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What to Do When Women Titillate You

Chase Amante

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women titillate
Women will try to titillate you for fun, their own amusement, or to see what you'll do. But you can't respond by drooling, OR ignoring them...

When I was young, I always attempted not to react when women tried to titillate me. I knew they were trying to get a reaction out of me, and didn't want to give them the satisfaction of having got one over on me. I'd watched them do it to so many other guys: showing a little skin around a guy and having him flip out... grinding on his crotch on the dance floor and having him go nuts... mentioning something sexual around him and watching him chase.

But I also discovered that, past early high school or so, you also couldn't just ignore a girl's attempts to titillate you and hope for her to drop that and just openly pursue you, either. Instead, if you didn't respond at all to her titillation, she'd assume you weren't interested and move on.

Once I realized this, I had to figure out: how do you respond to a woman's titillation enough that she knows you're interested, but not so much she thinks she 'has' you and loses all interest?

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



America's Ass's picture

Damn! I swear I was just literally going to ask you about how guy can use mirroring in the context of a courtship. Anyway, it seems you read my mind lol!

Bond's picture

Hey Chase!

Hope you're good man.

I wonder if you have some advice on how to write + publish a book .
Do you need a lot of ca[ital to afford a publisher etc?
And what do you think of traditional vs self publishing? How about publishing on Amazon?

Lastly, do you have any experience writing books, other than your seduction related books?


Chase Amante's picture


For writing, I strongly recommend you read Stephen King's book On Writing. That contains the best two pieces of advice I've heard anywhere on writing any lenghty tome:

  1. Write at least 2,000 words a day, every day. Preferably as the first thing you do, in the morning -- treat it as a task and get it done
  2. Second draft = first draft minus 10%. When editing, start with the word count of your first draft, and trim 10% off that by the time you're done with that first edit. Makes the final draft much, much tighter (normal habit for most people is to add a bunch in while doing their editing)

There are many more great tips in there that make it well worth a read, if you intend to write.

Publishing-wise, I've heard pros and cons re: traditional publishing houses. If you want to go that route, you usually need an agent first. There are various websites that will show you how to find an agent and what your application process should look like. You can also self-publish, either on your own website or on Amazon, in Apple Books, etc. The marketing is going to be completely up to you in those cases though, and if you'll go the Apple or Amazon route you should read up on how to present and market an Apple/Amazon title.

In terms of income:

  • You keep 100% of any sales you make yourself (minus whatever in-house costs you have), and can set whatever price you want. But you also have to drive all the traffic and sell the buyer, which is a pretty big task
  • You keep 30-70% of sales you make with Amazon or Apple. However you are restricted on what price you can set if you want the better royalty, and you're still responsible for a fair bit of positioning, marketing, and so on, though much less than you are when selling on your own site
  • You keep generally 5-10% of sales you make with a traditional publishing house, and have no control over the price (or indeed, even the final edit of the book). However, if yours is one of the books the publishing house deems likely to succeed, they may throw a bunch of weight toward helping you get a bunch of media placements to sell your book. If you're among the vast majority of publishing house books and they mostly ignore you, they won't give you much help and you'll still be down to primarily trying to push sales yourself

I have a friend who published a book with Harper Collins about four days after I published our first book on Amazon (How to Text). His was a book in the business category -- really excellent book, tons of endorsements from notable business writer experts, and so on. It started off doing somewhat close to our sales for How to Text, but today does probably 1/10th our Kindle sales and about 1/3rd our Audible sales. Publishing with Harper Collins got him a small advance, but didn't really do very much for him. (our sales are higher partly due to how I positioned our book, and partly due to traffic from the Girls Chase website and newsletter -- it is not a guarantee you will do great selling with Amazon either, just giving an example here of how a publishing house doesn't guarantee you great sales)

I would also note that our sales of How to Text are about 1/3 of what our average sales were for How to Make Girls Chase when the emphasis on GC was that book and not One Date.

So at least in my experience, selling on a website > selling on Amazon > selling via a publishing house, most of the time, since you are going to have to be marketing and driving traffic yourself either way.

Of course, there are benefits to selling on Amazon (especially if you have multiple books up -- which we don't on there yet).

And if you are one of the lucky winners the publishing house picks to really promote, you might be able to get some serious sales.

So, it all depends.


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