise but it's still nice.

With the snarky comment, I would call it out. A submissive nerd wouldn't call someone out. And do it in a dumb, jock-like way.

"Huh?" ask in a dumb voice with an open mouth.

This might embolden your critic and trick him into thinking you're not as smart as you might seem.

If he doesn't respond, follow up and say, "Hey, what do yo say?" If he says, "Nothing" at any point, say, "No, you did say something. Don't be a pussy." The point is to berate him until someone else jumps in, like the professor and stops it, or he either challenges you back or submits. That's pure "WHAT DID YOU SAY?! SAY IT TO MY FACE" dominance, which is brutish and effective if you get away with it and will recover some of your animalism since you've been too intellectual up until now.

Of course, I'm not too concerned with max popularity. I'm concerned with effectiveness. Every guy in the room could hate me, but if I fuck that girl over there, it doesn't matter. The opinion of men is next to useless for me in a social setting. Most men are just social value pawns for me.

So if you can handle some backlash from your animalistic dominance, my tips will do the trick (though you had it mostly figured out).

There's no perfect solution, but if you have enough reserve sadism to enjoy dominating others and can shut off empathy/sympathy enough to not feel bad if people dislike you, you can go far with this strategy.

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