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Sorry to hear you haven't experienced this yet.

You're not alone; the majority of women never orgasm vaginally. It partly has to do with the psychology of the woman... but the greater part of it has to do with whether she's ever had a sufficiently capable lover.

All women, in my experience, are physically capable of vaginal orgasm... however, sometimes it can take quite a while to unlock it (the girl it took me longest with was, perhaps not coincidentally, just such a distracted/repressed girl this article you're commenting on is about).

Please read this article. Plenty of science cited in it, and it contains my methodology for unlocking your ability to orgasm vaginally:

3 Steps to Help Her to Orgasm from Sex

If you have a man, I'd suggest you send him that article (or just copy + paste the article contents to him if you don't want him reading GC ;)

If the studies in that article aren't enough, you can also read these (please do read some of these; the 'study' cited in the article you linked is not a study... it is the father-daughter doctor team the Puppos making a rhetorical case for why vaginal orgasms could not exist, citing other studies and drawing diagrams in an attempt to argue against the existence of any non-clitoral female orgasm):

A debate between six scientists on the existence of vaginal orgasm:

Conclusion of the debate: "The assumption that women may experience only the clitoral, external orgasm is not based on the best available scientific evidence."

This paper contains a slew of extremely fascinating anecdotes from a broad cross section of women, who experience vaginal (not clitoral) orgasms, if you can get a copy of it:

Vaginal orgasms (as well as cervical -- a lot of the time cervical orgasms get lumped in as vaginal orgasms in surveys like some of the above) even activate different parts of a woman's brain than clitoral ones do:

(I'd like to see the Puppos argue against that! Note too that while the Puppos address other studies by Komisaruk, et al. in their argument, including one that dates 2 years after their fMRI study, they conveniently leave out the one dealing with brain scans. I wonder why...!)

But yeah -- all women can achieve this.

It is harder for some women and easier for others.

Women it's easier for can achieve it even with an average lover. Women it's harder for will need a more capable lover -- if you have a guy and he's not that capable, send him that article of mine (and probably also this one).

Best of luck ;)