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I don't see anything in your comment even verging on critical commentary. All I see is gratuitous bullying. If you were trying to have a meaningful conversation, you could have gone about that a million different ways. Your first sentence is a gross misinterpretation which I've taken a great many steps in all of my articles to clarify. Did you even read the article?

You remind me of this dumb cunt who summarizes any point she doesn't like and sets up strawmen to finger her clit against -

"How desperate for pussy do you have to be to stoop this low to get it?"

"What's with the gay stock pics?"

Great. It seems that instead of making an actual argument, you have, ironically, shown yourself to be the thing you seem to hate most - a bully.

Congratulations, you are what you hate most. What's worse than that, you're bad at it. You attempt to be intellectual and grand ("go make awesome music and do great things for society!") but make no substantive arguments outside of virtue signaling and moral shaming ("GO BE WHAT I SAY YOU SHOULD BE OR YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE AND WON'T HAVE ANY FRIENDS, BECAUSE I'M MORALLY SUPERIOR AND KNOW BETTER")...

So no intellect.

Then the bullying part. You have no dominance. No teeth. You bite like a crackwhore who got punched by her pimp a few too many times. But at least you probably suck good dick.

If you're going to be a bully, be a fucking bully and learn how to do it. Instead you're over here giving me attention, which emboldens me, and then you also give me even more clicks on my article.

You've fully bought into my frame and with my comment, I was able to concisely demonstrate exactly how a brolosopher makes a wimpy nerd look like the hopeless retard he is.

Thanks, Yannick.

Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.