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Hi Alek, interesting article. I’m not in the ultra-attractive male model category, but I’ve been one a one-year improvement journey where I grew some facial hair, I found a suitable hairstyle for my face shape (finally), I developed a strong and sexy vibe, and I started to dress in a sexy way. Well, combining my baseline cute (not ultra-attractive) looks with all the previous things, it’s like if I’ve pressed a switch that allows me to generate a lot of interest wherever I go. And there is a positive message here: anyone can boost his SMV quite significantly with real dedication (the journey is not a walk in the park, and this is a good thing because, as a result, the more you progress the more you stand out from the crowd, as most people give up along the way). 

The positive outweighs the negatives by a big margin in my opinion, anyway these are some of the annoying things to me:

- difficult to distinguish between uninterested attraction and real interest, as some girls just want to smile from the distance at something they like but don’t want you to get close for a variety of reasons 

- some girls act non-compliant as if they have something to prove 

- some girls act discouraged and overwhelmed when they see me and auto-reject immediately (admittedly this is rare)

- some girls start to cuddle their clueless and often out of shape boyfriend looking in my direction with the sole intention of getting attention, and of course I ignore them with a grin on my face (peripheral vision is mandatory here)

- at times some light catcalling when crossing path with a group of two girls (not that bad, it can be transformed into an opener), it can be heavier catcalling with bigger groups

- some guys express interest by proximity and things can get a bit awkward, especially at the gym  

- girls are NOT throwing themselves at me lol

But surely the positive outweighs the negative, so good luck on your improvement journey guys!

PS: what really bugs me these days is that I’m not able to fully convert all this interest in more action, I need to come up with a more consistent approach