How to Hook Girls In, Pt.1: The Pre-Opener | Girls Chase

How to Hook Girls In, Pt.1: The Pre-Opener

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Being able to open girls and hook them in quickly is essential. These pre-opening tools will help calm your nerves and make the process smoother.

So I listened to Gunwitch’s podcast, and in it he mentioned that passing through the hook-point – when you and the girl (or group) feel settled in an interaction, where you are part of it, not just a stranger from outside trying to get in – is usually the part of the interaction most guys struggle with.

It is also the part that makes guys most nervous, making it even more difficult. The reason this part is difficult is because you don’t have much time. Once you settle in, you have more time; but getting into an interaction with a group is something you only have a few seconds to do.

Their attention spans are short, as they are not yet focused on you. You will not get away with as much, because you have so little playing room. Remember, women don’t need a reason to reject you. Once you hook, you avoid this issue, because they are more dragged in, which gives you more room.

Women judge you based on their first impression. If you mess up, you are screwed. You don’t have much time to present your good qualities, and you have no room for mistakes.

In other words, it is during the initial phase that you must use a lot of brainpower. It is also then that you have to do things perfectly and care about every small detail.

Now, I'm not trying to freak you out.

Firstly, I will provide you with a lot of material that can help you to get it right. Secondly, once you have a girl or group hooked, the hardest part is over. You can then convey your attractive traits in an easier, more peaceful fashion.


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