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All Women Long to Taste Adventure

What do these men have in common?

  • The wealthy investment banker or self-made multimillionaire business owner lounging in the VIP section of the nightclub with bottles of champagne, or skating about town in his brightly colored Lamborghini.

  • The sexy Mediterranean man, a silky accent rolling off of his Spanish or Italian or Greek lips, a specific flair about him that makes him seem rich with experience, intrigue, and hints of the romantic.

  • The enigmatic artist, a lone writer or fervent painter, who exists outside the system – neither retail worker nor manual laborer nor cubicle desk jockey, but creative, tortured soul consumed by his demons, and by a passion few keep past their first decade of life.

woman adventure

All these men have various different things going for them that trigger an assortment of different attraction triggers in women:

Yet, there is also something about each man that the majority of men a woman meets lacks.

It is not something he is, so much...

It is something he offers her.

This thing he offers her is an adventure – one of romance, one of excitement, one of the unknown. One that seems to step right out of the romance novels women turn the pages of with ardor when no one is around to watch them (frequently slipping a hand delicately into their panties as they do so).

Adventure is the great equalizer, and it is the reason you will see overweight, balding, non-rich men ending up with women that trim, good-looking, well-off men struggle to get. Not because the former man is better, per se... but because he offered her something the latter may not have even known was important to bother offering.

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his Mastery Package.


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Nick's picture

On the second study of misattribution of arousal in your bold

" there was an increase in attraction for attractive members of the opposite sex and an equal decrease in distaste for unattractive members of the opposite sex."

maybe I am misinterpreting but shouldn't equal decrease be equal increase? Threw me for a loop for a second or two, anyway fascinating article.

Chase Amante's picture


Good catch! You are correct - that ought to be "increase." I've just fixed.


robertnyc's picture

Chase - I like the article but maybe as a beginner this view of women loving adventure is not matching up with my recent experiences.

Maybe I need to work more on my fundamentals or on my seduction skills but it seems like I am often offering adventures and sexy times to women and they are just not up for it. A few months back I planted the idea of a sexy lunch time rendezvous at a cute single lady's apartment near her job. I thought meeting would brighten her day and give her some romance and adventure but she just thought I was a bit crazy and didn't even nibble on the idea. She would rather have a boring lunch at her office rather then a sexy noon time romp was my thought at the time!

From recent experience I would say only 1 or 2 women out of 10 responded favorably to my trying to offer a sexy adventure. The other 8 or 9 just weren't interested for no apparent reason, they didn't even try to make an excuse like they had a previous commitment, etc.

I love the idea of bringing excitement and adventure into women's lives but when my attempts to do that are mostly rejected without any apparent reason its hard not to feel disappointed/a bit bitter and to question whether most women are really interested in having romantic adventures like you describe.

Anyway, being the romantic adventurer is certainly something a man can aspire to and I hope to get there one day! I'd be curious to know if you ever ran into the issues I am having when you were starting out and how you overcame them. Thanks!

David Riley's picture

Hey Robert,

It all comes down to a woman's mood and how much effort the activity is going to take. When a woman's at work she's primarily in work mode, and more than likely trying to relax. Now if you suggested the activity for a relaxing stroll after work, she may have been up for it. Women get into routines and unless you're worth breaking routine for, she's not going to budge. Also meeting girls at their jobs is a bad idea if you haven't slept with them. That normally signals you want something serious, even if she's interested she won't go for it.

When a girl dismisses you without making an excuse, it's a sign she's just not interested. Some women are happy with the attention you give. If you're the one putting in all the effort, she's lost interest. I stopped trying to convince girls who weren't interested in going on adventures, and went to where the adventurous girls were. I would go to parks during my lunch hour or breaks in the day. I would walk up to the girls who were by themselves and looked bored. I knew those were the ones who would be interested in what I was selling. Overall, pitching adventures to girls is better in person. Especially when you first meet them. It lessens the chance of them dismissing you.

Take care,

Just Dave

Chase Amante's picture


In addition to what Dave had to say about mood, your own presentation and convincingness in wanting an adventure plays a big role in it too.

A guy who says, "Let's sneak onto that off-limits patio," in a slightly hesitant voice and who's doing it mostly just to impress the girl and who yields as soon as she says, "No... I don't want to get caught," has a very different effect on a woman than a guy who says, "Come on, we're sneaking onto that patio," and when she says, "No... I don't want to get caught," he grabs her by the arm and drags her anyway with a big, confident grin.

Most women fantasize about adventure, but get cold feet in real life the moment before they'd take the plunge. One of the big things they look to the man to do is force them over those cold feet and into action, and this is one where your experience of bringing women into adventures and shrugging off protests or lukewarm initial responses comes into play. When you're just starting out, you'll take these reactions at face value; after you have some experience under your belt though, you KNOW she's going to love it, which just makes all that hesitancy she gives you at first (that you then bullishly overcome) all the more delicious.


Emile's picture

Hey Chase! Great article mate! Explains why its so easy to hook up with girls in abandoned places or the roof! But can you help a brother out with one thing? Humour. I tend to gravitate towards silly stuff. And im aiming for the smart ass wit... Ive seen some articles you posted but still dont seem to get it. Id be forever gratefull if you could send something my way!


David Riley's picture

Hey Emil,

Check out some of these more in depth articles on using humor in seduction.

Mastering Playful Banter
Cocky and Funny
Teasing a Girl in The Right Way

Take care,

Just Dave

Von's picture

So chase, we can take girls to the movies if it's only a scary one? And we can take girls to lazer tag dates for a first date too? do you have to pay for it ? How do you get a girl to pay for lazer tag herself without it ruining the mood?

What about sports? Is playing sports together a good date for adventure?

Thank you

Chase Amante's picture


Almost any of these are fine SO LONG AS you have a plan for what you're doing and you're doing it for a reason.

If you're doing it just to be interesting or because you hope she will like it or you don't know what else to do, you're doing it wrong and are better off going with a café / coffee shop date where you just chat and invite her home after (or adjourn the date on your terms and set up a second date later if you're using date compression).


Torus's picture

Hi Chase,
Before I come to my question, a few tipps what I use in my relationship to increase adventure:
-Risk being caught. Could be semi public sex, but also as easy as slip a hand in her slip under a restaurant table or feeling her up at a friends party in the hall way/ her parents house. She will might protest but like the thrill.
-Plan a date without telling her the details. Just some ominous instructions like: wear sturdy boots. Or dress sexy- no slip. Your plan only has to be somewhat unusual- her excitement takes care of the rest. Restist her attempts to learn more beforehand- give mysterious answers only.
-introduce novelty in the bedroom. She will not asked for it, but might be quite willing to give in to more kinky stuff.

That leads me to my question. I am succeeding to far at sexualy liberating my girlfriend, by being really open myself and pushing her limits outward - she loves it. But when we talked about sexual fantasies, she just did not know what else would turn her on, but she is not too shy to ask for the things we did before.
That's why I bought with her two classic books of erotic literature (Nancy Friday) so she could get inspired and see what turns her on. She never read anything like that before and I still think it can be stimulating for both of us. But your articles makes me wonder:

Am I spoiling my girlfriend and setting up to high expectations by giving her/reading to her erotic literature?

Chase Amante's picture


To some extent, awakening a woman sexually is sort of opening up a Pandora's box. Once it's opened, you can't put the things that have come out of it back in again. If she's a high sex drive girl or has a lot of curiosity, there's a good chance you may be creating "trouble" for yourself later on down the line when you do this if you're trying to hang onto her, when she begins to wonder about what else is out there and what it'd be like to experience it.

Of course, the flip side is, if you don't bring her to a sexual awakening, your sex life will be... kind of dull. So, it's a judgment call: more pleasure and more risk, or more boredom and less risk? I'd argue that the nobler thing to do for her is probably to give her her awakening, even if it means that the two of you may eventually part ways; now she is free to be her true self and do what she truly enjoys, rather than continuing to keep it repressed to stay in lockstep with society.

But it's an individual choice every man must make, and you're under no obligation of course to sexually liberate a woman just because you can (and indeed, there are stages of liberation - getting her comfortable with oral sex and doggystyle when she doesn't want to do these at all at first at the extreme of one end, and getting her into swinger parties and orgies on the extreme other end - just because you unlock one level for her doesn't mean you unlock the next, though it can make her more curious about the next, especially if she's high curiosity and/or high drive).


PDB's picture

Would you ever make such a statement?

Of course not. This is not a thing men concern themselves with.

A man might want to be passionate... if he thinks being passionate might help him to get laid.

Hahaha, truer words were never spoken.

Ross Leon's picture

Also fun to point out that I recently viewed a trailer for a 50 Shades of Grey movie that has been gradually shifting it's way around the female sphere of influence. Girls are going crazy over the idea of a dominant man who sleeps with a normal, pretty girl, because that's the very thing that they wish would happen to them!

As a side, a girlfriend of mine told me that I should have been the lead - but I told her that I'm not a pornographic actor ;).

Adam Malek's picture


Could I have your on something, Dave? Chris Rock once mentioned that girls can not go back in lifestyle. My mother got fired a 16 months ago and now tries some self-employment and her business partner asked her how much she wanted. And she said what she had. Now this might be simple "I am used to earn this, so I want it", but I wonder, if a girl is used to, that her boyfriend pays for, takes her everywhere, to plays, expensive events, would she date someone who is not that financially secure? And if she did, how would that change affect the relationship?

Adam M.

Jimbo's picture

... for your woman: your running from a fight or losing one?

Does a man who loses a fight also loses respect of others? I haven't witnessed an actual fight in a while and my last fight was in junior high, so I forgot how humiliating it is for someone to get their ass kicked, if at all.

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