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If a Girl Has Sex with You Fast, Is She a Slut?

Chase Amante

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fast sex slut
If she has sex with you fast, does that mean she’s easy? Well… it might. Yet you need a bigger sample size than one (i.e., just you and her) to really know.

One of the more prevalent notions about women and time-to-bed (I’m just going to call it ‘TTB’ in this article) is that the faster a girl gets in bed with you, the sluttier she is.

This is not just an Internet meme. It existed long before the Internet did. It probably goes back as far as humans have been a mostly-monogamous species and have possessed language (that is to say, this meme’s at least a million years old).

Like much wisdom that’s been with us for a long time, it’s rooted in truth. On average, easier women have shorter TTBs (times-to-bed). The harder a girl is to get, the longer her TTB is, on average.

BUT, there is a but. There’s a big but. A Kim Kardashian-with-gluteal-implants sized but.

To be more accurate, there are several big buts.

And if you don’t know what they are, there’s a not-insignificant chance you will ditch a low partner count girl who’s never moved as fast with a guy as she did with you and never will again... or wife up a high partner count girl (with similarly high predilections to stray) after mistaking her for a cagey, hard-to-get one because she knew how to play the game (or just wasn’t that into you).

Chase AmanteAbout the Author: Chase Amante

Chase woke up one day in 2004 tired of being alone. So, he set to work and read every book he could find, studied every teacher he could meet, and talked to every girl he could talk to to figure out dating. After four years, scads of lays, and many great girlfriends (plus plenty of failures along the way), he launched this website. He will teach you everything he knows about girls in one single program in his One Date System.



JJ's picture

This is kind of off topic, but thank you Chase. I'm a long time reader of yours and I just graduated college and have had a good amount of success using social circle game. However, today was the first time I tried day game and wow, holy shit Chase, wow. I feel as if there's a whole new world open to me that I knew about but never tried. I got such warm receptions from such beautiful women that would normally be people I "couldn't talk to". It was eye opening, I was instantly addicted after the first few approaches. I'm so happy you've opened my eyes to this style of game, girls fucking love it too. It's so much easier than approaching at bars even with the social proof of women. Such gorgeous women being so receptive and NO competition and it's SO FUN. It's fucking amazing, thank you Chase, thank you.

Chase Amante's picture

Very glad to hear this, JJ!

Keep at it and turn it into a regular thing, even once the initial sheen wears off. Day game will change your life (I say that as a guy who was an almost pure night gamer for a good 3-4 years).


Mike 's picture

Hey chase, please I have a question to ask. I want to know how to compete with guys more handsome than me. Thanks.

Alexander Abraham's picture

If you have a sexy walk, great eye contact and fashion you will be looked at as handsome by default, despite what you actually look like (within reason).

So work on your fundamentals and game will become much easier for you (vice versa as well) and you'll be called handsome more often. As your skills level up so will your handsomeness ;)

Chase Amante's picture


You've already got some great stuff to work with from Alexander.

Give this article a look too. Women care about looks, yet it is one item in a constellation of them that influence attraction:

Do what you can to improve your appearance. But don't try to beat the good-looking guy on looks. That's like trying to beat the skilled pole-vaulter at pole-vaulting. Use a motorbike to clear the same distance the pole-vaulter used a pole for instead. (i.e., be sexy, rather than good-looking; or be high status; or get socially proofed / preselected; or any of a myriad other things you can be)


UPDATE: there's an article up on this subject now here.

Lawliet's picture

Hey Chase,

Great article!
It's something I can relate to A LOT because I remember finding myself thinking the same thing, until I was liberated and realize (from stories, and what I see) that girls love sex too, that they're actually human like us!


Honestly, if they weren't sexual, human population would be extinct centuries ago...
It is more of an ego thing, more of the ego of the person thinking these insecure thoughts...
Why is it insecure?
Because when someone gets results, they usually celebrate! Rejoice! Cheerful!
Christiano does not cry when he gets goals in.

They don't doubt the result - self-serving bias. Unless they have insecurities.

"I suck, but hey this girl slept fast with me!"
"It must be her! She's the problem! I'm still a lame ass guy"

How about thinking instead:
"It's about time I made progress! Finally got some results"
"My hardwork paid out! I did it!"
Much healthier mindset dontcha think? ;)

Re: I got progress
I made some progress, not with the copulation yet XD
But girls I interact with seem to have this nervous vibe going on
Not EVERY SINGLE ONE (which is normal), but most.

Nervous but smiling (warmly), sometimes stuttering or fidgeting (like eye twitch microexpression)

Wink at them, smile and you see this twitching nervous smile gradually unfolding but with excitement in their eyes.
It's weird to be honest.
I found myself thinking "the girls who don't react such a way are actually higher value," and chase after girls who don't.

This of course falls under the same insecurity of our article here.

It's not even race, asians do, whites do, in fact, today, many white girls seem to be drawn their eyes on me...
No asian today sadly, but not complaining when there's a lovely blonde keeping me company instead, smile growing wider and nervously after I wink at her and chat her up.

It's funny to be honest.
Today, I got up late, and didn't even do my hair and just left.
I'm not maxed out yet!
Despite of that, girls seem to be staring at me daytime.
I turn my head to look, and they turn away in unison XD

It's almost like we were at a DJ Nightclub and everyone was flinging their heads to the beat with me leading the dance XD Hilarious!

So I guess after 10 months, I''m finally somewhere with my sexy flirty vibe?

Thanks for everything Chase...But here's my next issue on the list...

Re: What now? Getting these girls

The Nervous thing seem to affect their behaviour.
They seem to be more "careful" in the interaction and also more risk-aversive

Case in point, the girls who check me out today, turning their heads away when I try to catch their eye and open them or girls checking me out peripherally.

Normally, I would open them direct anyway (cuz if they saw me, they know I'm going up to them, can't fake it) even in transit, especially if they're sitting down.

But I like to be smoother, if they're interested, might as well not throw all my cards on the table if possible and abide the law of least effort by keeping that frame (they are the chasers).

How would you do that if a girl looks away when you try to catch them looking and open subsequently?
Or if they just look at you peripherally (at you but not staring)?
Or if they signal you in a "save" way?

It's actually unsettling, I don't know what they want! And they're creeping on me, staring at my chest and then looking away when I look over! OMG these sexual predators! MURDERERS!! POLICE! ;D

Much obliged,

Lawliet's picture

Sorry was unclear at the end there,
this nervous and excited vibe they give off, what does it mean?

And what does this reaction from girls entail and how it affects what I can do for dating, approach, sex or relationships? (ex. move faster, do X, do Y). Any caveats, or options.

I haven't seen this reaction to me before, so basically I want to know every detail that can help utilize or up my game so I don't miss any opportunities! :)

Sorry for the long comment, didn't realize it'll be that long!

Thanks Chase,

Chase Amante's picture


Sure, healthier mindset if you can swing it! Not everyone can, at least not right away... which is why you want to be aware of the spectrum your lays can fall on and the sample size problem you run into trying to class individual girls into looseness boxes.

Yes, when you're seeing the nervous thing, it's a good sign - you're coming off very attractive in a lot of ways (I mean, unless you're making them nervous in some kind of psycho killer way... doesn't sound like that's what you're doing here though). Your next objective however is going to be to increase attainability. You don't want girls stuck in that too-nervous state for too long, or they'll begin to get uncomfortable and start to back away or auto-reject.

Take nervousness as a sign you need to raise your attainability some.

(see also: How to Give Her Butterflies in Her Stomach)


Anonymous 's picture

Hi Chase,

I wanted to know when is it best to quit your job when you start being successful in your business, or you freelance?

I'm worried about bills so much. How much should we be making and how much should we save?

.how do you control nerves? Whether talking to a girl or making a phone call, I get nevous, but I feel it, which shows and makes it worse.

It's hard for me to breath calmly and I have the feelings of butterflies in my stomach.

. I wake up late all of the time, all my life I have, there's times where I have slept early and woke up early, but I always fall back to staying up late and waking up late. Do you think that waking up early matters for success? If so what time do you think we should get up to be productive? Even if we sleep late should we get up at this time as well?


Chase Amante's picture


When you are making enough money that having a job is something that hinders you from making more money, then yeah - you should probably quit.

Check these articles out on anxiety:

Waking up early... there's a good summary of points here. It doesn't seem to absolutely be about raw time of day though. It's more about schedule control. Many very successful people go to bed quite late at night (on average, the later men go to bed at night, the more lifetime sex partners they tend to have and the more creative the tend to be, for instance). And there are plenty of people who get up quite early in the morning but are not terribly successful at much.

The most important thing is "Are you able to do all the high productivity / high concentration things you need to do at the start of your day before others begin to place demands on you?" If you can wake up late and do that, then it's fine. If it has to be in the morning, then you should be waking up in the morning (if you're trying to be productive). Etc.


Anonymous 's picture

Hi Chase,

I want to start traveling. I can only think of two ways, save a good amount, or being able to work while traveling.

How much would you say that you saved and spent when you went on your travels ?

I would like to know about jobs that I could get that would let me travel. I know some skills you said allow this, and I know you did consulting, are there any more you know about that we can do while working ? I want to be able to take my laptop with me everywhere I go and work I'm coffee shops with cute girls around the world.

. How was it being a consultant? Was it a difficult job? I'm thinking about doing that so I can travel, I just don't feel like I can have confidence doing the job tho, seems like a lot of talking and conversions, and I'm not that smart.

. I remember reading you said you did some acting classes while in cali, was tat during your consulting days?

. This is a little different from the business questions I asked you, but I'm insecure with my lay count compared to women. Nothing feels worse than having less partners than a woman, I know it's easier for women to get sex, but I feel a man isn't respected as much, Actually At All To Be Honest if he has a low number or less than the girl he is sleeping with.

I talk to different women and they seem so much more experienced and I know college girls have a lot of partners. I feel less than a man trying to sleep, take on a dates, or get to know women with a lot of partners. It seems that it's the norm girls have had a lot of partners. I feel like a child compared to them, and feel I can't compare.

I don't even know how I can get more partners than the average girl because who knows, they could have 50 for all I know. I don't know how many I would have to sleep with to be higher than them. It's kind of a never ending cycle because I have no idea how many women I would have to sleep with in order to feel like I'm more experienced than her, I could have many partners, but she could have more.

I can't really feel good about myself dating women with more partners than me, feels horrible, but I have to do what I have to do. If you have any idea on how I'm supposed to feel about this, or how many women I have to sleep with that I can feel that I can compare, or be better than the women I sleep with or date, please do tell.


SZ's picture

Hey Chase,

I didn't get a chance to read your parting lips article, but I tried to copy the brad Pitt picture.

I saw this thick hood rat, I did the look because I didn't want to smile and I didn't want to look angry and make her feel any type of way. So the parting lips was natural to me.

So I did that checked her body out a little as I passed her, and she gave me this "what u looking at? " look. I wasn't fixated or anything I just looked at her body and waited for her to at least smile me.

Then I went into the same store as her because that's why I was in the area in the first place.

In the corner of my eye while I'm walking by her, I see her move her eyes to the side with a scowl.

I have no idea what this hoodrats problem is. I just looked at her real quick and kept it moving, what's the attitude for ? She was acting angry for no reason.

What do you think was the problem. What can I do better?

2. Idk if I make people intimated or what, but this lady in the same store as the first smiled to the cashier then turned around we looked at each other, my face cool and neutral and she stopped smiling and looked away. What gives? Why aren't these women smiling at me, giving me warmth ?

3. Do you think with getting girls you have to have the mindset of always being on and approaching every attractive women you see?

What I mean by this is, there's times I think about approaching a girl so I focus on things, like keeping eye contact and smiling.

But most of the time I forget and I revert back to my normal unsocial mindset. Like a girl can look at me and I'll look away as a reaction.

Then I realize what I did, I wasn't in pick up mode, so I had no focus or goal and I just kept doing what I was doin.

Hope I explained it well enough. Basically should you maintain your thoughts into pickup mode at all times with attractive women as soon as you step out the house?

4. I just read another article where you told me there's a million ways to make money. My mind is still blocked with college as the only way to make good steady money . You think a Google search would be enough to find the million ways to make money?


Sz's picture


Isn't assuming attraction a form of entitlement?

You think a girl wants you, Why? Because you think you're hot shit. But if she doesn't want you then what does that mean? You aren't as good as you thought? That girl has bad taste? She should want you right because you assume she does.

Chase Amante's picture


It might seem so at first, no?

When you assume attraction, you are not saying "I am entitled to attraction", however.

Instead you are saying "I'm going to assume she's into me until she shows me otherwise."

Now, if you felt entitled to attraction, and grew upset when women did not show you the attraction you felt you deserved, that would be entitlement.

When it is just "I'm going to assume she is into me", and then if it turns out she isn't into you your response is to think "Huh. Oh well, onto the next girl", this is not entitlement. It's just an assumption about whether something (here attraction) is in an 'on' state or an 'off' state.


SZ's picture

I forgot one quick question.

I looked over your list of trades and skills and see Web Development was added under vocational school.

I see Web Development online at umedy.

Wanted to know you think learning it from umedy wouldn't be as accredited as in going to an actual school?

With umedy I can start ASAP and any time I want instead of waiting for classes to start and having to deal with a schedule.

2. Could you actually just get a cert in Web Development or whatever vacational cert and you could work in that field ?

I'm still having a hard time grasping because I feel so bad that I've been lied to about college being the only way, that I wasted so much I wasted so much time on bull. I could have just got a cert.

Anyway, I keep thinking I can't get a job unless I get and show my education is from a college or trade school. Like certs don't matter, you have to go to a school and attend classes for 2 years to he taken serious. Hope it ain't true. I feel like I'm in disbelief because of the media programming telling everyone to go to school.

I keep having thoughts that I won't get a job unless I go to a brick and Mortar School Instead Of Online.

A's picture

Just got turned down for another job :(

I've applied to so many jobs over the years :(

I can't get a job at all no matter where I apply :(

This has been going on for many years :(

I even asked people who had the jobs already to help me get one too, but nope :(

Now I've racked up credit card debt and other debt with no money to pay them :(

I feel like giving up with everything, I'm hopeless

What can I do to get myself out this situation I've been in for many years?

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