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The Genuine Man, Part 10: A King in Action

Chase Amante

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Welcome to the final article in the Genuine Man series.

We’ve covered all the mindsets, techniques, and fundamentals of becoming a genuine man – or at least the overarching principles, which include:

Now I want to show you what that looks like in action, or at least begins to look like once you hit this level. I’ll present many examples of my current genuity and actions and compare them to my former jerk procedures.

Hector CastilloAbout the Author: Hector Castillo

Hector Castillo is the web’s top expert on getting laid in college. In his small town university, he went from World of Warcraft nerd to president of his fraternity in 4 years... And on the way, he bedded close to 50 women. To follow his life up close, follow his Instagram here. His book King of College is due out soon. Listen to the 40-minute interview with Hector on his story and some of his prized tech... and sign up for a 12-week coaching course with him, here:



MattieR's picture

Since you went to college and was in a frat, do you think you could write a How-to article on getting sorority girls? Best way to talk to them, how they think. pros and cons of being in a frat or gdi, etc. Debunking any stereotypes on them. Thanks.

Hector Castillo's picture

Hey MattieR!

I'm actually working on a book right now. I'm going to cover everything I know about college. Frats, sororities, college bar game, reputation management, house party game, etc. Also, TONS of stories to go along with every lesson. I'm going to teach men how to become the kings of their campus :)

I have about 50ish pages of notes and 40 pages of actual prose written. It's looking to be a HUGE project, so don't expect it to be done for some time (I'm hoping to be done with the first draft by the end of summer). But if you still have even just a year left of college, you'll hopefully be able to apply some of the knowledge before you graduate. And I'm actually going to tailor it to social circle game, too, so even out of college-people can learn from it, since mastering college game involves mastering social circle game. And it's safe to say I've done that.

So yeah, look forward to that, because I'm saving most of my college secrets for that ;)

- Hector

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Nat's picture

Haven't heard any updates on the book from you or GC. Can't wait for it to be done since I'm going through the whole college application process currently. Any news or updates?

Hector Castillo's picture

Hey Nat,

My plan is to have it done by next summer so that guys can go into the Fall semester with a plan of action. Also, I'm a very verbose guy and don't put out writing that hasn't been polished to a very high degree (this entire series is over 200 12-font/double-spaced pages long; it took a few weeks to write it all).

Also, I'm working on a business with my dad right now, and if that gets profitable, I can focus full-time on writing.

I expect my college guide to be around ~1,000 pages, if you want a rough estimate. It'll contain a very in-depth narrative of my rise to fame from Freshman year all the way to 5th year. It'll include guides to fraternities/sororities, college bars/clubs, reputation management(probably the most complete reputation guide ever put on paper), and managing social circles.

It'll also include lay reports and fuck-up reports from every angle you can imagine (every section will have a narrative in it).

Right now, it goes like this

Jester - mostly fundamentals/basic social circle techniques/one or two mindsets

Knight - climbing to the top of social circles and getting your name known

King - becoming the top dog in any social circle, being a common name around school, etc

I'm also thinking about cutting it into two completely different sections, depending on if you wanna stay low-key, or be the most well known dude on campus.

I have about ~50 pages written right now, with somewhere around 20 pages of notes/section headings.

I'm actually going to post on the Off-Topic forum so I can get some ideas about what people want out of the book.

Thanks for the kick-in-the-ass reminder!

- Hector

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Nat's picture

Perfect timing on your approximate release date. Sounds like it's going to be epic. As a soon to be college freshman this is a must have. Keep up the hard work, brother and well wishes .

Hector Castillo's picture

There's the thread I started for material suggestions and questions. If you have anything you want included in the book, let me know there, with as much detail as possible.

- Hector

Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

subzz's picture

i following these entire series from the beginning and i must say it has huge impact on me. People always say "be humble" or true humble men are always respected and you are the first one who have broken down the entire process so well. Currently i am entering in "jerk-phase" and developing humility at the same when no one is watching. And i must say way u write things has a very specific kinda appeal.

i just struck in one or two places, which i would like to share with u.

1. i really dont know any jerk type person around me from whom i can learn things lil bit.
2. Since i am quite nice( not "nice guy" way i m still on bolder side by default) in nature sometime i feel that my behavior is not congruent.
For example sometime i have body language of a extreme jerk but sounded bit nice. OR after for a certain amount of time acting like a true jerk i am shifting to my original nature.
3. Since i am on my learning curve, sometime when in face of confrontation or loud ,arrogant guy,my own self doubt pulls me backward, resulting weaker frames.

if u can suggest something,it would be great help
thank you brother

Hector Castillo's picture

Hey subbz,

You're about to have a lot of fun. Get ready for a lot of pain ;) But it's good for you, I promise!

1. I'm always going to recommend Tucker Max, as he was my first spiritual mentor (never got to meet or talk to him, but I learned enough from his memoirs). Start with I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell, then do a bit of practice and then get Assholes Finish First. Once you've gotten really good, round off your knowledge with Hilarity Ensues. I tell you to take your time with each, it's because you should grow with him; in each book, he gets more and more genuine. Once you find yourself looking at some of his writing and go "Alright, you're trying a bit TOO hard there," you'll know you're ready to ascend the jerk-phase. But if your response is, "oh em gee, why are you so mean?!," then you're probably a pussy and need the jerk-pill.

Also you could always check out my first article,

It's a great intro into the jerk phase, even though I'm writing it while at the higher advanced level.

2. If your body language is jerk-ish, but your words are nice, you're actually in a fantastic place. But if you're asking about the distinction, then you're probably not actually having the "body language of a jerk." Ask yourself - am I taking up as much space as possible just because I want to? Are my movements really slow or really exaggerated (either are signs of confidence/arrogance)? Do I feel good?

If you answer no to any of these questions, you're not doing it right.

3. Yep, it's called getting bitched out. Happens all the time. Sometimes it will occasionally happen to me if I'm not paying attention. Oh well. You'll decrease the frequency of it as you get better. Just learn from your competition.

- Hector

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lux7's picture

Hey man, lovely capping of the series by putting some examples here.

What do you think if one reading Tucker Max would just think many of those stories are super funny and would enjoy probably hanging around him and laughing his off but wouldn't want to get dragged into his antics?

Anonymous's picture

You're a good man, Hector.

Hector Castillo's picture

I appreciate the compliment homie!

All the best, Mr. Anon,


Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

Matt C.'s picture

Phenomenal article. I've learned so much from this series. Thank you for your effort over the years to write this down for us students. Much appreciated. Cheers.

Hector Castillo's picture

I hope that you can share the amazing life I've had the great fortune of enjoying ;)

And don't forget to carve your own path!

- Hector

Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

Nat528's picture

This series has already made a huge difference in and on the perspective of my life. Been getting the results that I've wanted with women, though I still meet roadblocks on my game from time to time (no biggie, move on and learn from the experience). Though I'm still a virgin, with this new me, I know for sure my sheets won't be empty for a looong time.

Much love


Hector Castillo's picture

All things in time, my friend ;) I didn't lose my virginity until Christmas 2010. I was 18 and had been with my girlfriend 6 months but had performance anxiety literally 10-15 different times. Talk about humiliating.

But I pressed on and eventually became a sex god :D

I pray to the fertility gods for your success; may your virginity be offered as sacrifice haha.

With love,


Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

radeng's picture

Wow, hector. I just reread the entire series. I must say, I am incredibly impressed with the insight in all of these articles. At first, I had dismissed them, and thought, nah this guy is too young to have a grasp about what a real man needs to know. I have always been highly skeptical of advice given by guys younger than 24 because I felt I didn't really have a grasp on life before that point. You have totally made me change my mind here.

Through reading this series, I was able to totally relate to my journey of growth to becoming more "genuine" myself. Not only did I relate, I picked up bits and pieces I had missed before, and because you wrote it in such a detailed and nuanced way with complete examples, I feel I will be able to readily apply the mindset you were working to convey on a much more consistent basis and though I had reached similar conclusions through learning game I never gave my evolution to a genuine man nearly this much thought, or realized how important it is to encompass this mindset all the time. I just sort of ended up there through trial and error over a real long time ha!

Anyway, thanks for the read, can't wait to see more from you.


Hector Castillo's picture

Hey Radeng,

I totally understand your position. If I was in my mid to late twenties, especially if I was advanced with girls, I'd be skeptical of advice from a 22 year old (well, I'm 23 now). And as I look back on my earlier articles, I'd be even more skeptical. I was quite a douche and though I knew my stuff, I was too "new money." I hung out with Ethan recently and he alerted to me this, too. And I love hearing stuff like this; harsh criticism isn't offensive in the least. I love it! So what I'm trying to say is thank you for your skepticism, because without such feedback from guys like you, I wouldn't be able to recognize the gaps in my knowledge.

I'm glad you were able to gain something from this series and maybe even learn some new shit!

I can tell from your writing that you "get it." This means you already are here, you're just not so cognizant of it, as you point out. Once you become aware of it consciously and not just subconsciously, as you already were, you are able to, as you say, be more consistent because you're disciplining yourself that much more!

A cool tip - go read some really "beginner" articles on this site, especially ones that you might skip over because you know it already, and you'll be surprised how educational the basic articles are. The secrets of game are as present in the fundamentals as they are in the hyper-details of advanced game; also, the simple shit keeps you grounded and maintains a clear big picture of how the advanced parts of your game fit into the mechanism of action and thought you call "game."

- Hector

Want to make her wet? I'll show you how.

NickAngel's picture

I've thoroughly enjoyed both the genuine insight and dramatic style of this entire series. I have to say that you and Chase and BY FAR my favorites to read (which speaks more to your credit than their degradation, seeing as all the content on this site is high quality stuff).
Anyhow, I've come across a slightly embarrassing weakness of mine when it comes to social dynamics, and I'd really appreciate if you could clear up something for me. I admittedly have a few theories of my own on how to handle this, but I would definitely prefer to hear the insight of a pro.
My issue is this: I have a fairly easy time speaking to girls I just met, and women in general. However, I find myself stumped when it comes to chatting up guys I'm not already friends with. With new girls, it all seems too natural: I open direct (usually), start flirting and getting investment, then straight to deep diving (not that I'm perfect, obviously, but I know HOW)
With guys I've just met, however, I always come across as a bit of a standoffish asshole. Everything is vaguely uncomfortable, like we're sizing each other up instead of just chillin'. To be more specific, when it comes to socializing with new guys, how in particular do I operate? How do I open? Do I deep dive? Start with a more jovial and cocky vibe? What topics do I explore? (a little tricky since I don't already share mutual interests like I do my friends) How do I express interest and add value without acting like I'm hitting on them and hoping they'll suck me off? (your style rubs off a little, I think ;))
Anyhow, I'd really appreciate if you could get back to me, Hector (Chase's input is always welcome too), and I hope you continue writing because your stuff kills.

Romy's picture

Hey Hector,

One Question: how do you look? Because I really found myself in this article, specially in the attainability and confidence parts. I'm a pretty sweet guy with confidence and arrogance on a controlable level. But, I look a bit tough, sorth of like Vin Diesel look. Since I started shaving my head, girls bring me fast to auto-rejection. Chase gave me an advice already on this, he said I should be even warmer towards people and smile more. What's your advice?

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous's picture

Hi Hector,

I enjoy the articles of all authors here. They go deep in detail and give a very good understanding not only of women but also of social and professional things and how they are connected.
But the "genuine man" serie provides firsthand applied psychology and is a ripsnorter and that not only for young men. Again and again I see how long married husbands or men in longterm-relationships treat their women and vice versa. Jealousy, half-heartedness, nagging and so on. I think that this serie helps also men advancend in years and I hope that there are a lot of these men who will read these articles and drop their arrogance towards learning from younger men. For me these articles are about the basis for not only to become better with women. It's the basis for finding our feet as a man in general. Thanks for your openess towards your own personality and looking forward to read more of the genuine man.

lucifer's picture

Hmm, doesn't that reaction to a guy threatening you can easily come off as a bit weak and try hard?

Good result in this case -provided hanging around the VIP area there is a good result- but still it won't always end up like that.

The bare naked scenario still looks:

Threat -> sidestep threat (most likely because it was known the threat was too big) -> try to make friend -> might work or the guy might wallow in your deference and keep shaming you

Ishmael 's picture

I don't like commenting in general but I've been reading your works for about 1 year n some change...very potentially two. I always preferred Chase, there was a point in time when I actually screened for Chases article. On this one I read it based on its title as opposed to its author and was shocked to realize how far you've come since then. I agree totally with the other comments but for me it's different in that I feel I've watched your growth, and am inspired by human potential. Thanx for your time, and having the balls to share. Your an inspiration, at such a young age...unbelievable.
Excited for the next two years work now.

Keep it up,

Allen's picture


You're not really clear on what genuinity is. What are you being genuine to? I think when you use the word genunity, you're talking about being genuine to yourself, your goals, your philosophy, your way of doing things. But to most of us readers, we are still in the process of figuring out our ways so when you throw around the term genunity it is quite meaningless.

If somebody asks me how I got invited to the party, I would have never thought of cracking a joke about sucking a few dicks. So if a joke like that is at the "level of genunity" for you, it would be the most ingeunine thing for me because I would never even have thought of it in the first place.

devin's picture

I thought multiple orgasms in men didn't exist. That was before I've read this article series...

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