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Hi Chase, thank you for the great article, I signed up for your stuff with alot of hesitation as I am frugal and I've been relatively happy with my purchase. It's only relatively because I signed up 2 days before Shelter and I couldn't use what I learned, LOL.

That being said, there was this 1 girl I've been using deep diving and compliance with(without realizing it) before visiting your site, and she is the only one I never saw any signals with, and she's even made some comments about sex that sounded wierd, until I decided to search and happened upon this post...literally 1 day old, that describes her perfectly. Most guys classify her as a 'homegirl' because she seems like 'one of the guys'. I started to think I lost her because I wasn't arousing enough, I never gave up but always got a vibe that she didn't care about sex and just noticed a pattern on who she dates, described by this article very well.

Even if it doesn't work out, at least I know now that she didn't potentially friend zone me cause I messed up badly, and it's a good lesson for the future with any other girls like that. If it's covered in one of your modules, sorry, I stopped watching them until I can start 'doing the homework' and practicing it till it becomes second nature.