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Does Having Good Looks Come with Disadvantages?

Chase Amante

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Alek Rolstad's picture

Good Looks Come with Disadvantages
To combat the myth that “looks are all that matter” for getting laid, we examine several disadvantages of good looks you’ve likely never considered.

Hey, guys! Welcome back.

If last week’s post where we discussed the importance of looks in pickup did not convince you that looks actually are far from being one of the most important aspects in meeting women, then this post is for you.

So let’s quickly recap. Last week we discussed how good looks can:

  • Help you give a good first impression and get the ball rolling for you. This is key because you need to start somewhere, but a start is just a start. Much more than some basic early game flirting is required to get the girl.

  • Good looks allow a woman to accept and rationalize her attraction to you – however, there are other key factors that can help you achieve this.

  • Good looks are far from being a game winner, but really bad looks is a game killer.

  • In regards to the point above, better looks can be achieved. Most guys can reach the minimum threshold. Today we will discuss some other aspects of looks that you may not have considered.

To me, good looks is just another parameter one must adjust to. Same goes for average looks and bad looks. Personally, I have had times where I did not care about my looks, and even got fat. However, I presently spend lot more time getting in shape, dressing well, and taking good care of my hair and trimming my facial hair.

No matter what phase I was going through, I had an equal amount of lays. However, keep in mind that when I was less good looking, I had to “work” harder to convince girls to give me a shot, and the hooking phase was harder. But once in, getting the girl was not that much more difficult.

But wait! That’s not to say that good looks do not make it easier for you. In fact, I definitely got more hooks when I wasn’t fat… so appearance and looks are important.


M@'s picture

Nice article Alek. Good points on how a man's looks impact an interaction but I'm not at all clear what would be considered a hot guy. Brand Pitt and George Clooney of course but a very small percentage of men look like that...I'm curious if you could point to some examples of men that are considered hot, for reference. Maybe down to the low end of what women would consider hot. Thanks!

chadlaughsaturgame's picture

I feel like you guys are trying to hard to convince people that looks are not that important. Looks are like 80 or 90 percent of the equation when it comes to casual sex, the rest is just not coming across as a weirdo/being normal. Being good looking and tall vastly outweighs everything. 

Paul K's picture

I would have to disagree. I do think that being physically attractive is a big advantage to getting your foot in the door but not as big as you might think. I used to be very good looking. Top of my class. Literally voted best looking in my year book and I met another guy who was the same. We were both virgins in high school. I gained about 40 pounds of fat since then. I am not tall btw. 5'8. I can pull any chick I want right now. No exaggeration. But I consider myself to be a kind person, so I won't be going for your girlfriend unless she becomes your ex. Fair game then. 

Russell 's picture

Hey , great article. 

Please write an in-depth article about self esteem. Like what type of women tend to high esteem and what type of women tend to have low self does it have an impact and all those. 

BMontana's picture

 "Compliance is what is ultimately required to get the girl, not attraction"

I am not sure how you would get compliance from a girl if not for her being attracted to you? After all every girl who willingly sleeps with you has to be attracted. I also believe the "some girls will reject hot guys for this and that reason" assumption only applies to a very low number of women or occasions. Unless a hot guy gets rejected 4-5 times out of 10 approaches it truly doesn't make a lot of difference if he is faced with 1 or 2 rejections at times.

Marco's picture

Hi Alek, interesting article. I’m not in the ultra-attractive male model category, but I’ve been one a one-year improvement journey where I grew some facial hair, I found a suitable hairstyle for my face shape (finally), I developed a strong and sexy vibe, and I started to dress in a sexy way. Well, combining my baseline cute (not ultra-attractive) looks with all the previous things, it’s like if I’ve pressed a switch that allows me to generate a lot of interest wherever I go. And there is a positive message here: anyone can boost his SMV quite significantly with real dedication (the journey is not a walk in the park, and this is a good thing because, as a result, the more you progress the more you stand out from the crowd, as most people give up along the way). 

The positive outweighs the negatives by a big margin in my opinion, anyway these are some of the annoying things to me:

- difficult to distinguish between uninterested attraction and real interest, as some girls just want to smile from the distance at something they like but don’t want you to get close for a variety of reasons 

- some girls act non-compliant as if they have something to prove 

- some girls act discouraged and overwhelmed when they see me and auto-reject immediately (admittedly this is rare)

- some girls start to cuddle their clueless and often out of shape boyfriend looking in my direction with the sole intention of getting attention, and of course I ignore them with a grin on my face (peripheral vision is mandatory here)

- at times some light catcalling when crossing path with a group of two girls (not that bad, it can be transformed into an opener), it can be heavier catcalling with bigger groups

- some guys express interest by proximity and things can get a bit awkward, especially at the gym  

- girls are NOT throwing themselves at me lol

But surely the positive outweighs the negative, so good luck on your improvement journey guys!

PS: what really bugs me these days is that I’m not able to fully convert all this interest in more action, I need to come up with a more consistent approach 

Neal's picture

Hey Chase and Alex I think there's something missing in this article.

The whole concept of women wanting to reject men that's good looking because it'll boost her ego or value among her female friends.

But this assumes, that you're hitting on a girl in front of her friends or in a public place? Can this situation even be applied for cases where you're hitting on a girl that's by herself?


Stef 111 000 222's picture

Well I think yes, and I am a male and I have rejected hot girls partially simply to feel the ego boost to know that I can do that (it was not the only reasson) yet I know some people can feel good doing that even if no one is watching even if later you come to regret it or not...

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