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Tony Depp, here's the thing, I'm a visual guy, and not an aesthetic guy. So what does that mean. Means sex with a girl has no value for me, if she keeps her clothes on. If all she does, is unzip her pants, for me to ejaculate into her, has no value for me. I can ejaculate anytime into other media like tissue, napkings, etc. Sex for me is good if it can get women to take their clothes off. Same thing with oral. If a girl sucks my dick, and she is fully clothed, the pleasure is close to 0. But if she takes her clothes off, it goes up. So for oral, the fact that a girl is nude is itself more pleasurable than the sucking the dick part.

If a girl offered me sex, but kept all her clothes on, I'd feel like a ripoff. If a girl slept with me, and kept all her clothes on, that doesn't mean anything either.

My question is, what % of guys are visual and what % aesthetic. I wouldn't expect you to know.

Somehow I think more Hispanic and Black guys are aesthetic, so they'll take oral sex from a wider range of people, like for people they don't find physically attractive.