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How to Have Sex with Asian Girls

Chase Amante

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asian girlsHere is the next installment in my famous “How to Have Sex with… ” series. In the sphere of Asian girls, I’ve published pieces on How to Have Sex with Thai Girls and How to Have Sex with Filipinas.

Despite not having a particularly strong onset of yellow fever, I have spent a good amount of time in Asia gaining an intimate look into the lives, psyches, sexualities, and beds of Asian women. I have also hooked up with my fair share of Asian girls here Stateside as well.

So since I have experience with Asian girls of all kinds, I thought it would be appropriate to write up a post on how to have sex with Asian girls in general – both in the West and in Asia – and what to expect when trying to take them to bed.

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.



KennyM's picture

Great article, man. I'm just a bit confused on what point you make, which is under the subtitle "You have to get her attention with a masculine frame."

Can you elaborate on this? I'm a bit confused by what you mean with the example you gave of girls who are out in public with their men.

Also, do you think Asians are crazier than Latinas, Colombian women? I have found Colombian women to be the craziest thus far although I've never been in a relationship with an Asian.


David Riley's picture

Hey Kenny,

A masculine frame exhibits the following:
Masculine Presence
Sexy Body Language
Sexy Walk
Sexy Smile
Sexy Eye Contact

Some girls are distracted and just want some attractive male attention. They're just hoping to run into an attractive man today. Girls go through an ordinary day to day life for the most part. So when they actually run across an attractive guy they're completely blow away.

Crazy Factor: To each their own, I've dated a good number of Asian girls. They were mostly Filipino though. I wouldn't say they were crazier than some of my ex black girlfriends though. That's just me though. Any girl can go crazy depending how much she likes you. Some girls are crazy in different ways, black girls would stalk me, white girls would try to sabotage my social network, Hispanics would cuss me out, and Asian girls would just flip out and then forget about me over time.

Just Dave

Guille's picture

Hey dude , i have dated both , asian and colombian girls
south asian girls tend to be more possessive and crazy as colombian girls
but in my experience colombian girls are still much more crazier than asians.

Anonymous's picture

Ok, once again you mention that if you're white that's a great advantage because East Asian men tend to not lead. What if you're an Asian American man? I recently visited a Californian city and noticed to my chagrin that the Asian women I saw tend to be with white guys. Sometimes I wonder if my own kind has turned her backs on us Asian men...

I only say this because I have been using online dating for months now but am unable to scare up a single date. I discovered much to my displeasure that Asian men are discriminated hard against, meaning we have THE lowest interest and response rate of any other races. My recent Tinder experiment shows this to be the case, too (100+ likes and only 1 match). The white guy continues to be king. I'm referring to the OK Cupid study.

Even though Chase's friend wrote one article a while back about how race really isn't a factor, anecdotal evidence, like the OK Cupid study, indicates otherwise.

I'd love to see more articles aimed toward Asian guys. With the bulk of the writers being white and one black man, the lack of role models for Asian men as lovers and romantics interests in basically anything (media, movies, etc) is very disheartening at times. Thanks.

Anonymous's picture

You're right. I'm an Asian male in my late 20s living in the CA bay area. I'd say about 80% of my Asian female acquaintances and friends have a white boyfriend or husband. One "friend" specifically and repeatedly laments how it's too bad we're not dating because I'm not white (she only dates white men). It's like an epidemic of intra-racism.

I think you just have to accept this. Before it's too late, keep looking until you find someone who is open to Asian men (i.e., treating every race the same or specifically looking for Asians). If you're lucky, you'll find an Asian girl interested in you on OkCupid like I have. I think the most valuable tip you can take from this article is to be playful. I've found that is literally the most effective thing for Asian girls of our generation if you're not a PUA alpha or whatever.

At the same time, you can study what your Caucasian counterparts are doing to be successful with Asian women. Yeah, some girls will go after white guys because of the looks, but perhaps there are also things you can learn about them. What is it (besides things you can't change) that makes them attractive?

Hope this helps.

Chase Amante's picture

Hey gents-

Worth noting that California is probably arguably the worst/hardest place to try and meet women in the United States. The male-female ratios in the Bay Area, for instance, tilt strongly in favor of women (San Fran itself isn't too awful at 112 single men 18 to 29 for every 100 single women, but Santa Rosa, Vallejo, and Stockton are all at 24 to 28 + single men in that age range, and San Jose's at 130 single men to every 100 single women).

We've had a few Asian commenters on the discussion boards note that the worst cities they've found for Asian men to meet women in are the ones with large Asian populations - San Francisco, Vancouver, Toronto, etc. These are just hard cities in general as well - some of the toughest places to meet girls in, and the ones where you'll see the greatest number of attractive, successful men pairing off with mediocre women because that's the best they could do. They're definitely cities that are "buyers' markets" for women (as compared to, say, NYC or Chicago).

+1 on playfulness. All my friends who specialize in Asian women (from Asia or first generation in the West) exude playfulness and it seems to be an adapted personality trait. Although I have known a few Asian men who did extremely well with the very dominant, aggressive personality style too, though that isn't suited to everyone I suppose.


Anonymous's picture

Hmm...I'm about to take a job in a small coastal city just an hour's drive south of Silicon Valley. Reading Chase's comments about San Jose having a 130-male to 100-female ratio is now giving me second-thoughts, as I was going to use that as a stomping grounds. Then again, I have lived for far too long in one of those small towns in the middle of nowhere that Chase keeps talking about having to move away from in order to have a dating pool. So, I guess being closer to a big city is still a step-up for me.

lucifer's picture

Hey Chase,

I am still struggling to understand the numbers here:

How can there possibly be an overall oversupply of men in the younger age bracket if at birth men and women are more or less evenly split?

I just can't wrap my head around it..

Chase Amante's picture


So far as I can tell, there are several reasons for this:

  1. Men date younger quite frequently, while women do not do so nearly as much. A 30-year-old man dating a 22-year-old woman, and then a 40-year-old man dating a 32-year-old woman - not all that uncommon - means one less single man for the lonely older single women, and one less single woman for the lonely younger single men. Thus, larger populations of single older women and single younger men

  2. U.S. infants are born at a rate of 105 male births for every 100 female births, with few of these males dying from accidents or war in modern times; this means an extra +5 single males everywhere in the developed world until these men start dying earlier from heart disease and cancer, as they are wont to do, eventually leaving single older women alone (since they live longer)

  3. Another possible compounding factor, though likely nowhere near as important as the former two: since 1980, immigration in the United States has brought in more males than females, adding to the male surplus, especially in major cities, which is where immigrants tend to head


Jeff's picture

As an Asian male, I agree. I think we're dead last, way behind any other race. I think it's two fold: 1- the media and 2- our ideas of what women want.

The media does traditionally portray Asian men as weaker and less masculine. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? Truth is, most Asian men I know, aren't the "manliest" in the western sense of the word. And this brings me to my second point...

Asian men tend to think all women want a financially secure, boring, serious guy. Look at any Japanese anime movie. The lead guy is some boring tool who wears glasses and is way too serious. He gets the girl at the end because the manga is written by a dorky Asian guy. In reality, this is the nice guy who never gets the girl. Almost all of my Asian friends know nothing about how to get women. I stand out from them as I've been school pretty well by Chase. I know what women want and I know how to act around women. So I get way more action than other Asian guys.

Now, you mention Tinder and these other modes of getting women. When it comes to just looks, sorry to say, we're almost dead last. Because the stereotypes come into play. Women are seeing a pic of an Asian man. She'll swipe "no" on Tinder. But if you walk up to a woman and talk to her the way this site talks about, then you have a shot.

Just deal with the fact that looking like an Asian man is a negative. Sort of what it must have been like to be black in the 1940s. Whatever, though. It's life. Deal with it. Just meet women IN PUBLIC (not online) and go strong and give everything you got.

Let her see that you're a real man and she'll be yours.

asian dude's picture

It would be would wise not to feed yourself with what the media tells you in the first place. Just today alone.. i saw a huge porpotion of Asian/non-asian female couples today and my buddy is married to a white women. Let me also add to the fact that my mentor is half white half asian whose father is Asian. I mean if you know your history.. Asian guys where dating non asian women in the 1930s and this was during the time of the Anti-miscegenation laws. Ever heard of Mexipino? that started with Filipinos/Mexican women...

You need to understand women are social creatures in i wouldn't be suprised if asian girls are dating out...never bitter though, because i would have to ask myself if i would date these women myself...and not the fact just because i see an asian girl.

shit... i know this article is about sleeping with asian girls...but i would recommend you reading the articles:

Tapping Your Social Circle to Meet Loads More Girls.

True Freedom Means Many Weak Ties and Few Strong Ones.

blah blah... thats how asian girls do gonna have to put yourself out there and be an asian its well worth it when you hop back to the asian circles. added with the insights on on this will be different to other Asian me bro...

you gonna have to get out of comfort zone and make friends with different types of people of all racial backgrounds, social class,,to expand your dating pool..

Anonymous's picture

As in, from Spain (as opposed to Latinas)?

Or more generally maybe, in any country where male competition is fierce as the guys have a tendency to be natural seducers themselves?

In my opinion, Spanish girls (and Mediterranean girls in general) are among the most sexy girls of the world, but they can also be quite hard to "get".

David Riley's picture

Hello Anon,

I will let Chase and the other authors know of your request.

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Heyy Colt, great article... I am a guy from India, and I am 19...I have been following this site for a while...great articles...but the girls here are not as open to having sex on the first meeting for the fear of being judged by the society...and being a country in which we live with our parents makes it harder to find places to have sex.. !! If any of the board writers have an experience on how to do better with Indian women, please write up an article, would love to read it..

David Riley's picture

Hey Anon,

Another user request an article on "Getting Indian Girls", I let Chase and the other author's know. Stay tuned!

Just Dave

Anonymous's picture

Hey Chase! Great article! BUT I DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP. The new school year has started(I am a senior), and during the first week in my buisness class(1st hr) my teacher made us do an excercise where we had to get up and go around the room and talk and introduce ourselves. And if we found a person who had a trait on the paper, we'd get them to sign it(kind of like bingo).One of the girls (a REALLY CUTE ASIAN) came and introduced herself and we found out that we were BOTH BORN OUT OF STATE. She is also in my marketing class(3rd hr) and the SAME THING HAPPENED AGAIN. After this, I began to think about my interactions with her and safely assumed that she has some interest in me. However, I didn't do anything with her, and she ended up becoming friends with a foreign exchange student from Bahrain( I too am Arab). It's the second week of school already, and I'm losing her. My question to you is, how do I get her to like me again?(what would you in my place?) I have read your article on girls in class(another great article,by the way). I'm thinking if doing the food in the bag thing but I kinda figured it's too late (she's also a vegetarian). She is also new to the school. Any helpful and useful advice/suggestions would be much appeciated. Thanks! -A BIG fan of yours

Nada's picture

Nice article! Great job really.

One thing that concerned me though, is when you said Asian girls are going up the totem pole because they have qualities Western men want in women. That's a good thing of course (I am an Asian woman, too) But it kinda makes me feel bad for Western and other women. I don't think interracial marriages are bad, but it's sad when a majority of men from one society will somehow abandon a majority of their women because they are fat or whatever the reason.

So.... I kinda need some reassurance that even if Asian women become the #1 desirable woman, no one else will lose their ranks.

EvanK's picture


Had to rain in when I saw this post... No, white guys aren't abandoning white women. Look around. Magazines, movies, TV... what do you see? It's usually the Western ideal of beauty. Not the Eastern ideal.

The article at which you are commenting doesn't say that white women will be obsolete. In fact, ask almost any guy what kind of woman he prefers, and he'll usually say white or Latin. Not Asian. Nerdy white guys tend to like Asian women, but I can guarantee you most white guys, like me, don't give two shits for Asian women. I'll always pick a sexy blonde or a sexy Latina over an Asian. Most guys do care about curves, sex appeal, and a face that isn't Asian. That's what we get from white and Latin women.


TheSarge's picture

I spent three years in college hanging out with the Asian students. I can tell you that the NE Asian women wouldn't touch a Black-American man if you paid them for it. There are several reasons for this. The first is they have been taught that we are the lowest of the low by the media and traveling white people. The second reason is even if the women are interested in black men, their parents will never allow it and will cause plenty of hell to prevent such a union. The Chinese, Japanese and Korean women were friendly with me just for the fact I was perhaps the only real American at my that eagerly pursued efforts to be their friend, sex and dating just wasn't going to happen. I have yet to experience any incursions into East Asia to enforce my observations to date.

So, any other ethnic minority who thinks they have it bad, believe me when I say it's not as bad as being Black. EVERY Asian woman I met in college only wanted to date their own; Chinese, Japanese, etc.

Sad. I'd do the most unspeakable sick #%@$ deeds to have an Asian wife. I'm not the only one who feels this way. Desperate? Nope, I only want what everyone else either has or wants.

Just Call Me Joe's picture

"How to have sex with Asian girls"
Trivial. If you are white, go visit Asia.

Philippines is easiest because they all speak English. I've been standing in line at the store and mothers would say, "Are you single? Can I introduce you to my daughter?" I know maybe 50 Fil-Am couples in the US, with anywhere from about the same age to 30 years age difference. The women all say the same thing, they would never date a Filipino, only white guys. This is a widespread preference but few Filipinas know any white guys. So, if you show up, they will line up. You can also hit the jackpot by landing a nurse. Nurses in the Philippines get paid squat. But in the US, they can make over $100k/yr. I know a few in the US married to white guys. One guy did fantastic. He is a cable TV tech, married a nurse who now makes over twice his salary. Another case, the Filipina nurse makes $150k and her husband makes $400k, a long way from the shack she grew up in.

Next is Indonesia. There is a common fantasy among Indo girls to have sex with a bule (white) before they get married, but I will tell you from experience, if they don't make it before, they will after. I even asked a bunch of friends of my Indo girlfriend about it. "If language were not a barrier [it is], about what percent of Indo girls would want to have sex with a bule?" They talked and concluded 70%. That may be indicative of upper class college girls in Jakarta, but it was well taken. I have had Indo girls literally chase me down the street. Learn a few words and you can have as many Indo girls as you can handle.

Thailand can be great too, especially if you are willing to throw them a few dollars. But I don't care for Thai girls. Singapore girls are tough. Malaysian Chinese girls are my favorite in the whole world. Hong Kong girls are pretty easy too. I find that Korean-American girls are MUCH easier than Korean girls in Korea. God, I've slept with three Korean-Americans in the last three months. I haven't gotten them in bed at the same time yet, though. Vietnamese American girls are easy too, but as long as they think their parents won't find out.

I will validate the observation that Asian girls are more likely to be tight. Out of being with maybe 80 Asian girls and 40 white girls, I would say 70% of the Asian girls are tight (one Indo girl was super tight, too tight).

The other thing is that some Asian girls pretend to be saving themselves for their husbands, but in reality they are just saving for the first guy that gets them aroused. American men are more dominate than most Asian men, as so it is easy to be their first. I've had 15 Asian virgins. One Indo girl on our first date said, "I am saving myself for my husband, so no sex!" We were having sex on our second date and she was having a blast.

Asian girls are the easiest to get into bed if you are white, compared to any other races. They can be angels or sluts (there are a LOT of sluts), but even the angels are easy.

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