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3 Things That Get Women to Have Sex FAST

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Tony Depp's picture

By: Tony Depp


Get Women to Have Sex FAST
If you want to take women to bed fast, here’s how to set a sexual tone and get them horny and in the sheets – or a convenient bathroom stall – lickety split.

Many years ago, I was practicing my pickup skills in this bar in Montreal, and I ran into two guys – Tall Guy and Short Guy. They were leaning up against the wall looking cool, scanning the room, and occasionally nodding at each other. Recognizing them as fellow hunters in search of women for fast sex, I went over and said, “What’s up?”

“Oh, we’re just practicing,” Short Guy replied.

“Practicing what?” I asked.

Eye contact. Vibe. How about you?”

“I’m here to pick up chicks.”

They nodded their heads and tipped their fedoras in approval (I’m serious. This was 2007. Pickup dudes wore fedoras).

“Question?” I asked.


“Have you guys approached any girls yet?”

“What? Oh no, we don’t approach. We let them approach us.”

“Really?” I said, shocked that there was some magic new technique I hadn’t heard of yet.

“Yeah, man,” Tall Guy said. “It’s way better when they approach you.”

“Sooo,” I said skeptically, “have any girls approached you yet?”

“No, man. Not yet. But they will. These things take time.”

Confused but fascinated, I stood back for a few minutes and watched their method. If this was true and there really was a “they approach you” approach, I needed to learn and master it. It would make life so much easier. It would feel like I was in Fall Out Boy.

So, I stood at the bar twiddling my thumbs for a few more minutes and quickly grew bored. I wandered out onto the small dance floor and tried high-fiving a few girls, but they ignored me. I said something to another girl, and she ignored me, too.

Being ignored has always failed to deter my seductive ambitions, so I tried again and again, not having a clue what I was saying, only hoping one of these pretty creatures would give me a shot. Eventually, after about twelve tries, one did. We started dancing, then grinding, then kissing and making out. As I left the bar with her, I looked back at the two fedora-tipping masters (who were still womanless), who gave me a wave and a thumbs-up.


Jude's picture

Hey Tony, great article!

Man I'm so glad you mentioned the Brando scene. I saw it a while back and was amazed by all the girls going crazy in the comments section.

Could you please further break it down so we can know what Brando does exactly that gives off that kind of vibe?

It would be really awesome

BMontana's picture

I think Brando didn't use much of his charme or alphaness here because you can clearly see that woman in the video is attracted to Brando's body and maybe looks, or let's say everything he does looks charming to her anyways because she is already attracted and he definitely has noticed that and that's why he is relaxed. Just look at her face when he changes his shirt., she holds her stare and then looks down (submissive) out of shame that she got caught looking. I was actually a little surprised about Brando's boyish voice, I assumed he sounded more masculine back then. 

Neal's picture

Hey, my question is, what if you're not looking for sex, but you're looking to get a girl to just strip for you? Is it easier or harder?

My gut feeling is if she was looking for sex, then she'll be turned off. But if she weren't looking for sex, then more likely.


Tony Depp's picture

I'm not sure why you'd want a girl to just strip and not sleep with you. I've had girls strip for me. Usually it's when we're alone, in a room, there's music and I say "I like to watch you dance. It's sexy." That's usually enough to get them dancing. Then "Take off your xyz." 

That's about it. If she's down to sleep with you, and she likes dancing, most women really get off on stripping for their guy. 

Neal's picture

Tony Depp, here's the thing, I'm a visual guy, and not an aesthetic guy. So what does that mean. Means sex with a girl has no value for me, if she keeps her clothes on. If all she does, is unzip her pants, for me to ejaculate into her, has no value for me. I can ejaculate anytime into other media like tissue, napkings, etc. Sex for me is good if it can get women to take their clothes off. Same thing with oral. If a girl sucks my dick, and she is fully clothed, the pleasure is close to 0. But if she takes her clothes off, it goes up. So for oral, the fact that a girl is nude is itself more pleasurable than the sucking the dick part.

If a girl offered me sex, but kept all her clothes on, I'd feel like a ripoff. If a girl slept with me, and kept all her clothes on, that doesn't mean anything either.

My question is, what % of guys are visual and what % aesthetic. I wouldn't expect you to know.

Somehow I think more Hispanic and Black guys are aesthetic, so they'll take oral sex from a wider range of people, like for people they don't find physically attractive.


SeductionInProcess's picture

Good god dude, I laughed so hard at this one line about your gay friend, "He says he has one FB whose face he’s never seen. He shows up, enters his apartment, and the guy is on the bed with his butt in the air." That is so bizarre and hilarious that it doesn't even seem real. I'm sure many guys would wish to have at least one girl like that as a FB. 

Neal's picture

This is regarding the "talk about sex" part.

You don't have to talk about sex in order to just get sex, right, what about substituting something else just to make a girl horny?

For example: girl with big breasts.

Me: making a comment on how big her breasts are, and then a question "What age were you when your boobs stopped growing?"

This should beat commenting on breast size, and then asking her how often do guys tell you that.

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