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Girl Types: Distracted or Sexually Repressed Women

Chase Amante

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repressed woman
Ever meet a girl whom you never see express sexuality in any way, around you or any other guy? She might not be asexual – she might just be repressed.

Sometimes a woman's sexuality is repressed.

Or, she is so distracted by her other interests in life that boys and sex take a back seat.

When you meet her and you're with her, you won't pick up on any kind of sexual vibe from her. She doesn't talk about sex with you. If you bring it up, she changes the subject. If you joke about it, she ignores the joke. All the fun sexual stuff you do with most girls to her just bounces off. The vibe is 'interested in you but not really in a romantic way'.

Yet, if you do things right, and continue to lead her forward, you can bed her. She is not a 'friend zone' girl or someone without a sex drive.

It's confusing at first. Every guy's met girls his tactics don't work on because the girl's not interested. Such a girl deflects everything you say or do, yet 10 minutes later you see her draped all over another guy. The problem in this case is not 'her'... it is 'her plus you/your game'.

With distracted or repressed girls, this is not the case. You'll do your thing with them, not get your usual reaction, but then if you walk off they will not be draped over another guy should you see them later. If you're in a bar or another place people socialize lots, they might be in another non-sexual looking conversation, or they'll still be alone, having had some other guys come up, take their shots, fail to feel anything happening, then wander off too.

Repressed/distracted girls tend to often actually be fairly straightforward to bed... if you know how they work.

This article is about how they work.


MMS's picture

Man, this is simply spot on. What an accurate description. I just happened to have a repressed girl as a FWB and I wondered the whole time, what it is, that she does not turn me on at all. I mean, we had sex, but it seemed super logical and almost absent of any „chaos“ and very „controlled“. Also, no participation on her side, except I tell her what to do (then she does it and does not complain)...
However, although being very easy to handle and superb wifey material, I just noticed that she offers close to zero stimulation for me. Its like I just want to shake her and tell her to „wake up“ lol...

Really interesting, cheers!

Diogo's picture

Hello Chase,
In my opinion, you guys are one of the best (maybe "the best") writers about seduction or game. The theory is just on point and covers most of the cases, generally. I think it shows well how experienced you are.
I really like your work and this topic was super interesting. Keep going!

A's picture

I have 2 questions about this type of girls :

1. Can we say that they experienced bad sex till now ( no vaginal orgasm ), hence they do not see sex as something super enjoyable , and this is why they do not see it something to think too much about it ?

2 . Can we say that overall they are not that sexually experienced , meaning that their partner count is lower on average ?

Michelle Wilson's picture

For the love of god, there’s no such thing as a “vaginal orgasm’ - educate yourself!

A site that seeks to help men understand women, but doesn’t know something that is this basic? Do you have any idea how many women believe they’re deficient because this kind of ignorance continues to be perpetuated? How many myths are there around our bodies? The virginity myth, vaginal orgasm, we’re not as visual as men, etc!

There’s some great insight in most of these articles, but please, do your damned research. We’re tired of men assuming they know something about us that they don’t. And we’re even more tired of those falsehoods continually repeated and being made to feel like there’s something wrong with us. Just so that men’s fears can be soothed.

Most women do NOT orgasm through intercourse alone. The clitoris is THE ONLY organ in our bodies capable of orgasm. Imagine if you men were told that there’s something wrong with you if you couldn’t climax without having your dick stimulated. The penis is NOT analogous to the vagina. The penis is analogous to the clitoris. Basic anatomy. Embryonic development. Read a book.

No matter your skill set or dick awesomeness guys, we’re not gonna climax without some kind of clitoral stimulation. You can accept that and develop some patience, since we can’t jack rabbit to orgasm like you guys do. Or you can hold onto old myths and blame us for having a problem that you made up. Don’t go off whining and blaming us if you choose the latter, because in that case, we’ll continue to lie about our orgasms to soothe your ego or we’ll find a knowledgeable, non-judgmental, and more patient lover.

Want to know about women? Ask us! Or at least, do your own research instead of spreading disinformation. If you’re truly interested in learning how to please us so that we’ll be motivated to please you, you can start here:

Chase Amante's picture


Sorry to hear you haven't experienced this yet.

You're not alone; the majority of women never orgasm vaginally. It partly has to do with the psychology of the woman... but the greater part of it has to do with whether she's ever had a sufficiently capable lover.

All women, in my experience, are physically capable of vaginal orgasm... however, sometimes it can take quite a while to unlock it (the girl it took me longest with was, perhaps not coincidentally, just such a distracted/repressed girl this article you're commenting on is about).

Please read this article. Plenty of science cited in it, and it contains my methodology for unlocking your ability to orgasm vaginally:

3 Steps to Help Her to Orgasm from Sex

If you have a man, I'd suggest you send him that article (or just copy + paste the article contents to him if you don't want him reading GC ;)

If the studies in that article aren't enough, you can also read these (please do read some of these; the 'study' cited in the article you linked is not a study... it is the father-daughter doctor team the Puppos making a rhetorical case for why vaginal orgasms could not exist, citing other studies and drawing diagrams in an attempt to argue against the existence of any non-clitoral female orgasm):

A debate between six scientists on the existence of vaginal orgasm:

Conclusion of the debate: "The assumption that women may experience only the clitoral, external orgasm is not based on the best available scientific evidence."

This paper contains a slew of extremely fascinating anecdotes from a broad cross section of women, who experience vaginal (not clitoral) orgasms, if you can get a copy of it:

Vaginal orgasms (as well as cervical -- a lot of the time cervical orgasms get lumped in as vaginal orgasms in surveys like some of the above) even activate different parts of a woman's brain than clitoral ones do:

(I'd like to see the Puppos argue against that! Note too that while the Puppos address other studies by Komisaruk, et al. in their argument, including one that dates 2 years after their fMRI study, they conveniently leave out the one dealing with brain scans. I wonder why...!)

But yeah -- all women can achieve this.

It is harder for some women and easier for others.

Women it's easier for can achieve it even with an average lover. Women it's harder for will need a more capable lover -- if you have a guy and he's not that capable, send him that article of mine (and probably also this one).

Best of luck ;)


A's picture

Hey Michelle ,

I am not a woman , so for sure I did not experienced first hand this , but what I can tell you is what I witnessed when I was stimulating the g spot with my finger .

It is not easy to find it , but once you find it and stimulate it , the woman In question will be more aroused when you stimulate the g spot , than when you stimulate the clitoris , and the orgasm is more intense .

Same thing when you are using the penis :)

But yeah , I agree with you , it is something that most people do not really think about it or experience , as you need to want to please the other person , and not think only about yourself

Josef's picture

Hi Chase, thank you for the great article, I signed up for your stuff with alot of hesitation as I am frugal and I've been relatively happy with my purchase. It's only relatively because I signed up 2 days before Shelter and I couldn't use what I learned, LOL.

That being said, there was this 1 girl I've been using deep diving and compliance with(without realizing it) before visiting your site, and she is the only one I never saw any signals with, and she's even made some comments about sex that sounded wierd, until I decided to search and happened upon this post...literally 1 day old, that describes her perfectly. Most guys classify her as a 'homegirl' because she seems like 'one of the guys'. I started to think I lost her because I wasn't arousing enough, I never gave up but always got a vibe that she didn't care about sex and just noticed a pattern on who she dates, described by this article very well.

Even if it doesn't work out, at least I know now that she didn't potentially friend zone me cause I messed up badly, and it's a good lesson for the future with any other girls like that. If it's covered in one of your modules, sorry, I stopped watching them until I can start 'doing the homework' and practicing it till it becomes second nature.

Witcher's picture

This article may have cleared an important sticking point I came across many times.
Since I live in a semi-conservative country and usually all the girls I meet are from the career type or highly educated. So most of them may be fitting the distracted and repressed type although they are from the more open minded end of the spectrum but still.

I noticed that anytime they ask me about my job and I follow the standard way of brushing it, it backfires and they turned off. Seems like they think that I'm ashamed of my work situation, which I'm not. So I ended up just answering the question anyways and feeling guilty about it. Although I made the process better by first making her guess a little bit then giving her the answer and from there following with story or deep dive back to her. This gives me the best of both worlds.

This was especially a turn on online dating apps. The moment I brush too much fo this question the girl investment become less.

Also, I now know why my attempt at sex talk was unsuccessful, beside of course my inexperience with the tool. For now, I just stick with good conversation, some tease and when the opportunity comes I can segue int a sexual theme but on the more intellectual side of it.

Thanks for this article it was enlightening.

Anonym's picture

Hi Chase,

thanks for an interesting article. Could you write an article about sexually repressed men and what to do with it? I know other articles touch this topic, but there is no article focusing on this specifically. There are guys who have to deal with this issue as well.



Andre's picture

This gives an amazingly good description of my mother, point for point. And it took me a very long time to realize that most women are not like this at all. Avoid!

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